The Royal Rebel

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My life has been complicated since my parents died. And my uncle (my father’s step brother) wanted to get hold of me for several reasons, one of which is the title of royalty which I currently hold and another is my wealth. He will do everything in his power to dispose of me but I won’t allow it. I need to claim back what is rightfully mine.

I came to Vale in hopes that I would be able to settle for a while and be able to grasp my identity as a Lykan. This land has known to be the old Laon where most creatures like me lived. At the same time to be reunited with my best friend, Halea, the only person I can trust my life with.

And the unexpected happened, I didn’t want to find him but he was there, my mate. I have no time for another complicated matter but I just can't fight the pull of the mate bond, and the worst part is he doesn’t recognize me as his mate. I should be relieved that he doesn’t bother me but it kills me to see him wanting someone else. He is mine! I will travel the realms of the dead just to prove that I am he seeks, I am Alina Jerah, the bearer of the moonlight!

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Chapter 1: Alina
I was in the middle of my class when my phone started vibrating, I asked to be excused to go to the toilet and picked up the phone. An unknown number flashed to my screen, I picked up the phone and brought it to my ears. "Princess, I'm outside waiting for you. It's code red we need to leave now!" Juno was the one on the line.  After hearing the word 'code red', I walked as fast as I could not. I didn't bother to take my belongings. I took my scarf in my pocket and rolled it and placed it in my head like a bandana. And in my other pocket, I took a black lipstick and put some on my lips. I am wearing contacts and a fake nose to hide my appearance. They shouldn't be able to recognize me if ever. I walked faster with a few sways and swirls just like I'm just happy, not to attract any attention. When I saw the car, I went in and Juno drove fast. We are now travelling somewhere north, my uncle has been on our tail since the death of my parents. I do not have any blood relation to him since he is just my father's stepbrother. He is behind the death of my parents, he also took control of our pack. Juno and I are rogues on the run, he is the only person I trust other than Hailey, my childhood best friend. Juno is my guardian, my parents have prepared me for this. They somehow knew this would happen. "Juno, where are we going? You know what tomorrow is, right?" "I am aware of it, I've located your friend in Vale and purchased a house and a farm which is near the woods. That place should be able to help you when your wolf awakens," he said and we parked in a fast-food and he handed me a bag. "You know the drill, the instruction is in the pocket as well as the tickets. I will see you in Vale," he said I went to the restroom and changed. I made sure to hide my scent. I took out a cap and wore the vest and a shirt to disguise as a boy. I changed to my rubber shoes. The bus station is just around the corner. I should be able to ride the bus in ease. Juno hired girls to post as me and they have my scent with them as a diversion. When I saw the girl in the bathroom changing to a uniform similar to mine I went out with her at the same time. I have my backpack and sprayed some perfume all over my body. It’s a good thing that my wolf has not awakened yet otherwise I won’t be able to take this perfume I am applying almost every day just to hide my scent. I walked out of the establishment and started walking along with the crowd going to the station. I’ve already checked the bus I will ride and prepared the ticket in my pocket. According to the schedule, the bus will leave in 10 minutes so I stand not far from the bus just enough to grab one when it leaves. I carefully observed my surroundings just to make sure nobody was following me. I walked around twice to make sure of it and two minutes before the bus left I went in and took my seat near the door. I was relieved to see nobody is following me, I should be fine for now. This is going to be a long ride, seven hours to be exact I would arrive Vale at sundown. I took out my phone and started reading some e-novels to pass time. I will call Hailey later during the stopover to inform her I’m coming. Tomorrow is our birthday, we were born on the same day but my wolf will be awakened on the next full moon following my birthday. Unlike the human calendar, my kind celebrates the lunar calendar this is to follow the awakening of our wolf. My great-great-grandfather once lived in Vale. He has branched out the pack and lived in another part of the world. And established his own kingdom. We came from the same Thalon/ Lykan lineage and held the supremacy of our kind; a few werewolves followed us and strengthened our pack over time. And like my father I will also follow his footstep and lead our pack but for now, I need to brace up my abilities and find allies to claim my birthright.  This is going to be challenging on how I would explain all of this to my best friend since she’s human. I hope she would not fear me, I believe our bond is stronger than any blood bond. For some reason, I trust her more than my kind. Especially after escaping death several times, those wolves for hire who now and then would find me and try to kill me. After three long hours of riding we finally stopped, the bus needed to cool off and the passengers needed to stretch, go to the restroom or eat. To be able to regain strength for the remaining ride. I dialled Hailey’s number which Juno had provided me. After 3 rings somebody answered. Hailey: Hello? Me: Hello, Hailey is that you? Hailey: Ali? Me: Yeah, it’s me. How are you? Hailey: I am okay, I’m okay… I was just thinking of you Me: Happy birthday! Hailey: Happy birthday to you as well, I’m glad you called. It’s been a long time, I missed you. Me: I missed you too Sissy. By the way, can I crash in your home tonight?   Hailey: Really, you’re coming here? Me: Yeah, I think so (i chuckle) Hailey: What time will you arrive? Me: Maybe around 6 or 7 pm Hailey: Do you want me to pick you up? Me: No need, I know your place, I would be able to find it Hailey: I cannot wait to see you, I’ll tell my Mom you’re coming Me: Yeah, please tell them to keep it a secret. You know already Hailey: No worries, they know. I’m so excited to see you. Me: I’ll see you later, okay Hailey: Okay, bye now. Safe journey! I hung up and checked my surroundings. I grabbed some food and went back to my seat on the bus. Four more hours and I’ll arrive in Vale, this is one of the longest rides I’ve been to by land. Juno and I would normally travel from town to town but it won’t be that long as he makes sure that we are properly rested or that nobody is following us.  My parents died in a plane crash after supposedly picking me up to go for a holiday. Last-minute Juno asked to change the meet-up location as he had seen some of the hired men sniffing in the area where we should meet. I haven’t even seen them, it's so painful to just know that I lost them. One minute everything changes, they are gone and I cannot bring them back. I wasn’t even able to bury them. All I knew is that they didn’t make it alive, 30 minutes after the plane took off it burst into flames and went for an emergency landing but didn’t manage to land when it exploded. I was waiting at the airport to see them after a year of being apart but they didn’t come, it was devastating. According to the report, there was a malfunction on the plane's engine, of course, I didn’t believe this. The reason I skipped the first airport is because of those hired gunmen so how can I rest knowing they got killed. They were always in my thoughts and my heart wherever I go.  We arrived at Vale after sundown, the sky is already dark. This town is not so crowded nor so quiet, there are few people on the road and the public transportations are busy picking up passengers. I went inside the terminal’s comfort room to observe if there’s anyone following. I changed outfits and placed my jacket inside my bag, placed a long wig and placed my bag in a bigger travel bag. I applied some animal scented oil and changed into doll shoes. I went out immediately and grabbed a taxi to visit the house that Juno purchased, I will just have to pick up some stuff. The caretaker was aware of my arrival so she let me in. I grabbed another bag which was already prepared for me and went back on the road to Hailey’s house.  I gave her a call before going down the taxi so when I arrived she’s waiting there outside for me. I wave at her, I know I looked different so she was wondering if it was me. We hugged and giggled seeing each other. I was so relieved to see her, we went inside to greet her parents. And they too didn’t recognize me. And I laughed and removed my wig to assure them it’s me. “You’re still in your playful state, Alina,” Hailey’s Mom said as she hugs me, “It’s good to see you again,” “It’s good to be here Tita,” I said  “I told you not to call me aunty, call me Mom just like Halea here,” she said. They knew what happened to my parents, I called Hailey before I left two years ago. “Yes, Mom,” “That goes the same with me, alright,” Halea’s Dad speaks and greet me “Dad,” I said giving him a hug “You’re just in time for dinner, go up and change and let’s eat,” Mom said Hailey and I went to her room to change. Luna and Aspin ran towards me when they saw me. I can sense their excitement to see me. Aspin has been jumping and wiggling his tails rolling on the ground for me to just touch him. While Luna is still in her sweet gesture brushing her fur on my legs. “I miss you guys,” I said as picked up Luna and gave her a kiss “Has Hailey taken good care of you?” I asked Luna. I gave Luna to Hailey when I left Asticus she was the one who took care of her when I suddenly disappeared. “It’s good to see you again,” Hailey said, “Go change first, Mom will come here if we don't go down immediately,” she said “Alright,” I said. There were lots of stories during dinner time and I’m happy to be back in this kind of setting again. They have introduced me to their caretaker as their niece. They believed it since Halea and I looked so much alike. We were like doppelgangers, twins from different mothers that’s what I call it. 

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