Story By Tiffany Williams

Tiffany Williams

Fated To A Playboy Alpha
Updated at Oct 13, 2023, 05:49
Aurora 21 years old fresh out of college with her masters in business is getting ready to start her new career with Xander Financial and thinks that life is finally working out the way she planned. Little does she know the moon goddess has other plans when the alpha's son shows back up in town after studying abroad for the last 5 years and with a fiancée no less. Her mind begins to panic will he reject the fiancée and accept the mate bond or will she have to pray to the Goddess for a second chance mate? Maverick was never planning on taking over for this father either as alpha or at Xander Financial while yes he already has all the qualification not only by birth, but through his studies with a double major in business and politics. All he want's is to find true love that he chooses and live the life as he sees fit. However when he comes home to let his father know just that life throws him a curveball when he discovers his mate while his fiancée the latest women in a long line that he has chosen to make his wife. When he finds that he can't reject the mate bond after fighting so hard to not find them what will he do?