My CEO Stepdaddy


Edith has a new stepdad who is a rich CEO. Soon, there will be a formal wedding event, and they will move in together. She hopes the situation will get her out from her controlling adopted mothers grip. All Edith wants to do is go to college and become a music teacher. All her mother Marie wants is for her to stay home and work for her day and night. As the wedding party gets closer, Edith starts to catch feelings for her stepdaddy Ross. Her mother has never been that kind to her, but she still feels guilty for it. As time passes, guilt might not be enough to stop her when he starts returning those feelings.

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Diamond ring
Sunset Beach, I come here to surf and soak up the sun. It's incredibly beautiful and the only place I can go to relax. The waves today are not really happening, so I am just going to paddle in. Today, I have to cut it short anyway because of my mom. She wants me to have lunch with her and her boyfriend. I only met him a couple of times, and I already feel bad for him. He is some rich CEO of a company, and my mom is nothing but a gold digger. It might sound harsh, but it’s the truth. If he even seen her type, he would understand that he is not it. He is all business and clean cut. My mom always goes for the bikers down at the bar. I feel like I should warn him about her, but she would probably kill me in my sleep. Not that she would survive long without me. I spend day and night as her personal assistant. I do all the cooking and cleaning around the house. I also have to run every errand for her. Not that I am all that ungrateful for my step mom. She adopted me after my dad passed away when I was 5. I could have ended up in the foster care system. It’s just that every day she lets me know how much she doesn’t want me but at the same time finds every way to stop me from leaving. The only reason I get to go out surfing is because I had a complete meltdown. She finally loosened her grip a little on me after that. Who knows, maybe one day I will be able to get away and go to college to become a music teacher like I dream about. I learned how to play the violin when I was young, and it was an escape for me. I want to give children that same outlet. I put away my board and took off my wetsuit. I wrap my towel around me and drive home. Our house is actually very lovely. Mom bought it with the life insurance my dad left her. It’s not very big, but it’s updated and cozy. We both have our own bathroom, which is nice but also sucks because I have to clean two instead of one. I walk in, and no one is here. She must be at his house. I heard he lives in a mansion. I feel bad for whoever has to clean that place. I walk into my bathroom and get right into the shower. I can spend a lot of time in the shower, so I have to force myself to hurry and get out. There is something so soothing about water. It's almost like it can actually wash away your stress. Once I get out, I blow dry my long blonde hair. I make sure it’s combed and conditioned so it doesn’t run wild. After I am done with that, I slip on a blue summer dress that matches my eyes. I don’t bother with makeup. I am more into the natural look. It's really the opposite of my mom. She has a crazy amount of makeup. I do have a routine for my skin since I get so much sun. My tan is really glowing today. I head back out to the car. I got mom’s text saying they are at the sushi house. No surprise, there sushi is her favorite. When I arrive I see them sitting at a table. I get a good look at him, and I can’t believe how handsome he is. He is well groomed with brown hair and a short beard and mustache. He is very tall. You can even see it when he sits. He has wide shoulders and a chiseled jawline. I shake my head and look away. I can’t think about him like that. He’s my mom’s boyfriend. “Hey Edith over here!” My mom calls me over. I come and sit with them and we order. “ So Edith, there is something Ross and I are dying to tell you.” “What is it?” “We’re married!” She shows off her diamond ring. My brain breaks in half. Okay, maybe not, but it certainly feels like it. That poor guy got caught right in her trap, and now he is my stepdad. I think my brain split again. He is my stepdad! I realize they are waiting for me to say something. By the look on mom’s face, she is about to be angry if I don’t. “Congratulations! I am so happy for you. This is so exciting.” They both smile at each other, and then Ross speaks up. “We are planning on having a mock wedding for our friends and family in 6 months. We want you to be in the wedding as a bridesmaid. I want us to be a family.”

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