Dr. Brosnan in a Women's Prison

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"Wait a second!" Johnny seemed to forget that he was a woman again. He instantly sped up to the extreme and dashed like a cheetah.

"Damn! This woman is a sprinter!" shouted a cleaner at the door.


Johnny made it, but he pounced on someone.

Some fragrance greeted him and Johnny found that it was a beautiful lady with a curvy figure.

At a closer look, he saw her distinct collarbone, tender shoulders, the sexy curve under the dress, and two long legs.

Such a stunning beauty was being pushed hard against the wall by Johnny, with one of her breasts in Johnny's one hand and her butt in the other.

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1 An Agent Disguised as A Woman
Preston Women Prison, suburbs of Tallahassee, Florida.   Some titillating groans of a woman came from a taxi on the road outside the Women Prison.   A glamorous young woman in a low-necked dress was lying on her side in the back seat, exposing her alluring cleavage and sexy curves.   With a blushed sweaty face and disheveled hair, she pressed her lower abdomen with her hands. This painful look, nevertheless, brought out her delicate and charming side.      Kneeling beside the young woman was a tall girl with brown hair, light makeup, a sweater, and canvas shoes. She seemed an ordinary-looking fresh graduate, and now she was pressing one hand on the young woman's abdomen.   "Is she OK?" The driver was a middle-aged woman and she looked back at the young woman and girl nervously, "Should we go to the hospital?"   The girl waved her hand and motioned her not to speak, while thinking wildly, "Oh! Dressing as a woman really sucks! These s**t stockings are suffocating me! Gosh, I have to maintain my boobs, or they will find it out. But the good things are, I feel so fresh in this dress and I get to stay close to this charming woman!"   "Ahem." Alex Brosnan stopped his random thoughts and asked softly in a female voice, "What is ailing you? Does this hurt?"   He pressed the young woman's lower abdomen, which felt soft and warm.   "Hmm..." The young woman nodded weakly.   "Don't worry, I'm a doctor. Let me have a check. I think it's not a big problem,..."   "Thank God you are here! She suddenly fainted for no reason, and I am so scared..." The driver patted her chest with a look of fear.   Alex nodded, but his eyes were fixed on the young woman in front of him.   Her chest, her waist, her collarbone, especially her perfectly slender and tight legs, and the last, her private part, allured him.   Alex collected his thoughts and pressed the young woman's abdomen with his right hand forcefully.   "Ouch!" the young woman groaned alluringly.   "Does it hurt here?"   "Em..." The young woman responded, then she bit her lip and stopped talking. She turned her head sideways and put herself at Alex's mercy.   With her legs apart, her captivating private part suddenly caught Alex's eyes.   Alex composed himself and fumbled for a while on the young woman's abdomen, which caused her to shiver slightly and flush all over.   "Hey, I'm a woman. You even enjoy a woman's touch? Or is it too painful?" Alex thought.   "It may be dysmenorrhea and I need to give you some acupuncture," Alex said.   "What? Acupuncture?" The driver was taken aback, "You know about that?"   The young woman also looked at him with a surprised look.   "Yes! A little bit..." Alex nodded, took out a few silver needles from his backpack, and started his treatment.   "Yes, it's dysmenorrhea... It always hurts so much..." the young woman said slowly, biting her teeth.   "Hold it up. You'll be fine in a while."   "OK..."   Alex's method worked immediately.   He gave the young woman a few minutes to get used to it.   "Feeling better?"   "Um... it doesn't hurt much now." The young woman seemed to regain some strength and energy, and looked at Alex sideways with her charming face.   "You can press the parts I touched just now, and your dysmenorrhea will gradually heal," Alex told her as he withdrew the needles.   "Thanks, little girl..." The young woman nodded.   "Little girl? Oh, right... I am younger than you..." Alex was depressed, and he hadn't yet adjusted to his status as a woman.   The young woman smiled and slowly sat up, and again Alex saw her pink lace panties unexpectedly.   The young woman took out the money from her pocket and gave it to the driver, "It's on me. Thank you so much..."   After speaking, she opened the door and got off.   "Hey, where are you going in this desolate place?" Alex yelled hurriedly.   "Desolate? There is a small village... and my home is here... goodbye..." The young woman still looked weak. She smiled and waved to Alex and then turned away.   "What a beautiful woman..." Alex muttered unconsciously as he watched the young woman's graceful back.   "Yeah, and also terrifying..." The driver turned around and said, "Thank you, girl. You did a great job."   "It's no big deal. There is nothing I can do if it's a serious illness." Alex smiled.   "Okay, forget it. We're here now..." The driver nodded and replaced the "passenger" sign with "no passenger" on the taximeter.   "Here?... Is this Preston Women Prison? Why is it in such a remote area?" Alex stuck his head through the window and looked outside.   "You said your destination is here."   "Yeah!" Alex looked at the remote environment outside the car. Dozens of scattered farm yards stood on both sides of the path, and some rural dogs were running around. He couldn't help but stunned. "Is this the Women Prison?"   "There! Thirty meters ahead is the gate of the Women Prison! Didn't you see the sign? I can't drive you there!" The driver pointed forward.   "The Women Prison... in such a remote place?" Alex looked up and saw a big white sign on a blue board.   It read: Preston Women Prison. Restricted Zone.  "Well, it is. You have never been to the countryside, right? It's a prison. Of course, it is located in the suburbs and the countryside. There is even a village here! You can find it in the navigation system! Didn't the woman just now say she lived here..."

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