His Criminal Rogue Mate


I'm Raven Black, and I think it's about time people heard my side of this twisted life we live in... I will get the truth out, no matter how I must do it. Even if that means getting in c****t with Alexis' sons.

Chris and Dean.

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Chapter One
"Pathetic!" "Loser!" "Ugly!" "Rat!" "Slut!" "Emo!" Yep, those were my classmates. Everyday, that's all I ever heard from them. Name after name, I couldn't get a break... could I? It was torture sitting through class and being bullied, I struggled in school. All the way up into sophomore year, I suddenly made a disappearance. I came back senior year, thinking maybe they'd forget me; they didn't. I struggled with bullies my entire childhood, everyday it was something! All my classmates would take turns tormenting me, humiliating me. It was a dark time for me, I was just so young... so fragile. But now, I've overcame that little fragile state I was in. Oh, you're asking what my classmates thought? Right! How silly of me to forget. They didn't have any thoughts toward that... I killed them. Unfortunately they can't see the strong, independent, stunning woman I've become. Dropping jaws and bodies is my specialty! Anyway, right now, I walked into a closing jewelry store. The security guard is checking every inch of this place before ending his shift. I took this opportunity to pounce. "Hey," I winked seductively, the guard looked up from the glass and stared at me. He was decent looking sure, but nothing to drool over. "What are you doing here?" He smiled, looking me up and down and I gave him a toothy grin. "I just saw you working so hard, all alone..." I trailed off, putting my hands on his chest and he chuckled lowly. "I am, but you're about to make my night even harder," he smirked, I almost gagged but I kept a seductive smile. "Yeah, it'll have such life changing events..." I whispered, placing my hands on his face and we both leaned in. Once our lips were centimeters apart, I slid my hand back and broke his neck in seconds. It snapped and he dropped to the ground, I rolled my eyes at his body, "so life changing," I said sarcastically, faking a gasp. I stepped over his body and searched for the diamond. I searched a lot of the cases, but I still couldn't find the one I was searching for. That is, until a shiny case caught my eye. It had a bunch of red lasers guarding it from every side so I whistled and snapped my fingers, in seconds my sidekick came in screeching. I know what you're thinking, why does a criminal have a sidekick? That's boring! But let me explain first! My sidekick isn't a who, my sidekick is merely a bird. My pet bird, a childhood pet that was given to me by an old friend. She always forgot about me! Seeing her living with the man of her dreams... I had to sabotage her. I saw an opportunity and I snatched it; It was very satisfying to watch her crumble. But then she had kids, golly! What an even better window for me! I can tell my side of the story, and torment her kids! I love life. But now, I have a diamond to steal. You'll know the truth soon enough. "Deactivate the system," I told my bird, it cawed and flew up. I watched as pecked the button and deactivated the system, I smirked and watched my bird claw the box next to it and pulled out wires. Can't be too sure it won't go off again. When I knew for certain it wasn't functioning, I walked over and smashed the case in. The glass shattered and I snatched the diamond. I replaced it with a plastic one that looked exactly like it and my bird put another glass case over it. When I was satisfied, we took care of the body next. I broke his neck because I was tired of getting blood on my hands; it stains, you know! My bird screeched and flew in circles above my head, I watched it and chuckled. "I'm not the dead one, don't circle me," I smirked, my bird landed on my shoulder and cawed at me, "oh right, my soul is." My bird is a falcon, in case you're wondering. "Can you fly this to Harper?" I asked my bird, it stared at me, "oh wait," I paused, pulling out my pocket knife and cutting my hand so blood would drip on it, "there, now take it to him," I smirked. My bird grabbed it with its talons and flew away, I watched my cut heal and I sighed. Harper gives me extra money when I return things with blood on it, he thinks I struggled with it so he pays more. Now, it's time to do my own thing. I went back to my treehouse, that I live in with my bird whose name is Penny, and I went straight for the shower. Literally, this treehouse is exactly like a house but in a tree. Weird, I know, but I built it with my bare hands... it took me two years. I stripped down and looked at myself in the mirror, winking. I look good, too bad nobody will ever get the chance to see all this.

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