My Boss Chased Me for A Bet

enimies to lovers

"I can easily make you fall for me. I'm that irresistible." Chuck is arrogant and rude and thinks he owns the world until he meets Lexi who is a model at Queens and does not feel intimidated by him at all.

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CHAPTER 1 “Wow! You look great in that dress.” Daniella compliments standing behind me and looks at me in the mirror. I smile at her and flex my hips a bit trying to see whether I can adjust it a bit. “No she doesn’t. She looks terrible in it.” Emmy is always a b***h. I’m used to that so I look at Daniella and roll my eyes. She does the same and glares at Emmy who sneers and catwalks around. Here is the deal. Daniella is my best friend while Emmy is my sworn enemy. We are all models at Queen’s modeling agency but Emmy always looks down on me. She always makes it her business to bring me down. She thinks she is some beauty queen who should step on others. She is the top model here, and the thought of someone else beating her in this makes her unbearable. “Do you always have to be a b***h?” Daniella asks plopping on some seat, still glowering at her. “It’s the truth. I will look great in that one. Give it up already Lexi.” “Don’t get ahead of yourself. Lexi is more beautiful than you.” “Why isn’t she the top model then?” she catwalks grinning at us. “Because you came here first. She is going to beat you to it soon.” “Being the boss' favourite won’t make her beat me to it. I’m a supermodel, I’m beautiful, elegant and I have a very handsome boyfriend. For your information, he owns a modelling agency too.” She flosses making me want to throw up. “Oh please! Why don’t you go model for his agency?” Daniella asks rolling her eyes. “Because Queen’s is better.” I look at Emmy and smirk, making her give me a hard glare. “You know, you will soon pay for this. Tables might turn soon.” She tells me. “Will be waiting for that. In the meantime, I’m modeling in this dress.” I smile and tuck a stray hair behind my ear. “Be careful Lexi. You never know what happens.” “I will be Emmy. Just something else; don’t think I’m scared of you. I'm a Reynold because of that.” “Oh please! Spare me the Reynolds crap.” She rolls her eyes as Mr. Patterson walks in. He is the owner of Queen’s. He is the boss here and treats me like his daughter. He is like a father to be. My second father. “Morning ladies?” he is a stammerer. He is old and I have never seen his wife or kids. That’s because he doesn’t have them. He has never married. “Morning too sir.” We answer in unison. “I knew that dress would look perfect on you Lexi. Ciara had her doubts but it seems like I was right and she was wrong as usual. You are wearing that to the event.” He beams at me. “Thanks Mr. Patterson.” I give him a smile and look at Emmy who gives me an eye roll and plops on a seat. “I can try it on sir. Maybe it will look better on me.” She says shamelessly. “No Emily.” He calls her by her full name. “I want Lexi to model in that.” “Thanks sir.” I grin at Daniella who gives Emmy the finger and smiles when Mr. Patterson looks at her. “Can I see you in my office? Need some help somewhere.” He addresses me. Emmy must be dying inside. “Okay sir.” I follow him outside with a grin. “I want you to be my top model Lexi. Just few tips and you will be there.” He leads me into his office. “What about Emmy sir?” “Emily is so full of herself. I don’t want her as the top model.” He sits and gestures to me to do the same. I sit and cross my legs, placing my hands on my thighs, in an intertwined position. This dress is so beautiful. It’s perfect and can’t wait to use it at the event. “I know you have noticed that you are my favourite so far. You are like a daughter to me and I have faith in you. You can do this Lexi. You just need to perfect yourself and you will be at the top.” “Thanks for believing in me sir. Will do that.” “You are welcome and please call me Patterson. I'm not that old.” He laughs and reaches for some documents on his table. “I would like to send you to Bloomfield. Go to The Exotic building, fourth floor. Look for a Mr. White and give him these documents. Let him sign then you can bring them back.” “Okay Mr. Patterson.” “Here.” He gives me his car keys. “Use my car. It will be better.” He grins and gives me the documents. “I know.” I laugh and stand. “My engine might fail anytime.” “Yeah, you need to get a new car. We will see what to do about that.” Will see what to do about that? Is it what I think? I need to get out of here before I embarrass myself. “Will be back.” I smile and walk out. I walk down the hallway and enter the changing room. Emmy glares at me but I ignore her and walk to the mirror, after placing the documents on a sofa. “Everything okay?” Daniella walks to me. “Yap. Just need to go to Bloomfield. There are some documents that need to be signed.” I explain to her, trying to undo the zipper. “Help me undo this.” “Why does he send you? Are you sleeping with him? I won’t be surprised if you were.” “Ever heard of the phrase mind your own business?” I glare at her. “All this will be exposed soon.” “Great. Coz I don’t remember borrowing your genitals. If I were sleeping with him, I use mine not yours.” I say making Daniella laugh. “Urgh!” she groans and storms out, banging the door behind her. We look at each other and laugh. “I can’t stand her.” “I can’t too.” She nods and goes back to her seat. “You know, her boyfriend is not that cute. She is just so full of herself. Pooh!” “Yeah, tell me about it.” I roll my eyes and style my hair into a ponytail after putting on my blue jeans and a white chiffon top. “There is some handsome elite in Manhattan though. He has been trending of late.” “I haven’t seen that. Been rarely in social media.” “You are missing a lot then. He is the most handsome guy I have ever seen. Can do him anytime.” She closes her eyes in fantasy. “Really Daniella?” I laugh and pick the documents, putting them in my bag. “Will be back once you are done fantasizing about some stranger. He is probably some geek.” “I don’t care. I can put up with that. You need to see those lips. His chest too. Especially the pics which are taken when he is working out. Just look for them and you will know what I’m talking about.” She giggles childishly. “Oh please!” I laugh. “Will see you later Mrs. Elite.” She grins and waves at me. I smile and step out. That’s the problem with Daniella. When she crushes on someone, it becomes unbearable. I can’t believe I have more than a month to hear about this stranger.

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