Phantom Thief and King of Isekai

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weak to strong

As a phantom thief, Bei Chenye never thought he would be caught.

At his last hour, he was saved by a soul from Isekai...at the price that he lost his body: The soul possessed his body.

"I am the king of Isekai. If you want your body back, then show me your world!"


Attention please: It is a MTL novel and we proofread the beginning part.

Release rate: 5 chapters per week

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1 The Whisper of Wind
The moonlight spread out on the street, shining. A black pigeon flapped, sit on a lamp. Chaos under the lights caught its eye. A teenager wearing a refreshing white T-shirt and blue jeans was running forward, with a few big guys pursuing him. The young staggered a bit, but the big guys behind him ran faster and faster. The distance between them was shortened a lot. Upon seeing this, the boy gritted his teeth and tried his best to speed up his feet, but the big guys were faster than him. Gradually, the big guys got closer to the boy. The boy saw that he must be unable to escape, so he simply stopped running. When the big guys saw the boy stopped, they stopped and surrounded the boy.   "Huh, really tired!" The young man took a deep breath, looked at the big guys around him, with his hands on his shoulders, and smiled, "Aren't you tired?"    The big guys didn't say a word, their eyes fixed on the young man.     "Hey, don't ignore me. If you are like this, I will be very embarrassed!" An unruly smile appeared on the corner of the boy's mouth. "Ah, yes, what you want is right here, but... .. Hehe, don’t be angry when I say one thing, it...I broke it."     After speaking, the boy took out an irregularly shaped object from his arms and saw that one side was semicircular, but the other side seemed to be squeezed by something, turning into a flat shape.     "What?!" The big guys were surprised when they saw this, and then their surprise was replaced by anger. "How dare you to ruin the silver crystal!!"     "What is the silver crystal?" The boy fiddled with what was in his hand. "It's just a transparent ball…well, it is not a ball now."     "You bastard!"     The big guys were furious and rushed forward to punch the boy.     Although the young man limped on one foot, he easily avoided the attacks of the big guys and leaned down slightly before rushing out of the big guys and ran out of the surrounding.     The big guys were shocked when they saw it, and hurriedly chased the boy. The young man dodges between the big guys, like a slippery loach, which is small but unable to catch it.     The big guys lost their patience. After being avoided by the boy for a while, they became anxious.     A smile appeared on the corner of the boy's mouth, and his figure rushed forward like the wind and instantly left the big guys behind him.     However, at this moment, a big guy suddenly rushed over, leaped behind the boy, pulled a long stick from his waist, and hit the boy's left foot.     The young man fell to the ground in pain. It was his lamp feat hit by a big guy. As soon as the young man fell, the big men gathered around him and looked at the young man condescendingly.     The boy gritted his teeth tightly because of the pain and raised his eyes to look at the big guys, but in the present situation, he was still smiling. He looked at the big guys who were looking down on him, and smiled: "Wow, you are a little taller than me!"     The big guys were stunned for a moment, and then they realized that the young people were turning around and making jokes about them for their short stature, so they were furious. A big man said angrily: "Boy, save your witty words for your funeral!"     The boy smiled and said: "Man should meet his end decently, right?"     The big man snorted coldly: "Boy, originally we were going to keep you alive, as long as you are willing to hand over the silver crystal, we will let you go. But now that you have destroyed the silver crystal, you make us kill you."     There was still a smile on the corner of the boy's mouth, his eyes passed over the big guys above, looking at the distant starry sky, and muttering: "The moonlight tonight is really beautiful!"     After speaking, the young man only felt a breeze blowing across his cheeks, bringing a faint coolness.     The big guys listened to the words of the young man, wondering: "What are you thinking about!"     The young man smiled faintly and said, "Ah, it's nothing, it's just expressing some feelings before death. If you kill me, you can do it now. I don't have any last words to say."     The big guys saw that the young man felt so calm about death, but they didn't know what to do. It seems that death cannot threaten this guy!     At this time, another light breeze blew over. This time the wind was a little bigger than the last time, and it hit people, causing some goosebumps on the exposed skin of the teenager.     The boy couldn't help but "sizzle" and said, "This summer night, it's a bit cold!"     The big guys looked at the young man, and one of them said, "Don't worry. You won't be cold anymore after your death."     "Oh?" The young man smiled, "So what are you guys doing? If you want to kill me, do it quickly! I'm waiting very anxiously!"     "Are you a lunatic?" The big man couldn't help but cry, "How can anyone ask for death like this!"     "Of course I don't want to die!" The young man smiled, "It's just that in the current situation, I definitely can't escape. Since I am destined to die here and I am eager for my fate. This is not the best choice. Huh?"     "What an optimist!"     "Haha, thanks for the compliment, this has always been one of my many advantages."     After the boy finished speaking, another wind blew over. This time the wind was stronger than the previous two times, and even the big guys felt chills.     "I didn't expect the wind in this summer to be so cold!" said a big man rubbing his arms.     "Okay, stop talking nonsense." Another big man said, "Since the kid has prepared for his death, let's do it!"     "Ok!"     After speaking, the big men raised their long sticks around their waists and hit the young man below.     The boy slowly closed his eyes--     At this moment, a wind suddenly blew over. This time the wind was not the same as the previous few times, and it lifted all the big guys' long sticks into the air!     The big guys were taken aback, not knowing what was going on, one of them said, "Why is there such a strong wind in  summer?"     The other person looked down at the boy and said, "What did you do!?"     The boy shook his head, he was also very confused.     What happened? Why is there such a strong wind suddenly?     The young man thought suspiciously, at this moment, he suddenly saw a beam of light falling from the top of his head!     Huh? What kind of bridge is this? Could it be said that Messiah is about to come at this time?     Something inexplicable was thinking in the young man's mind. At this moment, the beam of light above his head fell from above him, fell on the top of his head, and then entered his body along the top of his head!     The young man was taken aback and exclaimed: "What!? What has entered my body? What is it?!!!"     However, no matter how the boy shouted, he didn't get any response, and the thing didn't show any signs of coming out of his body, but since it entered his body, it has been silent.     At the moment, the boy was surprised and frightened, but he still suppressed his emotions and kept himself calm.     It's not a big problem, it's not a big problem, it's night now, and everything that just happened is just my own illusion. It's nothing, it's nothing, it's just a big wind, and then I have some hallucinations. The boy tried to comfort himself.     It's time to take advantage of those guys' surprise and run away quickly.     Thinking about this, the boy stood up.     Just as he was about to escape, the boy suddenly discovered something surprising-his foot was obviously injured, but now it doesn't hurt at all!     How is this going? Why is there no pain in my obviously injured foot now? Thinking about this, the young man looked down at his foot and found that the injury that was originally on the ankle was now healed!     This is surprising!     Although the boy was surprised, he did not appear to be overly flustered. He thought, just treat it as hell! Anyway, for now, this is not a bad thing. Take this opportunity to escape, and think about the rest after you escape!     Thinking of this, the boy took a step and ran forward.     However, he just ran a few steps before he was overtaken by the big guys behind him.     The young man quickly speeded up his pace, but at this moment, he was surprised to find that more people were chasing him behind!

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