Chapter 3: We Found Our Mate

926 Words
Auroras POV Damn, Damn, Damn is all I could think about when I laid eyes on the person with the most intoxicating smell and as luck or the Goddess herself would have it is none other than Maverick. Boy he definitely grew into his body that is for sure. 6’4” of beautifully Sunkissed skin, the same emerald green eyes and platinum blonde hair. Aurora you have to speak instead of just staring and drooling, I mean I understand but use your brain and let me drool, said Violet Violet shut it I know! Maverick how long has it been I say which broke him out of his trance from staring at me. He clears his throat and states too long Aurora how have you been? I didn’t know you were working here. Yeah I just started 3 weeks ago after finishing my studies with a masters in business. So what brings you back to town as if I didn’t already know he was going to be here today I say. Maverick scratches the back of his neck looking just like the awkward teen I used to know. I umm came to let me father know of some decisions. About that time this petite blonde figure come from behind him looking at Maverick as if she has no other cares in the world. Well babe aren’t you going to tell her or at least introduce me I have never met anyone you grew up with. Um yeah sure sorry Maverick states. Aurora this is my fiancée Scarlett, Scarlett this is Aurora we grew up together in the pack house as her father is the Beta to my father. Violet did I just hear him correctly did he say fiancée? What on earth was the goddess thinking of matching me with someone who is already attached. Oh Aurora remember you to were already matched before he met her. Remember he left for his studies before he was 18 Yeah I know just well damn.  I say as I push Violet to the back of my mind. Scarlett nice to meet you. Well, I am dropping these files off with your dad. I place the files on his desk and dart out of the office as fast as my feet would carry me in human form. Why did this have to happen when I wasn’t even looking for my mate and just wanted to focus on my career and starting my new life as an adult.  Maverick POV Well, that couldn’t have gone any better, as I watch Aurora damn near sprint back to her office. I mean not that it was any trouble watching her go since it seems her body was made for me with how round her ass looks in the mustard yellow pencil skirt paired with a white and black geometric blouse. With Scarlett tugging at my sleeve, I look down and suddenly remember she was there. Um Scarlett my love I will meet you back at the hotel the car will take you there to get checked in. Really Maverick we just got to town and I wanted you to take me to see a couple of places I have already mapped out from here. Scarlett states with pouty lips and blinking her lashes. I know I say, but it turns out I need to have a few more words with my father after all. After seeing Scarlett to the car, I return to my father’s office. Well now that your so-called fiancée as you see fit to call her is gone are you going to explain why Aurora came and left in such a hurry? I have yet to see her leave my office in such a hurry since she started here. Matter of fact she comes in before anyone else and really shows initiative.  Um so yeah you know how I didn’t want to find my mate well it looks like Aurora is my mate, I state as I drop my head into my hands. I am going to reject her as soon as I get my head on straight. You will do no such thing Alexander roars. You will break any and all relations you have with Scarlett immediately and then you will begin your life here with Aurora. Goddess knows she couldn’t have paired you with a more perfect mate Maverick. Maverick, don’t you dare reject our mate or so help me Goddess I will make sure to make the rest of your life a living hell do you understand me? My wolf Lucas says. Lucas listen man I am already in love with Scarlett and never intended to find our mate you know this. Maverick Scarlett was just a plaything I allowed you to consume your time till we found her. So please don’t disrespect our way of life and what the Moon Goddess herself blessed you with. I mean she is even more beautiful than Scarlett and I am not just saying that due to her being our mate. Okay Lucas, I will give it some thought. Okay dad it looks like you have Lucas on your side so I will give it some thought until I figure out what to do I will try sending Scarlett back to Paris till I figure this all out. Son there is no figuring things out you are to immediately end the relationship you have with Scarlett and begin getting to know your mate, Aurora. Now let me update you on what has been going on here since you left. 
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