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I don't believe in love anymore, the romantic kind that is. I have been broken and betrayed by those that should've loved and protected me and now I am determined to make it on my own, but that is hard to do with a billionaire chasing you. A part of me wants to give in, he makes me feel things that I have never felt for anyone before, but with every girl in New York chasing him, I'm not sure I can trust him to not screw me over like every other man I have known and trusted. Is it worth the risk? Will he break my heart beyond repair or make me believe that love truly exists?

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Gwen It is three o’clock in the afternoon and I am watching the clock like a hawk, waiting for my last patient of the day to show up. My boyfriend of the past fifteen years and lifelong best friend will be coming back from his very first tour with his band tonight and I want to surprise him with the sexy new lingerie I bought. It has been his dream since we were little kids, to become a famous singer and travel the world with his band and he has finally gotten a breakthrough. A lot of people is asking me why there is no ring on my finger and no baby in the oven as we have been together for so long, but with him struggling with his musical career and the fact that I have to put in everything I have to pay the bills, a child just haven’t been an option, but hopefully now that Cedric has started with his tours, we might be able to consider it. I can cut back on my work and hire some more staff and give over more of my responsibilities. I will be home to take care of our child while he tours and brings in a second income.  My last patient shows up a few minutes late and just to my luck it is an old lady that wants to talk more about her ten cats and seventeen grandchildren than she wants to have her eyes tested. I really wish I could put a sign at my door that says : This is an optometrist, we are not psychologists. But I know I need every bit of money I can get and at the end of the day, the patients pay the bills. After leaving the store, allowing the manager to lock up, I quickly make my way to the stores to buy some candles and get some of Cedric’s favorite Alfredo pasta. I am really excited about how the tour went and hope that there will be more to come as my baby making clock is running out and honestly, I am sick of using condoms. I tried going on the pill but it made me look fat and I was more on my period than off it and that just ruins the mood for any kind of kinky time. When I open the door to my apartment, I am shocked to see a pink lace bra hanging over the back of my couch and a set of barely there pink matching panties over the lap on the table close to the hallway leading to my room. There are feminine moans coming from that direction and I know I should just turn around and walk out that door, but like a moth drawn to the flame, I can’t make my feet stop moving. When I get to the door of my room, I am shocked by the scene unfolding in front of my eyes. There, on my bed is my boyfriend, my best friend since I can remember, underneath a blond bimbo riding him like she is on a wild bull at a rodeo. It is like watching a train wreck, knowing it is going to scar you for life, but not being able to look away. The girl throws her head back, clearly close to the edge and I can’t help wondering what he is doing different to her as he has never even brought me close to the edge. I know he enjoys the s*x as he makes these weird groaning noises when he comes and I guess it didn’t completely suck for me, but I only pretended to enjoy it for him. Cedric has been my first in everything and I always thought we would be each other’s last, but that is clearly not the case. Strangely, I don’t feel sad, shocked because I didn’t ever suspect he would betray me like this, I thought I knew the man inside out, but I was wrong. I turn and decide to wait in the living room for them to finish, I need to make it clear to him that I want him out of my apartment before I come back tomorrow morning. I honestly have no idea where I will be going, but I can’t stay here after what I just saw. I don’t have to wait long, after about ten minutes I know that they are finished as I hear them moving around and getting dressed. I hear him telling her to hurry up, that I will be home soon and he needs to clean up the mess that they made. It is only then that I take in the mess in the apartment, aside from the underwear lying around. There are two wine glasses with a bottle of my most expensive wine, half empty I might add, on the table in front of the TV. Now that makes me furious. It was the only thing my mother had kept of my father after he passed and it was a bottle he got from his parents for his eighteenth birthday. I hear them coming down the hallway and look up just as they walk into the room. Cedric stops dead in his tracks when he sees me standing in the middle of the room with the wine bottle in my hand, making the girl bump into him. His dirty blond hair that I use to love running my fingers through is messed up now by someone else's hands and his soft beard that he has been growing out the last couple of months makes me want to vomit, the evidence of their intimate moment clear to see. His clothes are wrinkled and his fly of his faded black skinny jeans is still open. He has on the black formal shirt I got him just before he went on tour, and I regret spending the money on it now.   “Baby this is not what it looks like.” He quickly says and I can’t help but laugh at that. “Oh I think we both know that this is exactly what it looks like.” I tell him with a calmness that I am not feeling. He opens his mouth but I talk again before he can come up with any shitty excuses. “I want your s**t packed and out of here by the time I come back tomorrow morning.” I tell him as I walk to the door. “Please can we just talk about this, she means nothing to me. I’m sorry, this won’t happen again..” He really went there, so predictable. “Listen I am going to stop you right there. That bimbo behind you doesn’t need you bad mouthing her just after she gave you pleasure and quite a lot of it from what I heard. I expect you to be out by midnight and take the bed with you, I won’t be sleeping in any STD infested bedding.” I turn away from him and walk out. I get in my old beat up black Chevrolet and take a big breath. A part of me feels relieved that he isn’t my responsibility anymore, but another part of me is so angry that I wasted fifteen years of my life on him. I am thirty five years old with no marriage, no kids and living in a flat because my boyfriend has been more of A child that I need to feed and make sure he has clothes and money to go out with the boys. I could’ve been living the life by now, I have my own optometry practice, the biggest one in New York. People come from all over for our unique styles and services, I even have my own lab on site. I am a woman in my prime, wasting my time on someone that doesn’t even have enough respect for me to not f**k strange women in my bed. I put my car in gear and drove off, not looking back. I head off to the uptown part of New York where all the rich and famous live and stop at the best club they have, tonight, I will be living like I should’ve lived for the past ten years. I am still dressed in my work clothes, a white button up formal shirt with a beige pencil skirt that shows off my hourglass figure as well as my toned legs. My heels are nude and make me look four inches taller. My brown hair is pinned up with a few loose strands hanging around my face. The bouncer at the door gives me the one over and then gives me an approving nod before he opens the door to let me in. The sound of the music makes my hips want to move to the beat, but I try to ignore it as I make my way to the bar. The lights are dimmed and cast a red glow around the place, the tables are scattered leaving a lot of open space for people to move. The dance floor is already packed with women in short dresses meant to attract attention and men dressed in expensive jeans and most of them have taken their shirts off to show off their bodies, probably hoping to catch a girl to take home for the night. I walk to the bar and don’t have to wait even two minutes before the bartender is asking for my order. I went to the club a few times downtown with Cedric as his band played at a few of them and he wanted me to support him, and I had to scream and wave at the bartender for a full twenty minutes before I got any service. I order two shots of tequila and a whiskey, quickly downing the shots before I take a sip of the whiskey to chase it down. The alcohol burns its way down my throat, letting me know that I will regret this in the morning, but I simply can’t get myself to care. I get this overwhelming feeling that someone is looking at me and turning around slowly, pretending to take my fill of the place, but I really just want to make sure I am not just paranoid. In the corner of the club closest to me is a table of men, all laughing and making jokes, all except for one. I can’t really make out his looks from here, but I can see that his eyes are fixed on me. I turn back in my seat and down the rest of my drink. What was I thinking coming here, thinking I would fit in. He is probably wondering what a low class girl is doing in a place like this. I immediately scold myself for thinking like that, I have just as much right as any of these people to be here, I am a successful woman, running my own company, sure I don’t make millions, but I make enough to support a broke ass adult to reach his dreams. I quickly order another whiskey and down that one too. I feel the effects of the alcohol making my body relax and I stop caring about what other people think. I order another whiskey and sip on this one slowly as I let my body sway to the music.

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