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Riley is a half-vampire who chose to remain in the human world and pursue a career in literature, following her dream of becoming a writer. Every year, she celebrates her birthday on a secluded island where her parents, who are vampires that had human partners, reside. This island is also home to other half-blood vampires.

However, things take a dark turn when the Vampire Governors conduct a raid on the Isolation Island to capture the half-blood vampires and force them to act as spies for the Wolf Realm. Unfortunately, Riley and her parents are among those captured.

To make matters worse, the vampires force Riley to stay among the wolves disguised as a she-wolf. While staying in the Wolf Realm, Riley's feelings for the Lycan King Tyler slowly escalate, and she soon realizes that Tyler is her mate.

However, when faced with the choice of betraying Tyler and the Wolf Realm, rejecting her mate, or saving her parents’ lives, Riley must make a difficult decision. Will she choose love, loyalty, or family? The stakes are high, and Riley's choice will determine the fate of all involved.

(violence, explicit scene, abuse, )

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Chapter - 1
Riley - Pov "Put the blonde woman away, put their families in the other car. Find other mixed blood vampires and report back." The head of the Guard gives commands to his subordinates. I was standing right behind the Blondie woman. They had bound me with a magical handcuff that prevented me from using my powers. My vision is foggy, but I can make out the figures of two people carrying my comatose parents to another car. I felt a searing pain in the back of my neck, and as I turned around, I noticed that the soldier in the black uniform had injected me with something. A soldier grabbed me by my arm and shoved me into a van full of other half-blood vampires, where I could see that some of them were asleep and others were sitting in fear. I'm not sure why the vampires were chasing us, but the truck engine started and drove us away. I shut my eyes. My mother is a vampire, and my father is a human. I'm the only child in our family. My mother has found a human partner. My parents adored one another. Human-vampire hybrids hid out on a remote island. Vampire Governors will not allow vampires to remain in their domain if they have a human partner. My once-home, the solitary Island, is now gone. I'm curious how the mystical barrier that protects our tiny town suddenly came down, allowing the pure vampire to enter. Could someone in our hamlet be a traitor, assisting vampires in capturing us? "Burnette ladies." A woman sitting directly opposite me raised her voice and gazed at me, but I ignored her. "Can't you see I'm talking to you, amber-eyed lady?" "What do you want, blond-haired lady?" My words were scowled. "Do you have any idea where our parents have been taken?" She looks concerned and asks while nervously chewing her lower lip. "How am I supposed to know that?" I frowned at her. But then I saw her sorrowful expression. So I know one fact. I planned to say, "Although I cannot be certain, I believe they did not intend to harm our parents; if they did, they would have shot them dead rather than moving them to another vehicle." Other people heard me and looked at my explanation with hopeful eyes, thinking their parents were secure for the time being. "Women, you could be correct." The blonde's exclamation was met with an expression of pure joy. "What's your name?" I've never seen you in our town," Blondie questioned. "Riley Laurier: I have been around a little since I started attending Cambridge University. I just returned to town two days ago to celebrate my birthday." I explained to her straightforwardly, which I rarely spoke of quickly. As I mentioned my parents, their beaming smiles flashed across my mind as I celebrated my birthday with them. "My name is Carol Collins, and I believe you've done a great job of assessing the situation. I couldn't figure out what was going on, and the vampire's presence worried me." I smiled and nodded slightly at her. It scared me well, but by nature, I am an attentive watcher, so I kept my cool. The truck eventually halted, and it dropped us off far from civilization. I took a glance around. There was no sign of the vehicle in which my parents were being held; this was quite alarming. Thus, they may be taken somewhere else. When I glanced up, I saw a building with classic curb appeal. We all marched in formation, followed by the soldiers. They'd shoot us if we tried to escape on foot, and if the magic pellets were explicitly planned to inflict agony on the half-blood vamps, we'd be in for a horrible end. We entered an old, musty crypt where a battalion of vampires stood guard on each side, and suddenly a man appeared. "Welcome, vamps of mixed blood! Nick, a Vampire Governor member. Every single one of you is here for a reason. We are about to engage in a conflict with the Wolf Realm, so we need extra personnel. Your parents will be murdered if you don't agree with us or follow our directions, so think carefully before you act!" Hearing his comments, the ten half-vampires were flabbergasted. "I'm going to choose five of you out of the group of ten to be spies, and we'll give you each one target." When Nick walked up to me and pointed his finger in my direction, he decided I would be his last spy. Guards led me to a room. The officer pushed me to sit in the cold steel chair, and when the projected lights came on, I saw Nick had taken the seat opposite me. "Your glance tells me you're a wise woman; you'll be a valuable asset. No doubt about it, you'll do it." Nick continued his remark while maintaining a smirk on his face. "How did you determine I am so savvy? Were you spying on me?" Nick's smirk of contempt grew more apparent, and I knew he'd been spying on me. "The task required just ten individuals. Therefore, the other half-blood vampire had to be released. That's all I have to say. Let us now discuss the target you will spy on." As Nick touched the button, a picture of an unidentified man appeared on the screen. The unidentified person had green eyes, a strong jawline, and black hair that suited his pale skin tone. He gave the appearance of being a model, and his features had the potential to make a significant number of women go weak in the knees. "This is Lycan King Tyler," Nick pointed out.

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