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A werewolf tale with a twist.


Alpha Caspian is content with his life. His pack is thriving, he has a mate whom he loves and occasionally he feels like snapping his Beta's neck off. Other than that he's happy.

Then in comes Celeste who falls on his lap. Literally. She's the most beautiful, fragile creature he's ever seen and he's intrigued by her. He has this overwhelming feeling to protect her even from Isolde. But that is just not right because Isolde is the one he should be protecting right? Not this woman who he knows nothing about


Celeste is on the run from a dark witch who wants to use her blood to become powerful. In a moment of desperation, she finds herself begging for lodging in the Prime Howlers. She doesn't like the overbearing Alpha but when trouble comes knocking, she decides to leave in order to protect him and his pack. However, fate has other plans for her.


Looking for that one story with a kick-ass female? You got it. Instead of being a damsel in distress and waiting for others to save her, Celeste will be the one doing the saving. Without further ado, dive in

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"It takes a special kind of i***t to pull off what you just did" Evan said through the mind link. The pack house reeked of alpha power and male testosterone. So much of those two in one place was bound to erupt at one point and in the werewolf community that could prove to be fatal. Not that Caspian cared. He'd decided to bring all the leaders together in the hopes of stopping the petty fights among the packs. They'd lost too many people fighting a war that ended a millennia ago while it was only the witches and vampires who benefited from their strife. So a week ago, he'd called all the other Alphas to his home as a sign of peace, even though half of them were his enemies. Talk about being stupid alright. Maybe his Beta had a point but it would be a cold day in hell before he admitted that out loud. Evan had been against it, his entire pack too. But he'd assured them it would be alright because they were the Prime Howlers. The most powerful pack in the world. They had nothing to fear. Eleven Alphas, their betas and a few more enforcers wasn't something they should be afraid of. However he hadn't counted on the others to come fully armed. "So what do you suggest I do? Send them back because I've suddenly realized I made a mistake?" "No. That will just show them how incompetent you are" "Do you have anything useful to say other than insulting me?" Caspian asked, his anger rising. His wolf growled at the way his beta spoke to him but since they weren't in the same room, there was nothing he could do. Evan had the power to make him feel like an i***t, something he never appreciated. If they hadn't grown up together and were as close as real brothers, he'd have ripped the guy's guts out a long time ago. "You have no right to feel angry especially towards me. I told you this was a bad idea from the beginning but you refused to listen" "Damn it Eve, either find a better solution or f**k off. I don't have to listen to your 'I warned you speech'" he snapped closing the link. Pacing back and forth in his office, Caspian wondered what he should do. He was chickening out and thinking of ways to end the meeting and send the other Alphas on their way as soon as possible. The guards at the borders had informed him that all the Alphas had brought their armies with them. Obviously, only the Alphas together with their betas were allowed to enter his territory. That didn't mean his pack was safe. If he failed to come to a peaceful agreement with them, only his people would suffer. He could take all the other eleven leaders on his own but there was no telling the kind of damage their armies would do to his pack. There was a total of twelve packs around the world, with his at the top. The Prime Howlers was known for having highly trained warriors who were mean and ruthless. He'd trained most of those males personally therefore had nothing to worry about. But time and experience had taught him to not underestimate others. You never knew what cards your enemies had up their sleeves. And in his world, people tended to change allies easily. Even at that moment, he couldn't be sure that the few he called friends weren't in that conference room planning his demise. At the end of the day, being on top and having the kind of power he had was the only thing that mattered. Taking a deep breath, he schooled his features then left his office. Caspian expected to walk into a room full of tension but instead was met with the other Alphas chatting excitedly. His eyes found those of Evan and his beta shrugged, motioning to the left, where Isolde was busy laughing with Trento and Merric. The former's pack was known as Bloodrose and the latter's Nightwalkers. While they weren't enemies, they also couldn't be described as allies. How his mate had managed to make them sit together and laugh was a mystery he would uncover later. Clearing his throat, he moved to the head of the table. "Thank you my love" Caspian projected to Isolde, who smiled and left the room. Every day, her beauty, kindness and wits made him wonder what he'd done to deserve her. She was too good for him and the best mate he could have asked for "I believe you all know why I called this meeting. The sooner we can come to an agreement, the better" "And pray tell, what do we get from this so called agreement?" Jarom asked. After The Prime Howlers, The Midnight Claws and Wild Keepers came in second and third respectively. After that rank didn't matter. Which meant Jarom's pack, The Boldfur Manes, was just average. He, of all people should be the first to sign the agreement that stated all the packs should stop their petty fights and turn their attention to rogues whose number had increased over the years. Instead of fighting each other, they could use their resources to get rid of the troublesome rogues, maybe even have the witches and vamps think twice before attacking them. "You get peace and allies to help you whenever rogues try to enter your territory. Isn't that better than fighting each other?" "I have never asked for anyone's help. My pack is doing just fine without your charity Caspian" Damn stubborn fool. "That's alright. Anyone who doesn't want to sign this agreement is free to leave. Just don't expect me to come to your aid when your pack is burning to the ground" Pushing his chair back with more force than needed, Jarom got up huffing. Everyone expected him to leave but he didn't, instead he stood there probably weighing his options, or talking to his beta. A minute passed, the silence intensifying with each second. Everyone sat up straight, alert, waiting for Jarom's move. Caspian opened his mouth to speak but then a strong wind blew out of nowhere, making the papers on the long table scatter everywhere. It was strange since the windows weren't opened. With baited breath, all the Alphas waited, prepared to strike the intruder or whatever it was that was coming for them. A blinding light, then something fell on Caspian's lap. Thanks to his quick reflexes, his hand was wrapped around the creature's neck the second it landed, ready to squeeze. "Uh oh" a small voice said. They all turned their eyes towards it, confusion and shock clear on their faces "Did I interrupt something important?" She asked. Caspian stared down at her wondering where she'd come from. Judging from her scent and the way she arrived, it was clear she was a witch. But there was more to her. Her scent wasn't that of a witch alone yet he couldn't tell what she was. Definitely not a vampire. Since witches could create portals to other worlds, he knew other creatures came to their world but most of them were there to sight see. It was rare for anyone to stumble upon the werewolves territory accidentally.  "Who are you?" He asked softly "It doesn't matter who she is. Kill her right this second. No one aside from us should be privy to this meeting" Vaslof, leader of The Radiant Stalkers said. The others nodded, agreeing with him. Caspian narrowed his eyes at them "She's just a child" "A witch, you mean" Merric injected. "I'm not killing a defenseless child" he argued. There were rules that put them apart from other monsters. "Then I will do it" Vaslof stood up from his chair, the rest mirrored his move "Witches are not to be trusted" "I've never hurt anyone. I promise" the child spoke up, her voice shaking as if she was on the verge of tears. Caspian looked down at her, then up to the other Alphas. Eleven grown men threatening to kill an innocent, defenseless child. Weren't they ashamed of themselves? So werewolves and witches had never gotten along. Did that mean they should go around slaughtering each other, including kids? Not on his watch. "Touch a hair on her and I will rip you apart" "Do you know who she is?" "No. But I'm hoping someone will give your pups a chance should they ever encounter the same problem as her. The purpose of this meeting was to stop killing each other. Have you all forgotten?" "Your compassion will be the end of you Caspian" Jarom said "Do not waste my time again if you have nothing better to offer. I prefer meeting on the battlefield" with that he left. Merric, Trento and Vaslof followed him. The remaining Alphas seemed to be weighing their options then three of them walked out. Only the people he considered his allies were left behind. "Whatever possessed you to call this meeting?" Ershin asked. "I've been asking myself that since they all stepped foot here" "For a second there, I thought you would suggest bringing back the monarchy" Brec said. Everyone turned to him with a glare. His pack, The Darkmoon was one of the smallest ones that survived because they had Prime Howlers backing them. He had potential to be a great leader but his loose tongue always got in the way. "That word is forbidden" Aedelwulf chided "All of you should go back. We'll meet another time and decide our next move" Caspian told them. After they'd left, he turned to the child in his arms whose eyes hadn't left his. The innocent gaze she gave him awakened his protective instincts. While he and Isolde didn't have children, he was ready to be a father. Should his mate get pregnant, no one would be happier than him. Maybe that was the reason he wanted to protect the little girl in his arms or maybe not. But what was even stranger was that his wolf hadn't raised an objection or showed any signs of disliking the child. Despite her being a witch. "What is your name child?" She smiled, revealing pearl white teeth and his heart skipped a bit "Celeste. I'm kind of hungry, do you have food?" ***************************************** Celeste is finally here. How's this for a prologue? Peak your interest? If you've read the High Goddess then you are familiar with Celeste. Originally I was supposed to start with this book before writing THG but the order doesn't matter. This is definitely my first werewolf story and the point was to have a kick-ass, witty, strong heroine. Unlike most werewolf stories, you'll find that Celeste will be the one doing the saving. The only thing I can tell you guys is that she's strong, unbreakable. Hopefully I will be able to do justice to her character (fingers crossed) and give you a good read. I don't think I can ever say this enough. Thank you for choosing this book. I'll try my best to not disappoint you.

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