Act like a Fool, Shine like a Star! Act Two!

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magical world
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After being defeated by Theo, The God of Time, Lavi set his sight on revenge. His goal is to kill Theo, The Traitorous God.

Guided by his Wives and other Gods/Goddesses, Lavi find a way to be even more stronger for the sake of his revenge...

Knowing the Fact that his strongest Enemy is still out for grab... Lavi can't wait for his next encounter with his worst nightmare and Conquer it!

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Chapter 1: Seven Dungeons!
"Sharion. Can you transfer me to Eiselone alone? I want to go to the dungeon and see what's actually in Eiselone. Please?" Lavi asked Sharion. Sharion is alone on the Arena training. She was sweaty and still training. Lavi interrupt her training by asking that. On the Wall, There's a lot of Deep cut. Lavi look at her excitedly. Sharion look at him and sighed. "You really want to go to Eiselone? I think it's better in Vantage." She said. Lavi look at her weirdly. "I mean, Eiselone is your World right?" "Technically it is. But not really. Eiselone is where I come from. It's been what... 10.000+ Years. Since I ascend to Goddess..." Sharion said. Lavi look at her and smirked. "Sharion. You're old." Lavi said. Sharion popped a veins. She manifested her Divine Armament and suddenly, The Arena Door was locked. Lavi was shocked. He doesn't think that, Sharion will be this mad. "Lavi. Say that again one more time?" Sharion asked with a cold smile. Lavi said. "Um... N-Nothing..." Lavi was casting his teleportation. Sharion appear right behind Lavi and cut his magic stones. "Shit." "You say that I'm old. Does this mean you love Old Lady Lavi?" Sharion asked. Lavi look at her seriously. "I mean, I like someone older than me. So, I guess yeah?" Sharion was not anticipation Lavi answer it like that. But, She understand why Lavi reply it like that. It would be weird if Lavi say that he like someone younger than him. Because, Lavi is still pretty young. "Well then. I will give you that Lavi... I'm Old. But I'm still a maiden okay? My body is still in my 20s. And also, Don't you try to say that to Althea. She will use her Cosmic of 7 Galaxies on you." Sharion warn Lavi about that. Lavi nodded. "Of course. I would never mock Girl Age..." Lavi said. Sharion look at him like 'But you just did...' Sharion look at Lavi with surprised look. "L-Lavi! Y-You didn't see me as a girl?!" "Of course I see you as a Girl! Come on! Don't think it like that. I just like teasing you." Lavi said. Sharion smiled. She look around and said. "Shall we go then? While the other isn't looking?" "Let's go!" Lavi was pretty excited about his adventure. He want to go alone to explore stuff. But, He will get lost if he go alone. He could ask Lucas. But with Lucas current state, It's not going to end well. Sharion know that so she try to not let Lavi meet Lucas. Lavi and Sharion teleported to the Sky of Eiselone. They were on top of the Sea. It's weird for Lavi to don't feel any presence on the sea. "Say Sharion... There's no monster in the sea... Why is that?" "Oh, This sea is called the Dead Sea. Nothing can really live on this sea because, It's TOO SALTY. Like your attitude some time." Sharion said. Lavi look at Sharion like 'What? Salty? Me?!' Sharion look at Lavi and smirked. Lavi pout and Sharion pat his head. "Anyway, That's the reason why nothing live in this sea. If you drop down to the water, You will float." Sharion said. Lavi didn't want to try that because, He doesn't want to put that water on his body. He knew Sharion will tease him about being salty again. And he doesn't like being called Salty. Even though it's true. Lavi and Sharion fall down to the beaches and there's no one really there. "So Sharion, Where are we right now?" "We're in the Sage Island. There's a really tough Dungeon below us. Called the Sage Trial. And there's a reward called the Book of Knowledge. And I think you want that." Sharion said. Now they're talking. Lavi just found something interesting in Eiselone. But that's also pretty weird. He doesn't feel any presence below him. And Sharion read Lavi mind. She then explain it again. "So, In Eiselone. Dungeon work differently. Rather than the Monster spawning nonstop, The System in Eiselone use Portal. And the Portal is the Entrance of the Dungeon. So usually, Door or Trapdoor is the sign of a Dungeon. If you open it and enter it, You will be transported to the Dungeon Realm. And there's no Escape of the Dungeon. The only way to get out is to clear the whole Dungeon. If not, You stay there forever." Sharion said. "Wow... It's pretty scary huh. How Many Dungeon in Eiselone?" Lavi asked. It's pretty scary. And if there's a lot of Dungeon like this, That just explain a lot of things that is wrong with Eiselone. Sharion immediately told Lavi everything. "Let me tell you this Lavi. There's 100+ Dungeon scatter all over the world. But there's only 7. Dungeon that have an actual reward. By that, I mean, The High Risk High Reward. The thing you get from this 7 Dungeon, Is something that can change the course of the world forever. And of course! Once that Item is get, The Item will never respawn. You can still go inside the Dungeon. But you won't find the reward." Sharion said. The more Sharion explain how the Dungeon work, The more Excited Lavi get. It's different from the Dungeon in Vantage. It's more interesting in Eiselone than Vantage.  "So, Does anyone ever completed the 7 Dungeon?" "I've done it before. And once that 7 Dungeon collapsed, New 7 Dungeon appear and this Sage Island. Is one of that 7 new Dungeon." Lavi nodded. Of course Sharion have done it before. She's the Goddess that come from this world after all. Lavi get ready to go inside the forest to found the Gate. "But before we go Lavi. Let me set this straight. We need to complete it fast. We can't let the other knew about our secret plan on conquering 7 Dungeon." Sharion said. Lavi nodded. "Of course. For me, The real reward is just to get to experience new stuff. Anything else is just bonus reward. Let get that book of Knowledge that you said." Lavi said. Sharion smiled and they go deeper to the Island. The Island is big. They need to run to cut time. And they encounter a lot of beast in there. But do they engage a fight with Lavi and Sharion? No. Lavi and Sharion aura is enough to keep them away from any danger. Lavi arrived at the Portal. It's a big Bronze Door with bunch of unfamiliar pattern on the Door. It's seems like the Portal is placed on the middle of an Altar. Now Lavi understand how it work. He thought that the Gate will only appear on a cave or hole. But no. There's random portal like this. "Wait a minute Sharion. That 7 Gates. Why does no one ever clear them before?" Lavi asked. He was genuinely confused by that. Why does no one want such strong item if they knew about it? In Vantage, There's going to be a big raid just hearing this sort of think. "Well... The Location of the Gate is always dangerous. As you know, High Risk High Reward. Let me tell you this Lavi. 7 Dangerous Location. This Sage Island. Is a Dead Sea. So, It's relatively safe. But when the Dead Sea end, There's a Group of Sea Dragon protecting the island. They're always going in circle of the Dead Sea. And after you go several km away from that circle, You're going to encounter Big Whales that's ready to attack your boat. They're called the Steel Whales. They're bigger than normal Blue Whales. And their skin is really strong. Harpoon can't pierce their skins. So, No one want to die in the sea!" Sharion said. Lavi nodded. He understand why no one want to go to Sage Island. It's not worth the Risk... The Dungeon itself is hard. If the road here is safe, People might try it out. But with road that dangerous, No one want to try anything. "And the second Location. It's in the Sea too. And In the sea. Underwater. There's something called the Triangle of Death in Eiselone. And it's an area where the Water and the Sky, Is really bad. The water is deep and dark. And that Triangle of Death is protected by the Peak of Predator of the Sea. Nautocilus. It's similar to a Nautilus. But it's big. And there's a really sharp Tentacles acting as their weapon. It's not a normal Nautilus. They can boost underwater and hit things with their Shell. Before eventually latching their tentacles on the prey." Lavi gulped. It seems like the Sea is dangerous. Too many dangerous monster protecting it inside the sea. Lavi definitely doesn't want to get into the water without Aoi or Sharion. "But not only that Lavi. Beside Nautocilus. There's a Scorpion Fish. Even if someone managed to get to the bottom of the sea with Submarine, The Scorpion fish will wait and stab them and spray venom out. And they will die from the venom, or the Pressure." Lavi get chills again. He started to hug Sharion with fear. "S-Sharion... C-Can we move away from Sea?!" Lavi asked. Sharion cover her mouth from seeing Lavi scared look. She pat Lavi head and nodded. "Sure. Let's stop talking about the 2 Dungeon that was covered with Sea. There's 5 More Dungeon. One Dungeon is far away. At the North. Everything is Frozen. On the Sky, There's an Island that's only Snow. That Island is probably the safest one in term of the road trip. But the Temperature is VERY COLD. Everything that come to that Dungeon will get Hypothermia. And they will died in a couple of second." Lavi nodded. So he's the one who probably can conquer that Dungeon since he have Absolute Immunity to the Cold. "There's also one near the Volcano. This Particular Island is filled with Volcanic Dust. And there's some really dangerous monster going around that Area called the Magma Walker. They can shoot out Lava from their hand and throw it at people. They can also go inside the Magma itself and float. They're immune to the Magma." Lavi understand the risk of the Volcanic Dust. It's something that going to kill people that landed on the island. For sure. Not only that, The Volcano seems to be active. So, The chance of it erupting on someone is not 0. "There's 4 Dungeon we talked. Let's complete it and go inside the Sage Dungeon. Anyway, The Fifth Dungeon. This Dungeon is located at the Middle of the Map. It's in the Desert of Arukan. Desert of Arukan is one of the most Dangerous Location in Eiselone. With a bunch of monster Lurking in the sand acting like a landmine, No one is stupid enough to explore Arukan Desert without any sort of vehicles. Well, No one is stupid enough explore the bloody desert..." Sharion said. Lavi look at her and asked. "So you mean, There's Land monster that's lurking inside the sand that's sensitive to pressure?" "Correct. There's antlion, sand worm, and many more things... I don't want to talk about it because, I hate talking about it." Sharion said. Lavi nodded. He also hate the hear of that monster. It sounded gross and absolutely horrible and if Lavi see them up close, Lavi would definitely get a Trauma. "And there's the Sixth Dungeon. It's located in the far west of the Map. It's a Forest called Narazu Forest. It's a Rain Forest. And there's a lot of nasty stuff in there. There's a lot of Poisonous Food, Venomous beast, and also, Land mine! Stuff like Roach, Centipede!" As soon as Sharion say that two name. Lavi vomited. He go away from Sharion and vomited. Sharion just make Lavi remember about his trauma against that stuff. Sharion was not expecting that to happen at all. She was expecting Lavi to be grossed out for a bit. Not to Vomited all over. Sharion touch Lavi and said. "Are you okay Lavi? Should we go rest before going inside this Sage Dungeon?" Sharion asked. Lavi shake his head. "I'm fine... I just remember the Adventure I had with my Comrades... We fought some nasty Roaches... It's disgusting and I get scared..." Sharion look at him awkwardly. "Well then... Are you sure you want to go to this Dungeon? There's a lot of That in here..." Lavi shuddered. Sharion was excited to get this Book. But Lavi was Scared because of that. But he won't waste his chance to have a date with Sharion. Lavi nodded. "I'm going. I won't waste this chance..." Lavi said with Determination. Sharion hug Lavi and kiss his cheek. It cheers Lavi up and calm him down. "So Anyway. The 7th Dungeon. The Last one of the pack. Probably the Hardest Dungeon to get to and completed. It's Located on the South East. There's a Cave in a certain Country. And that Cave lead to a dead end. But, If you just crawl to the Left, You're going to see a massive Drop. Probably 2 KM Drop. It's Pitch black and really big hole. The way you get to that dungeon is just to jump. And of course, No one want to Fall to a 2 KM Drop." "2KM Drop?! That's high! Where is the Cave? In a Mountain?" "Lavi... No... As I said, Portal. That big Hole is a Portal. If you jump, You will be swallowed by the Darkness and you will fall 2 KM to the portal. We Call it the Deep Abyss because, No lighting whatsoever and it's really deep. We're going to explore that at the end." Sharion said. But that's not a problem for Lavi. He have Night Vision and Aura Read. Even with no lightings, He can see properly. Lavi was ready to go to this Sage Dungeon. "Ready Lavi?" Sharion asked. Her hand is on the Door. Lavi nodded. He put his hand on the door. Both of them open the Portal and they were sucked to a really dense and thick forest. Lavi and Sharion was floating because, They don't want to step on a land mine. Lavi also put his Barrier up so, Nothing can attack them. Sharion take out her Divine Armament. "Hm? We can use Divine Armament?" Lavi asked. Sharion nodded. "Of course. I mean, There's no rule to a Dungeon Lavi. And we want to finish it quickly too!" Sharion said. She know that Lavi is not comfortable with this forest because of what she said before this regarding the Roach and Centipede. But Lavi was actually fine taking a bit of time. "I-I mean... Y-You know... It's a Dungeon Date... Why don't we... Take it slow?" Lavi asked sweetly and nervously. Sharion get a nosebleed from that. 'It's been a long time since I get a nosebleed from anything... Who could've thought Lavi was the one who inflict it. With his cuteness...' Sharion thought. Lavi was still waiting for answer. Sharion wipe her nose and force it to stop. "Sure Lavi. Let's take it slow." She said. Lavi take her hand and they just slowly cruise around the Forest. Because of their Aura, Nothing really come toward them. It seems like in Eiselone, Everything have fear. When they see something that's stronger than them, They will run. Sharion and Lavi is the Strongest thing in this Dungeon without a doubt. So, Everything run away from them. Usually, The monster will swarm them. Because, No matter how strong enemy is, They can't go against many opponents at the same time. That rule may apply to weaker people. But not for Lavi group. He can definitely annihilate the entire world within hours. Without problem or anything. Since he become stronger since his fight against Gux. He absorbed his power and now, He's stronger than before. Lavi and Sharion walk along the forest and found nothing at all. They didn't know where the Treasure is. So, They cheat! They fly using Lavi belt and look around. And for their surprise, They were greeted by flying Wyverns coming their ways. They're already opening their mouths. Lavi and Sharion turned. They grab their Sword. Not their Divine Armament because, They want to turn this into a calm exploration. Lavi and Sharion immediately swing their swords like a madman. They chopped and chopped and chopped all the Wyvern into pieces. They fall down to the ground and instantly, Bunch of Rodents eat the Corpses of the Wyverns. Lavi look at Sharion. "So, Where's the Book of Knowledge?" Lavi asked. Sharion look around and use her Divine Eyes to see where it is. Sharion see the Aura and she pointed up to the Flying Island. There's a Bridge on the distance. A wooden bridge between two island. "So I guess to get there, We need to find the puzzle pieces and not fly?" Lavi asked. Sharion nodded. "Exactly. There's Puzzle hidden in this Forest that will transferred us to there. Of course, I knew where it is because of my Divine Eyes." Lavi look at Sharion weirdly. "Divine Eyes?" "Yup! Sometime referred as the God's Eyes. It's something that we can use when we want to know something. And with Divine Eyes, You can figure things out that's sometime hidden away." Sharion said. Lavi was interested. He asked Sharion if he can use it like her or not. He can use it of course. "So Sharion. You think I can do that too?" "Of course you can use it. The question is, Are you capable of learning it now?" She asked. Lavi shrug his shoulder. "I don't know... I never try to use Divine Eyes... I actually don't know how to use it. Is it similar to Divine Armament?" Lavi asked. Sharion was shocked that Lavi find it so quickly. But if he do that, Her time with him will end short. So she said. "Probably?" She said. Lavi immediately take that as a No. So, He try to think about stuff. What can he use to use his Divine Eyes. Sharion look very very upset that she have to lie like that. But she also like this date. She get to see Lavi side for herself. Sharion then say to Lavi. "Let's go back to where we started. Maybe you can do it there." She said. Lavi nodded. Of course, They can fly toward that Island and cheat the whole system. But by doing that, She wouldn't be able to teach Lavi about this Divine Eyes. But she also don't want to tell Lavi the truth! It's a Dilemma for her. Should she prolonged it or just get on with her life. Sharion is confused...

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