Chapter 2: Finally Settled In.

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Time Skip 3 Weeks later. Auroras POV During my first week with Xanders Financial I became friends with not only Missy, my assistant, but also Steven, who is also a manager in sales like myself. The three of us settled into what one could call a normal routine. For the last three weeks, every morning Missy has a venti caramel macchiato waiting for me as I walk through the door at 7:30am each day. Missy found that she didn’t mind the early hour and half that I came in before anyone else. It also gives us a chance to catch up on things that occurred after we said our goodbyes the previous day. After about twenty minutes of general chit chat, we began our day, me going over any accounts that were placed on my desk after I left the previous day, Missy updating me on what was on the agenda for the day as far as meetings, sales pitches, etc. Steven shows up a 9am on the dot every day and tries to give Missy and I hell about always coming in early, but ends up saying hey as long I say off the Alexanders radar the better, we all three break out into laughter. Next thing I know, Steven says,” Hey Missy, Rora, did you hear?” “No, Steven, what is the latest gossip you are about to spill now?” says Missy. I looked at Steven with an eyebrow raised. Steven looks back and forth outside my door before he turns around and says he heard Alexander's son, Maverick, was coming back to town and this was going to be his first stop. I wonder what bimbo will accompany him this time. I mean I feel sorry for those who choose to get mixed up with him, since he never takes any relationship seriously. Granted, this is the first time in five years that anyone in the pack has laid eyes on him since he started studying abroad. My mind began to wander at Steven’s last statement. I mean it shouldn’t be that hard to recognize the alpha’s son, right? If I remember correctly, he had emerald, green eyes and platinum blonde hair, which is all I could say he had going for him, since I haven’t seen him since we were 17, when he first went abroad to study. He was always on the skinnier side for my liking, but from what Steven is saying, he seems to be a chick magnet now, probably due to his status, and family name, lol. I then cut off all ideas of what Maverick could look like now and got to work. When I am about to head out for lunch in the cafeteria area, I step out of my office looking for Missy when, all of a sudden, the most amazing smell of pine and soft cotton hits my nose. Violet is running circles in my mind, hollering, Mate, Mate, Mate. Hush Violet, I know you are really hoping that is the case, but let’s just see who it is that has this wonderful smell. As I am walking towards the area the smell is coming from, I am getting more and more anxious because I am getting closer to Alexander's office. When all of a sudden, loud roars of angry conversation come to a halt and the door is suddenly yanked open only to find a 6’4” Greek god of a man with the most beautiful emerald eyes and platinum blonde hair is standing in front of me with what looks like a petite barbie wannabe on his arm, and he is fuming until he looks directly at me. All of a sudden, Violet starts screaming "Mate" in my head and he whispers the same at the same time. Maverick's POV Well Scarlett and I have officially landed in Dallas, and we are currently in the town car that the dad’s car service sent over to pick us up. Scarlett and I have been together for the last couple of years, and I have decided to make her my wife. I already proposed to her during our latest escapade in Paris. Now its time to let dear old dad know that I will not be returning to Texas to take over the pack or the company. Scarlett is relentlessly going on about all the places she wants to visit while here in Texas, little does she know we will be leaving tonight if I have any say in the matter. We have arrived in front of Xander Financial headquarters, “Let’s get this over with shall we, Scarlett.” I say as we exit the town car. Upon walking into the building, I am immediately bombarded with greetings from the guards and lust filled eyes of all the assistants that are on the ground floor as we walk to the elevator. The guards are all staring at Scarlett, while the assistants are giving her the who does she think she is look for being on my arm. Scarlett of course is oblivious to all this as she walks straight forward with her head up towards the elevator. As we enter the elevator and I select the top floor I say to Scarlett, “Look babe, when we go to see my dad just sit pretty and let me do the talking, no matter what is said. Do you understand?” I understand Scarlett responds. We walk into my father’s office and immediately he has a disgruntled look on his face as soon as he spots Scarlett. Why on earth have you brought another fling into my presence son! What have I told you that you are to find your mate and she is the one to be brought before me and no other! Scarlett looked down and I could tell tears were starting to well in her beautiful eyes. Father that is Enough! I will not keep repeating myself I am only here today to let you know that I have decided to stay in Pairs with Scarlett as we will be getting married in two months. I came to personally deliver not only the news of this but the invitation to attend as well. You are What! Alexander begins to roar. That is unacceptable under no certain terms will you be getting married unless you the female is your mate! Then you will become the Alpha as is your right and she “your mate” not this fling will be you luna! That is final! Alexander roars in his Alpha tone which immediately has Scarlett cowering behind me. I will not Father remember as I am an Alpha as well your tone does not work on me I state with as much venom in my tone as I can release. Come on Scarlett lets go Now! I say. As soon as I begin to storm to the door to exit I turn and state to my Father do plan on attending if that is the attitude that you choose to have with my relationship with Scarlett. No sooner as I open the door I am hit with this overwhelming scent of caramel apples and then turn to see the most beautiful women with caramel colored brunette hair, soft blue eyes, and the most perfectly toned olive skin. I stop dead in my tracks causing Scarlett to run right into me but I am in a trance. All of a sudden I hear my wolf start howling Mate! Well s**t now what?
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