Fated To A Playboy Alpha


Aurora 21 years old fresh out of college with her masters in business is getting ready to start her new career with Xander Financial and thinks that life is finally working out the way she planned. Little does she know the moon goddess has other plans when the alpha's son shows back up in town after studying abroad for the last 5 years and with a fiancée no less. Her mind begins to panic will he reject the fiancée and accept the mate bond or will she have to pray to the Goddess for a second chance mate?

Maverick was never planning on taking over for this father either as alpha or at Xander Financial while yes he already has all the qualification not only by birth, but through his studies with a double major in business and politics. All he want's is to find true love that he chooses and live the life as he sees fit. However when he comes home to let his father know just that life throws him a curveball when he discovers his mate while his fiancée the latest women in a long line that he has chosen to make his wife. When he finds that he can't reject the mate bond after fighting so hard to not find them what will he do?

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Chapter 1: Auroras New Life
Auroras POV -BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP. Rolling over to hit snooze for the fifth time today, I thought to myself ugggg why do mornings have to come so early? I mean it feels like I just closed my eyes an hour ago, but nope, it's now 6:00am and I am late, or late enough. I will barely have time to make it to breakfast after showering and heading to the office. Coffee, that’s what I need ASAP! Thank Goddess my mother bought me a Keurig when I moved out last month. At least this way I can have my cup of liquid gold before I head into my first day of my new career. Aurora, what have I said about not hitting snooze so many times my wolf, Violet,, as she stretches, wakes herself up as well. Yeah, yeah Violet, I know it’s a bad habit. At least I’m not a smoker, lol or that would really put us behind. Oh, Aurora, what am I ever going to do with you to keep up that attitude? We will never find our mate, Violet says while shaking her head. See I have just graduated with a master's degree in business, and I landed the newest manager's position in the largest financial company, Xanders Financial, which our pack owns. I mean, don’t get me wrong. Yes, my father is the Beta, so many around me think or feel (not that I really care) that I only landed the job due to my parent’s status parents' here is the kicker: I didn’t. I had to interview just like the rest of the candidates for the position did as well. So, after I have showered, put on my mascara, lip gloss, and did a quick straighten of my curly caramel brown hair. I was set to start my week on the right foot, or so I thought. Well, world, let’s see what you have in-store for us today. I say to our wolf Violet, since we have yet to find our mate, not that I am actively looking for one even though Violet keeps getting frustrated with me. I mean I am just 21 years old and many of my friends found theirs the day they turned 18. Alpha Alexanders POV I am in the office early as usual. Everyone that has ever worked for our company already has an idea that I would already be in the office, and it is very unlikely that anyone else would beat me into the office. Hell, most days I sleep at the office which is exactly why I keep a wardrobe fully stocked and our onsite gym has private showers as well. So, imagine my surprise when I see Aurora has walked in at exactly 7:30am when her shift nor anyone else in the company comes in before 9am. Good Morning Aurora I say, “I am surprised to see you hear so early, are you trying to gain bonus points today?” Good morning, alpha no I just wanted to get a head start to make sure I am updated with the accounts that will be assigned to me. Now Aurora there is no need to for the normal formalities in here you can just address me by Alexander. Shocked expressions cross Aurora’s face, and she immediately apologizes. No need for the apologies it's refreshing to see someone so eager to get their day/week started. I already have my schedule for the day and notice that a new appointment has been made in my weekly calendar. To my surprise it is none other than my oldest son who has been studying abroad for the last five years has decided to make an unannounced trip back home in three weeks and is coming directly to my office as his first stop apparently. No matter what he says he needs to make sure he is staying to fulfill his future alpha duties which Goddess knows I would like to be within the next year if not sooner. I am ready to retire. Just hopefully he doesn’t show up again with another non mate female on his arm that thinks they have secured their position as the future Luna. Auroras POV So far, I have managed to find my office and get this the first thing I notice is a stack of files laying directly in the middle of my desk. First let me make sure I have everything I need to make sure they stay in order, and I can stay on task. Computer check, Filing cabinet check, notepads check, pens check. It looks like I will have no problems settling in. Well here goes nothing, as I am getting all the files organized by oldest to newest to ensure I am getting the most overdue accounts back in order a cute brunette decides to pop her head in my office. Hey there, you must be Aurora, I am Missy and will be your assistant so if you need anything just feel free to call me and I will get you what you need. Hey Missy, it is nice to meet you as well I have a feeling a coffee run would probably by the first and most important thing to remain on your to-do list, lol. I keep trying to get the doctors to give a caffeine IV, but they just won’t I say chuckling the whole time. Missy is laughing right along with me. Oh, Aurora I can tell we are going to be great friends and I have the same mission with mine as well. How do you like your coffee we are lucky to have a coffee bar in the building? Just get me the largest caramel macchiato you can find I say while laughing. On it I will be back in just a few Missy says. I return my focus on the now organized pile of accounts and dig in to tackle the first, and mind you the thickest file of them all. 

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