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I was just a normal teenager; my parents, Arthur is a Doctor and my Mom Elena is a housewife. My life suddenly changed after my family moved into the town called Vale. After moving in this town, I started to have recurring dreams of an enchanted place, powerful beings and a dragon dying in my arms. And on my 16th birthday, the strangest thing happened I started hearing my pet talking, telling me that they are my guardians and I am special.

Rahul is half dragon half human; he has been living and dying over the past 6 centuries. Rahul is in search of his original dragon form which was hidden from him after he was cursed.

On the first full moon after her 16th birthday, Halea while bathing in the lake on foot of the waterfall Unda after touched by the moonlight she shines brighter than the moon which captured Rahul’s attention. To his amazement, he went to see her from afar and thinking that she’s drowning he swims to rescue her and when he touched her, he for the first time in over the past 6 centuries he shifted to his original dragon form bringing out the ancient Baconava (Snake sea serpent dragon of the East).

What relation does, Rahul had with Halea? Is she the answer to find his real identity?

Who is this man? And why do I dream of this dragon dying in my arms?

What fate awaits in their meeting?

Are they destined to kill each other? Or are they destined to be in each other arms?

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Chapter 1: Naga Unda
Disclaimer Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.   Halea (Ha* Lea) is a normal teenager living with her parents, she is 15 years old and will soon turn 16 in a couple of months. She is very athletic but shy, she likes to be alone most of the time or plays around with her pets. She loves to listen to music and create with her hands. She has the face of an angel, with deep brown eyes, long lashes and sexy slightly thick brow, she has a medium built nose faintly pointed and small cherry heart-shaped lips.  Halea lives with her parents; Arthur and Elena, her Dad is a doctor while her Mom is a housewife. Arthur got a new job as a Resident Doctor of the Vale Community Hospital and this made their family move to the town of Vale.   "What does it look like Dad, the town Vale?" she asked while they were packing their things "Well it's a nice simple town, not so populated and the people are friendly," her Dad said picking up the last box and placing it in the car. The rest of their belongings has been picked up by the moving company and will be delivered to their new home. "Do you have Luna and Aspin?" her Dad asked "Aspin is already in the car, Mom brought him in earlier and Luna is here with me,"  "All set?"  "Yes," "Let's go!" The family went inside the car and her Dad drives, it will be a very long drive the town is 7 hours away from their current place. They left just right after the crack of dawn and expected to arrive in the afternoon or just right after lunch. Halea spent most of her time sleeping during their journey or looking out the window. "Tired?" her Dad asked "Not really," Halea said, while Aspin barks at the back seat of the car "But I guess Aspin needs a little break," "Alright let's just find a spot where we can all have a break," her Dad said while looking for a safe place to park. "I think the small restaurant will do, they have a big parking ground and farm next to it," "We should also let Luna out a bit, just don't forget their leash so they won't run away," her Mom said Her Dad took Aspin out placing its leash on so it would be easy to bring it back inside the car. She feeds Luna and Aspin while her Mom went to order some food for them, she asked them to just pack her food while she tends to her pets. After Aspin finished its food, it barks at her as if asking for something. "Oh, come-on Aspin, Dad will get mad at us if I let you loose," she said as she pets him. The Dog barked again and as if understanding what it wanted she spoke to him, "Okay, you have just five minutes but no running far or I'll leave you here," she said and she let the dog loose. Her cat, on the other hand, is just there licking its face cleaning up after eating. Her leash is a bit longer enabling her to move. Luna went down on the tree and scratched it and did her business and went back to her lap to sleep.  Aspin was running and sniffing all the things around and marking the trees. After a few rounds, Halea whistled to call him and he came back to her and jumped inside the car.  "You let him loose again, what if he didn't return and just run off?" Her dad tells her "Nope, he loves me so much that he doesn't want to go far," she said while scratching Aspin's ears and kissing him as she put Luna inside Aspin’s cage so Lunar would have a bigger room to move. "Here is your burger and chicken, I also got you fries and cheese dip," her Mom, giving her the bag of takeaways. "Thanks, you're the best," as she stepped inside the back seat of the car. "Funny just how Aspin came into our lives, maybe it's true that it adores you and won't leave you. But you shouldn't take that risk, we're in a different place,"   "I understand," she said as she looked at her Mom "How far are we Honey?" Elena talks to her Dad "About 2 more hours," "That's great, it feels like we're taking forever," she commented while she eats. They went back on the road, this time the traffic was less and the view was almost endless farm fields and sky.  Not long after they reached their destination, they came to a big gated land covered with trees, flowers and grass. The house in the centre looks a bit old but it has this strong aura. It's an old colonial country house made of stone and big woods. By the looks of it, it is well maintained and the interior shows a blend of modern and contemporary furnishing. "Wow, this is so big for the three of us," Elena said, "But I love the big doors and windows as well as the sunroom," "Don't worry, Rosario and Elmo here will help you maintain the house," Robert the landlord said while he showed them around the house. "Good afternoon Mr and Mrs Caelestes, we live in the maids quarters just behind the kitchen. My husband and I have been with Mr Robert tending this house for a long time now." Rosario said, "We can help you with your needs to familiarize the house as well as the town," "Thank you, Rosario, that's very kind of you," Elena said "Arthur, I have turned this space into your office as you requested. You can add more furniture like a bed if you needed to," Robert said as they moved inside a room adjacent to the receiving area. "Thank you, Robert. We would be able to settle soon since the house is fully furnished and our things are mainly personal belongings," "Great, take a rest first, tomorrow let's have lunch at home, Elmo can bring you there. I'll gonna go first, Missus is waiting," Robert said as he glides to the direction of the door, "Elmo and Rosario, please take care of them." he was outside now and waved at Halea, "Elena I'll see you all tomorrow," he said as he rides on his jeep and drives out. Halea waved back to Mr Robert as she let go of Aspin in the yard, the dog happily ran around and rolled in the grass. While Luna kept its leash on, it also went sniffing the place. Their boxes arrived earlier than them and are already in the receiving area of the house. Halea looks at all her things. "It's easier to pack than to unpack," she said as she collects all her belongings. She brought her luggage and her dad helped on bringing the boxes to her room on the second floor of the house. She still cannot believe how big the house is, as well as her room. It's so big, she has her own patio, receiving and study area. The bed is also big, it's queen size and made of wood which means no moving around, It's heavier than her. There's a big window opposite the bed, from there you can see the view of the woods from afar.  She placed Aspin's bed next to her bed as well as Luna's scratch post inside her room. Luna needs to be familiarised with the place before she releases her entirely. She should not roam outside at night, so she may need her to be on its leash for a while. She moves all her things and starts arranging them and when she's done it's almost dinner time. She went down after hearing her mom's call. They sat down at the end of the long dinner table, laughing at each other.  "We looked like the rich people in the Spanish Television Drama, look at this massive table and we are all here squeezed at the end," Halea said as they ate their dinner. "I've already enrolled you, school starts tomorrow," her Dad "That soon? I don't even have any uniform,"  "It should be fine, the principal said it's okay not to be in uniform yet," her Mom  "And I will be the centre of everyone's attention and be branded as the 'New Girl,"' "Don't you like that, you will be able to collect friends in no time," her Dad chuckles "No, thank you. I would like to be invisible if I may," "Don't worry too much your uniform shall be here on Monday so just bear with us for a week," "I don't have any choice, right?" she smirks  After dinner, she went to bed as her body ached from the long drive. She sat there on her bed, she could see the sky from the big window. She was amazed at the thousand stars that she can see in the night sky and the moon is hiding from the clouds. At least the scene from her room relaxes her. She rarely sees the night sky when they are living in the city. The moon peeked from the clouds and it's big unlike the full moon it beams can only be visible as an outline. "You look so sad, Moon. Don’t worry we will be closed now and will get to know each other more,” she said smiling and talking to the moon as if it’s next to her.  She closed all the windows, curtains and drapes and the door. And release Luna from its leash, it's good that her pets are all potty trained. She lay down on the bed and dozed off. *** Halea’s POV I remember looking at the moon and I felt the sudden breeze touching my face as I looked down. I can see I was walking gently towards a stream, the sound of water soothes me as if calling me to come closer. I leaned forward to see the water on the ground as I took a dip on it letting my feet get wet, the water was cold yet it refreshes my being. As I stroll to the depths of the water and see my reflection and there I also see another beautiful maiden as it rose from underneath.  The maiden spoke and I understood what it said, “Dia Halea, finally you’re home,” the first maiden said.  I smiled, and I can feel a light glowing out of me. And everything seems beautiful and the maidens humming, singing without opening their mouths and they make me feel at ease as I bathe next to them. The other maidens welcomed me and I played with them. Another maiden came and sat beside me as I perched on one of the stones letting the water flow through my feet.  She spoke or more like a mind link echoing in mind, “As promised we shall wait for your return and shall guide you to regain your place in the sky,” “Naga Unda, I am happy to see you again,” I said. At least that’s how I felt, it is more like I am watching from my own eyes. “We will meet again, for now, we welcome you home,” Naga Unda said. I closed my eyes and felt something nudging my head and rough sandpaper-like brushing my face. And I heard Aspin barking from somewhere. As I open my eyes, I’m back to my bed and Luna is licking my face waking me up. I abruptly sat up remembering I have classes today. “What time is it?” I checked the clock on the wall and it was fifteen past 6 in the morning. My class starts at 8 am. I should have enough time to prepare thanks to this duo who joined forces to wake me up. I heard another bark from Aspin as it strode towards the shut door. I stand up and open the door for him and close it back again. “Luna you stay inside and wait for me, I don’t want you to wander around or you might get lost,” I talked to my cat and she seemed to understand, as she sat looking at me and closing her eyes meowing. “Good, I’ll prepare first and be back in a while,” I said. The cat answered meowing and lay low folding its arms as if embracing itself.   First day of school "Class, I would like you to meet Halea Caelestes. She is the daughter of our new town doctor, Dr Arthur Caelstes. So please be kind to her, if you know what I mean," Mrs Simian, her advisory class teacher, "Halea would you like to introduce yourself?" "Hi, I'm Halea. I came from Asticus city where I grew up. Uhm, I love music and astrology,"   "That's very good Halea. You can sit next to Caleb so we can begin," "Thank you,"  She sat on the empty chair next to the window just beside Caleb. She can see the view of the garden where most students spend their time during the break. The class started and Halea as much as she wanted to pay attention to her class, her mind wanders.   Halea’s POV   I’m still sleepy, I felt restless after my dream last night. I wonder where that place would be, it feels so magical. I felt like I was in paradise, I was bathing in the lake with some beautiful maidens. I felt like they were nymphs. Naga Unda is her name and she was talking to me in my dream. She said she was happy to see me again. She was so pretty, so calm and we were playing in the water as if I knew her for a long time. “Arg, I cannot concentrate on this, I need to copy this lesson or I will miss it,” So much for talking to myself, I wonder if that place exists, and why do I dream of it. Halea was trying to focus while copying the lesson on the board and recalling her dream. Her notebook is now mixed with doodles and writings. When she heard a voice speaking next to her. “Night breeze, what’s your name again?” the boy next to me spoke I furrowed my brow, Night breeze? Of all the descriptive words he chose to call me that. I raised my head to look at him. I breathed deeply and closed my eyes and listened to his voice and in my mind, I can see a wolf-like a boy strange because I imagined him like a half boy and half wolf. I smirked and gave him my name, “I’m Halea, and you are?” “Nice name, the same name as the Goddess I know. But I prefer NB, Night Breeze suits you. I’m Caleb,” he said smiling This boy is so strange with all the stuff he talks about, NB more like envy, “Caleb, more like dog boy,” the smile on his face fades and I seemed to imagine him growl, I smiled giving him his own medicine, “since you want to call me NB, I’ll call you furball,” how’s that?” He gave out a fake laugh, “Are you a witch or something,” I raised my brow, now I’m a witch this is just something, like him I gave out a fake laugh “As you said I’m a God to you, not a witch,” chuckling loudly. He changed his stance, “Sorry, that’s a wrong start. I’ll call you Haliya like the goddess,” he said in a serious tone.  “Thank you, Caleb. I preferred to be called by my name,” I retracted my smile and gave him a serious look, “So why do you want to call me 'envy'? It sounds so bad,” I swayed my head as I returned to my writing. “You smell like a night breeze, more like the smell of the new moon,” he said He really made an impression with all of this weirdness, “You’re weird,” I said wrinkling my brows. “Says the one who called me dog boy, so why the dog,” “I imagined you like a wolf boy but since you're small the dog fits you just like the meaning of your name,” He looked at me so seriously, until the bell rang. I grabbed my bag and headed to the door.  

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