Mistakenly Forgotten

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"Arya, do you trust me?"


"Okay, Now you are just being rude!"

With that, Lucas grabbed her waist and pulled her towards him, crashing their bodies together, grabbing a fistful of her hair, he connected their lips.

The sound of flying bullets, crashing bombs and blazing sirens, all seemed to dissolve into erupting fireworks, as their lips danced in harmony and their tongues melted, tasting each other's mouth.

"I hate the thought of blood smudged over my Brioni suit, but we have to jump or we'll be dinner to some very angry Hungarians. So hold your panties on."

He screamed with excitement while she screamed in fear as they jumped down from the building.


Lucas Santiago - The notorious Lord of world's biggest money laundering mafia loves his life full of guns, wars, designer clothing and women.

When his armory deal in New York is raided, he orders his men to kidnap the commissioner's daughter, a day before her wedding.

However a confusion leads to the Bride's cousin getting abducted, instead.

Arya Scott is a witty brown head, with excellent combat skills but amnesia ridden brain.

But to Lucas, she is the perfect opportunity. So he tricks her into believing that he runs a Secret Spy Agency and she works for him, against her uncle, the commissioner.

Making her, his human war machine, together they fight gangs and lead on expeditions where she picks back pieces of her memory.

He is not your regular cup of Mr. Goody shoes / the hero who saves the day and she is no plain Jane / damsel in distress.

So how will they blend together?

Buckle up for a sexy ride of action, thrill-suspense, comedy and a unique form of romance!

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1. Pilot
Fireworks blasted off the top roof deck of the Royal Caribbean Cruise; Symphony of the Sea; world’s largest cruise ship, with nine story decks, seven separate neighborhoods, several exquisite restaurants and hundreds of cuisines to choose from, sparkling with indigo lights and shades of yellow against the dark ocean; cruising slowly off the Mediterranean Eastern Coast. Loud clattering sounds of people yelling and enjoying themselves coming off from different corners of the boat. It was a world within its own. Down on the fourth story; sparkled the huge casino ballroom, filled with people clattered at tables, betting on their lucks on game. From an old woman pulling the levers on the slots, to a handsome Sheikh losing to the blackjack, to a young brunette, with pumpy breasts and perfectly groovy curves, plum red lips smoking against her beautifully drawn blue eyes and body-hugging thigh-high slit black dress, pulling the coins with her arms, she won at the roulette. “Suck on it!” She snorted with a loud laugh, in a thick Spanish accent making all the Elites on the table give her a scorning look. “Behave!” A voice whispered into the bug in her ear and she bit her tongue, fixing herself up and moved the strand of flick off her forehead, “I would like to go another fifteen!” She smirked as she placed another bet and everyone groaned. “That’s another six from Ms. Ariana…” The croupier said excitedly while everyone else only exhaled out of exhaustion. She had been winning for the whole night and they wished; she would get off the cruise right that minute. Her gaze went up to the old Japanese man tense up. He had already lost five game. Besides him sat a young blond lady, her pale white skin shining against her purposely provocative dress, groaning at the old man, blabbering in an European accent, “You are going to lose again!” He spared her a side glance, the two gunmen standing next to him, stepped ahead and threw thirty coins on the table, “Place it!” The short Japanese gunman ordered. Even though, he wore shades indoors like a joker, one could tell that if once he unleashes himself, he would go full jujitsu on ones ass. “Okay!” His young lady rolled her eyes, “So I am officially the woman who gets picked up by old lousy Japanese dealers at a cruise bionic bar.” She said pointing towards the large crystal lined up counter bar; where bottles of expensive liquor lined up over the low hanging roof, clustered to implicate decoration, underneath which two robotic extended machines extended and served people their drinks. On the other hand; six other human bartenders were also available.  The old Japanese turned to look at the mouthy woman, “Do you want that robotic arm, choke you to death!” She rolled her eyes, taking a sip of her drink, “I bet he’d be better at s*x than your limp d**k!” Everyone at the table gasped, as the man’s eyes bulged wide. The young girl got over from the table but he held onto her arm and pushed her back, grabbing onto her shoulder tightly and hissed into her ear. “I am going to win this game and then f**k you right over this table in front of all these people, you dared to insult me.” He then gave the croupier a dangerous look and yelled, “Play it!” Ariana passed the old Japanese man a notorious smile. Everyone at the table was scared of him, not only because of his gunmen or the fact he carried around a woman half of his age but because he was the notorious Lord of world’s largest illegal technology supplying Mafia gang, Yakuza. Ariana pressed a little onto her right ear and mumbled in Spanish, “Where the f**k is, he?” The voice inside her ear blipped with crumpling sound making her wince. The English woman, sitting right next to Ariana, with the size of breasts larger than her waist, drooping out of her dress, while probably giving a hand-job to young man sitting right next to her, gave Ariana a notorious look. “What the f**k?” Ariana hissed discreetly. “Sorry!” A mouthful voice spoke into her ear, “Sorry, was searching for Luke! Probably messed up the system.” Ariana remained silent and watched as people began placing their bets. The voice inside her ear was coming down from one of the surveillance room that was darkly lit with two of the uniformed officers that were originally supposed to be checking on the bright attached monitor panel, were lying unconscious on the floor, behind the swivel chair on which a young, chiseled tall, thick brown haired, Hispanic sat with his legs on top of the table in front of him, checking onto the monitors and slurping his smoothie. “God damn it! The things these lucky bastards get to see.” He laughed with a snort onto his microphone attached with a headset. “There is literal a woman with t**s bigger than water gallons, getting coke snorted off ‘em.” Ariana groaned internally at his idiocrasy; while her eyes squinted at the Yakuza lord’s strong grip over his young woman’s elbow, who now seemed distressed; while the croupier lined up the cards. “Where the hell is Luke?” Another male voice spoke over the same frequency system that was attached to Ariana’s ears. The owner of the voice wasn’t far enough but inside the same casino and one of the six bartenders. He juggled the Cobble shakers in his hand and moved it back and forth, while pouring out the drink in the margarita glass. Flashing his chiseled chest and bulging biceps through his black polo shirt and suspenders. He poured the drink and delivered the order to a woman in her early fifties, who passed him a toothy grin, flashing her boobs, bending down to pass him the black card. His supervisor noticed the move, walking towards the bar, he yelled at the poor guy, “Vincent! You don’t get paid for smiling at women.” He notoriously looked at the woman and huffed, definitely jealous by her and gay for his employee. “Again!” Vincent hissed, speaking over the bud in his ear, moving the shakers to prepare another drink, “Where the f**k is Lucas?” The guy on the surveillance slurped the last contents of his smoothie and spoke, zooming in on a monitor, “In the private chambers above the casino!” “What?” Vincent yelled, “What the f**k is he doing there?” Listening to the helpless situation Ariana excused herself from the table and walked towards the bar, yelling, “Why the f**k when we are here, scrutinizing our lives in front of the stupid Yakuzas, is in hell Lucas doing up in the private f*****g chamber.” She pulled onto a smile at the same flashy woman, who gave her an annoyed expression, while Vincent passed her a glass of cocktail. “And by the looks of it; the Yakuzas aren’t alone.” Vincent mumbled to Ariana looking around the room and noticing different men in suits, who looked like a member of the cartels. “The Brazilians are also here.” He notified. The surveillance guy grumpled, “Well, I hope, he could also listen to that because he is up there getting his d**k sucked by some Polynesian w***e!” “Just shake him up or do something Brian!” Ariana yelled, moving back to her place, while the croupier began spinning the wheel. The ball ended up on the wheel at number thirteen which was Ariana’s bet. She smirked and pulled the coins towards her, while one of the Yakuza gunman, stepped ahead and held Ariana’s hand, forbidding her to touch the coins. “Hey!” she yelled. “This is cheating!” the Yakuza lord yelled. “No this is plain luck!” the mouthy blond spoke up, “Something you’d know if you had one. Now you look like a cry baby!” She almost bit her tongue for speaking too boldly. “That’s it!” the Yakuza leader yelled, throwing the coins off the table as men from every corner of the room stood up holding out their pistols, machine guns and shot guns, making the entire casino erupt into gasps and screams. “Nobody moves!” A large man in a white coat, walked towards the middle of the casino in front of the bar, holding his machines gun out of his holsters. Some of the guards gathered around Ariana’s table, who yelled to the ear bug, “Now would be a very good time to have him!” “Ugh!” Brian groaned and zoomed in over the monitor and flickered onto the control buttons. Over the monitor, inside the lavish exclusively exquisite large private chamber was a semi-circular sofa bench, extending around the circular table with the golden frilled pole. Over the middle laid a young man, his chiseled chest flashed underneath the open buttons of his white shirt, his thick jet black hair messed, his tanned face covered with marks of red lipstick, running through his perfectly shaped forehead, scrutinizing oceanic blue eyes, straight Greek nose, perfectly contoured cheeks, sharply structured jawline, confining around his perfectly dove shaped lips. Groaning at the back of his throat, he closed his eyes and smirked, throwing his head back, as a long hand ran over his chest, playing with the toned pecs while plum lips locked around his humongous throbbing c**k, while soft lady fingers played with his scrotum, fondling them. The lights of the room began flickering, making the blond woman gasp as she broke away and looked at the flickering lights. Losing the sensation of the soft lips around his p***s, he groaned and opened his baby blue eyes only to see the lights flickering around. He groaned and looked down at the woman, “Why did you stop?” His English accent carried a definite hint of Spanish. “The lights…” She spoke back in her European one. He rolled his eyes, “Don’t worry about them! Just focus!” He smirked and she shrugged focusing her way back on his c**k, while her green eyes stayed glued up on his blue ones. The lights continued to flick only making his view distortingly disturbing and uncomfortable. “What the f**k?” He threw his hands in frustration. The lights began flickering even more vigorously while the blond didn’t stop. “Can’t it wait, for another…” he looked down at the blond and calculated, “Five minutes?” The lights stopped flicking, completely turning off. He groaned and got up, fixing his tie and grabbing his coat placed on the round table. “But wait Nicholas!” the woman called, “…What about me?” He opened the door and stood shock for a moment, he cleared his throat, snickering a little, “Well… by the looks of it…” he spared a look through the glass floor underneath him towards the casino, “By the end of it, I’ll probably find myself someone else, you try that too and just do remember that name.” With that he held onto his coat, took out the ear bug and put it inside his ear and squirmed listening to the yells and fights. He looked down at the table and where his partners; Ariana was now surrounded by the Yakuza members and the Brazilians, the young blond held by the Yakuza lord who groped her. He rolled his eyes, putting on his coat, fixing his cufflinks and made his way towards the large steel pole, that lead straight down towards the casino. Keeping his hands busy, he twisted his legs around the pole and slid down straight. The Yakuza leader was harshly pulling onto the young girl who was wildly protesting against him, while Vincent held his hands over his head, looking ahead at the gunman in front of him, waiting for the right signal. A large thudding sound came from the north corner of the casino, where everyone turned to look a waiter lying with his face down, the drinks and tray in his hands spilled, while Lucas stumbling in his shiny black coat, over the waiter’s body. “Ugh! Perfect way to ruin my perfect entrance.” He yelled at the waiter, finally gaining his balance and straightened his coat, with a smirk. He roamed a gaze around the entire casino grabbing a concept of the number of armed men that turned towards him. While Yakuza lord yelled, “He is Lucas Santiago! Get him.” He shrugged with a smirk, “Oh I love this part!” __________________________________________________________                

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