The Runaway Luna

opposites attract
blue collar

Julia is made Luna of the Harvest Moon pack, only to be brutalized by her new mate. She runs away to make a new life for herself, but can she ever truly escape the far reaching influence of Alpha Ross?

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Chapter 1
Julia’s POV It was a glorious autumn day in late September. The leaves were already beginning to turn from their original spring green foliage into a lively patchwork quilt in shades of yellow, orange, rusty red, and brown. Fall had always been my favorite time of year. But not today. Today was a day I had been dreading for several weeks now. The bright white satin and lace dress I wore seemed a little out of place for the season, and would have been more appropriate for a spring ceremony. My stepfather Gabe Evans, the alpha of the Clear Lake pack, insisted that I wear it today. It was the dress my mother wore to her own Luna ceremony 7 years ago. It was a rather loose fit since I’m not nearly as tall or curvy as my mother had been. But my stepfather didn’t feel that I was worth the purchase of a new dress, apparently. Even my shoes and jewelry were second hand, the pearls having been my mother’s when she had been alive. Gabe seemed to want no reminders of his dead mate to linger in Clear Lake, other than his precious sons. Today is the day that I take a chosen mate. Not a mate that I chose, however. No. My mate was chosen for me as part of some diplomatic deal. I am to become the Luna of the Harvest Moon pack. Our enemy. Hopefully we will be enemies no longer. At least that was the general idea, I suppose. I glance over at my mate-to-be during the ceremony. Alpha Rosco Phillip Wainwright, although everyone just calls him Alpha Ross. He’s honestly very good looking with straight dark hair that was nearly black. He has a tall, masculine body with wide muscled shoulders and is dressed handsomely in a well tailored dark suit that fits him like a glove. His hard grey eyes look as if they will give no quarter. I shudder at that last thought. Must I really go through with this? I look uncertainly over at Gabe, who glares back at me. No need to ask him, the only answer I would get is the reminder that I’m no longer welcome in Clear Lake. He told me so on the drive here. So I say what I’m told to say, and do what I’m told to do. Soon I have said all my vows in front of a room full of witnesses, and I’ve given a blood oath to the Harvest Moon pack. There really is no going back now! From this moment on I am Luna Julia Wainwright, mate of Alpha Ross Wainwright. Except that we haven’t mated yet. I glance at him once more, and the hungry look in his eyes has my legs turning to jello! I want to run away, but I can’t seem to move! There is a party to celebrate afterwards, but my stepfather refuses to stay. He claims he needs to get back home to Clear Lake, and my little brothers. After a very brief and awkward hug on both sides, he leaves me here in this strange place, without a friend in the world. I decide to join the revelry, but Alpha Ross grabs on to my arm roughly. “Where do you think you’re going?” He asks me harshly. “Shouldn’t we join the party…?” I ask timidly. “I’m going to introduce you to a few key members of the pack,” Alpha Ross informs me. And then he smirks. “Then you and I will be having a private party of our own in the alpha suite. You aren’t officially the Luna of this pack until you’ve been marked, and mated.” He places his hand possessively on my ass, and steers me around the room of party goers, introducing me to his mother, former Luna Muriel, his brother Jeff, his Beta Lewis, his Gamma Larry, and his Delta Terry. His brother Jeff welcomes me warmly to Harvest Moon, but everyone else seems less than enthusiastic to meet me. Then Alpha Ross is practically dragging me up the stairs, which seems to amuse the crowd of party goers, who shout lewd suggestions to us as we head out of view. I somehow doubt that their Alpha even needs those suggestions, as it seems like he already has some plans in mind for us! Soon he is roughly shoving me into what I assume is the alpha suite, and he kisses me harshly, bruising my lips. “We only just met each other!” I plead, as I struggle to get out of his grip. “Can’t this wait for a day or two?” “No,” he says, shutting and locking the door. “Can I at least go to the Luna suite and change out of my dress?” I again plead with him. “I don’t want it ruined.” “What? This ugly old thing?” He declares. “It doesn’t even fit you!” Then he elongates one of his fingernails into a very sharp claw, and begins ripping the buttons off of the dress, while I stand there in shock! Soon I’m standing there in nothing but my bra, my panties, my mothers pearl necklace, and white heels. “Goddess, you look like an innocent little lamb standing there about to be eaten by the big bad wolf!” He claims, just before the claw rips the panties into confetti. Then his fangs elongate and tears my favorite bra right off my body, and I gasp out loud as the pearls from the necklace also fall to the ground and scatter! What a colossal jerk! “That was my mothers necklace!” I cry. “I’ll buy her a new one,” he claims. And then he marks me, biting deeply into my sensitive scent glands and then licking the wound clean, before he shoves me backwards onto the bed. There I watch, fascinated and horrified, as he starts to undress before me, first taking off his tie, and then removing his own shirt very carefully. His shoes come off next along with his socks, and then his trousers hit the floor. Wow! I’ve never seen a naked male over the age of three before! That huge p***s is supposed to fit inside of me? Hell no! I try to scramble under the covers to hide my own nakedness, but he growls at me to stay where I am. And then he is moving my legs apart and laying on top of me. “It’s probably useless to tell you to relax, and that I won’t hurt you,” Alpha Ross says with a sinister smirk. “But since you’re most likely a virgin, this is definitely going to sting a bit.” Then I can tell he is trying to find my v****a with his fingers, and I gasp when he finds the dampness between my folds. He sticks his finger inside of me a couple times, apparently pleased to find that I’m apparently “intact” as well as “ready” for him, whatever that means. Then he brings his finger up to his lips for a taste. “Mmm, you’re such a tasty little thing!” Alpha Ross then positions himself right at my entrance, grabs ahold of my hips, and before it can even register in my brain what is going on, he thrusts deeply inside of me, breaking through my flimsy barrier. I begin to cry at the pain he causes me. I try to shove him off, but he is far too strong and too heavy. And he just laughs at my futile attempts to rid myself of him. I want to run far away from here, but I doubt he would let me go so easily. The next thing I know, Alpha Ross is pumping into me, again and again, while I lay there crying in discomfort as he makes grunting noises of pleasure, and then he shouts something unintelligible before he finally stills. He just lays there for a minute or two, then he gets up and just leaves. I’m left lying there with tears still leaking from my eyes, and a sticky mess between my legs. Gross! I roll over onto my side and curl up into a ball of misery. I wonder if it would have been like this with my fated mate? But I never got a chance to meet whomever that might have been. I turn 18 years old in two days. But now I’m stuck here, thanks to Gabe and Ross and their contract to ease the tensions between our packs. Goddess, how I wish I had been given a chance to find true happiness with my fated mate! They could have found some other bargaining chip if they had tried, I’m sure of it! I feel the bed dip down next to me as Alpha Ross climbs back into the bed, then he is curling his body around mine. Is he mocking me, or comforting me? I can’t be sure. “Next time will be better,” he informs me coldly. Better? For whom? I don’t even want there to be a next time! “Can I go to my Luna suite now?” I ask quietly, once I was sure that I could say something without crying. “Your Luna suite?” Alpha Ross says with a sneer. “There is no Luna suite for you, sweetheart! You’ll be just fine right here, keeping my bed warm.” I climb out of the bed and head for the bathroom, where I stay in the hot shower for what felt like hours, rinsing away the blood, the semen, and the tears. So many tears! Afterwards, I wrap myself up in a bathrobe that I found hanging on a hook. It must be the Alpha’s robe, as it was so huge it hung down nearly to my feet. I had to use the belt to cinch it up enough not to accidentally trip. I look at myself in the mirror, but only a blurry version of me looks back from the steamed up mirror. Even my dark mahogany colored hair looks pale in the reflection, and my brown-ish green eyes look almost hazel in color. My skin is so very pale. I barely recognize the woman I’ve become. But I am certainly a child no longer.

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