Same as Yours

first love


Would he ask me to abort it or perhaps expect me to choose between him and the baby?

We can't hinder him from his dreams. No, I can't do any of that. I had to think. All I needed was to save myself .. I can't be broken furthermore for the sake of little life growing inside me...


It felt ages waiting for her, but I didn't care even if it took me forever to watch her walk out that door. Then she came out, She was so surprised to see me, and I was so petrified to see her holding on to someone.

That someone has blonde hair like my own, green round orbs the same as mine and a beautiful face like her.

And just like the first time that we met all I could let out was...

"What's his name?"

She smiled softly and whispered

" Same as yours ..."

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Same as Yours
        I didn't know what success meant to other people. Was it getting what you've been waiting for to happen in life? Was it about achieving what you're aiming for a long time?         Well, success means to me as receiving things you've been longing for, not alone but with someone that you love.         See, I was a 25-year-old guy, sitting in my studio. My paintings around me just finished taking a phone call from my manager, who was telling me that I got asked to put up my portraits - A collaboration exhibit with the most celebrated painters all over the world.         Three years ago, my life wasn't like this. I was a struggling artist painting outside the street, not earning for my living, but living my dreams, I was ambitious. I have had always wanted to be an artist. My family wasn't supportive of this since I came from a family that loves business. My dad had always told me to put aside my hobby and help him with the company. Of course, I declined. It was not that me being lazy, but it wasn't my calling, for now. He did understand me, and so I was grateful.         About Four years ago, my life changed- like a whorl. It happened in one of the exhibits my School has asked me to organize and during the preparation of the event.  I was wandering along the hall when I found the most beautiful person I'd ever seen. She was looking at one of my paintings while smiling. Boy!, I was so stunned then she turned her head around and looked straight into my eyes. She had perfect blue eyes.         God!, I never knew what whacked me, but my heart started beating rapidly. I blankly stood next to her and blurted out     "You're beautiful."     She looked at me as if I'd grown two heads. It took her seconds to talk     "thank you, "  she said     Her face flushed crimson red, and she was embarrassed then she walked away from me.     I felt so mortified, realizing what I did. Turning my whole body more than fifty shades of red from humiliation like if there's another shade existed, it'll be named after me.     Long story short, I was able to find her. I found out that she was an exchange student from another state and was allowed to study at my School.     I messaged her and asked her out. We were inseparable since then. We dated for six months, and we became official after a year of getting-to-know each other staged. It took a while for me to gain her trust. Breaking the walls, she built around her heart for years was the hardest.     We were so happy from then on; she lifted my spirits high, she became my companion when I was down, she was my support, she gave her everything to me so as my everything to her.     I loved her.     I never thought that I would lose her soon after an argument. I didn't even know if I could call that an argument.     We were talking about my plans after graduation. We were sitting outside the porch on a couch like we always do. My head on her thighs, her hands were caressing my hair when she suddenly asked me about marriage and having a baby.     I was taken aback when she asked about plans of having a baby, We were not yet prepared, and knowing myself being cautious. I always made sure we use protection every time we made love.     I answered her, "Marrying you is my dream goal, but having a baby isn't part of it right now; I have so many plans, and I'm not ready for the responsibility."     Her hand stopped rubbing my hair,     "Okay, I'm sorry for asking," she whispered     I sat down alarmed, held her hands and looked at her     "Baby, I love you, but we are not yet ready, I'm graduating soon, and you have to finish another year in school, I would love to build a family with you, but not now, not until I'm successful, I hope you understand," I said sincerely. It was true.     She looked at me, and a lone tear fell from her eyes.     "I love you too, but..."     "but what? don't you have faith in me, do you?" I asked her while wiping away the tear.     "I do! Your dreams are also my dreams. I will support you no matter what, to see you on top will also be my greatest achievement. All I want to know is what am I in your heart, in your life..."     "Of course you are more than enough in my life!, what I'm saying here is, a baby isn't my priority... Not should be our priority yet! We will get there, but not until we are ready, and you knew we are not!"     She didn't say anything. Her eyes glistened in tears.     "Don't you have trust in us?"     "I do!! I..i...It's just...ahh..do.dodon't mind it; it doesn't matter. Always remember that I love you," she stuttered, as tears fell from her eyes. I felt so bad, but I hoped she understood me.     She wiped her tears with the back of her hands, then hugged and kissed me like it was my last time.     Then it happened, I never thought that it would be the last time I'd ever see her again.      She left me the next day without any words or letters; she just vanished. Most of her stuff disappeared when I woke up.      I didn't know how she managed that, but all I knew was, she's gone.     I tried my best to find her. I asked her friends and our School if they knew about her plans, but it went fruitless. I even checked her apartment, but unfortunately, it all went dead-end.     I didn't know her reasons why. She left me hanging and broken. I tried to hold on that maybe someday she'll come back to me and everything will be perfect again.     In between finding her, I busied myself with my paintings, I drew and painted like there was no tomorrow, next thing I knew I've got more than hundreds of masterpieces lying in my apartment.     I missed her so much; I wanted her...only her, and then It hit me, these things around me are worthless without her, she's my life, my light, my inspiration, the air that I breathe yet she was somewhere I had no idea.     Three months have passed, and no signs of her.     Alcohol became my companion; it temporarily helped me to cope up with my failures and heartache until one early morning.     I woke up with a sore head from binge-drinking that I did that night.     I got up when I heard a knocking on my door. I slightly opened it and saw an old guy standing on the other side.     "Are you, Mr. Peter Andrews?" he asked     "Yeah, why??"     "Are you familiar with this Painting?"      He showed me a picture from his Ipad while still standing at the door     I knew it was my work.     "Yeah, why??"     "Uhm, can I speak to you?"     "You're already speaking to me," I said irritatingly     "I mean, can we talk properly?" he smiled nicely.     His presence knocked my senses back     "Ohh, okay, I'm sorry" I apologized and invited him inside     Do you believe in an overnight miracle? Because I do. After talking to the old guy, the next thing I knew was his people were taking away all of my paintings.     His master bought one of my artworks during the street exhibit I made months ago, and his master's wife loved it, according to the old guy, my art brought luck in His master's life. Numerous good things have happened delightfully, as he said.     I silently wished to bring me luck as well.     I was dumbfounded; I never thought it was even possible. They've bought and picked everything to put in their newly built hotel.     I was an unknown artist, and suddenly my name became a household name, words spread all over the city, they found my work magnificent. Impossible as it may sound, but It was truly an overnight success for me.     But none of it mattered. Perhaps if I had just agreed and didn't question her that night, she would've stayed with me, and we're most probably be married and happy sooner. Nothing of these things could change what has happened between us.     It had been two years, six months, and three days had passed since she left me. I still love her, and I know I always will.     I decided to join my dad's company. I knew it was time for me then to step up and be a responsible man that I should be. He gave me a position that allowed me to travel from time to time for business trips, and it also provided time to do my hobbies.     Dad knew everything that had happened to me all these years, and he advised me that working and occupying myself would help me to recover from shitty things I had been through and going through.     I never lose faith that one day I will see her lovely face again, but fate has played on me well. I've always prayed to all mighty above for the miracle, and He didn't fail me.     I never thought that my life would turn upside-down more time. It all happened one sunny day in France.     My dad sent me to supervise a new project. I was walking like a zombie in the city when I saw her!     I knew it was her! My legs dragged me to the place I last saw her heading in.      I  found myself standing on a busy street outside the cafeteria, waiting for her to come out.     It felt ages waiting for her, but I didn't care even if it took me forever to watch her walk out that door. Then she came out, She was so surprised to see me, and I was so petrified to see her holding on to someone.     That someone has blonde hair like my own, green round orbs the same as mine and a beautiful face like her.     And just like the first time that we met all I could let out was...     "What's his name?"     She smiled softly and whispered     " Same as yours ..." Please continue to read our Heroine's POV

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