ALPHA AXEL (The Curse Alpha)

second chance

Zoe Albert thought that her mate would be her most fantastic escape to get away from her mother and sister, but everything changed when she discovered that the mate that she had been waiting for, for so long was Alpha Tyron, her nasty sister's soon-to-be husband.

Alpha Tyron wants her to become his mistress, but Zoe doesn't like it, which pushes Alpha Tyron to force her to sleep with him, which is caught by Sara, Zoe's older sister.

Sara accused her of seducing her future husband, which made Zoe kicked out of their pack, but before she went out, she rejected Alpha Tyron to be her mate.

Zoe thought that she wouldn't have another chance to find her mate; she was sleepless and roaming around to find a shelter to live on. But a night came when a group of rogue tried to lavish her.

And that night, she saw a man, who had a half mask plastered on his face, and the most unbelievable thing was that the man, who had a half show, was her second chance mate.

Will Zoe accept Alpha Axel to be his mate? What will happen to Zoe when she finds out she is destined to curse Alpha, who has an ugly face behind his mask?

**Read your own risk**

**English isn't my first language***

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Chapter 1: Kara's curse
Bang!! Thunder struck the tree, which caused the branches to break. It's raining heavily, and the celebration of the Dark Crescent Moon Pack has ended. But the woman cried silently and yelled furiously. She was gasping so hard she was stopping herself from being mad. The rain was falling from her, making her soak wet. She can't believe that after her lover breaks up with her, he will immediately mark her best friend, whom she chooses to love, as her sister in blood. She was with her master when she discovered that the man that she loved the most was getting married to her best friend. Her hands turned to fists in anger; she wanted to kill the b***h, her best friend had snatched away her boyfriend. She moved her hand, and within a second, she was finally transported to the room where her best friend was sleeping. She saw that her boyfriend, Harvey, was sleeping beside her. “I never thought that you betrayed me,” she said. The woman sleeping was immediately awake; there was a shock in her face. She glared at her traitor friend, who had panic plastered on her face. “K-Kara, what are you doing here?” The woman asked her, making her smirk devilishly. “I am here to congratulate you on marrying my boyfriend. Gianna, I never doubted you about being a thief. You know that Harvey and I had a relationship.” She waved her hand, then a red flash on her hand. “You should calm down, Kara. This is not what I want. Please, don't do this.” “You plead too late, Gianna. You know that Harvey was mine!” Kara roared; her eyes turned yellow, and her body glowed scarlet red. Kara screamed, making the man wake up. The man quickly gazed at Kara, who had a murderous look. Kara's heart tightened when she saw how her ex-lover stared at her. “Kara, don't you dare scare my wife.” The man stopped and then stood up to go to Kara. Kara stepped back; she couldn't believe that Harvey had chosen Gianna over her. She can't believe that she let herself from getting played by the two people that she trusts. “I was the one to blame. When Gianna turned eighteen, she found out that she was my mate. She wanted to reject me, but I didn't let it.” “No! Harvey, I know that b***h did this. I know that she was in love with you from the very start, but I chose not to mind it.” “I'm telling you the truth! Gianna wanted to reject me as her mate, but I stopped her. You know that I need to choose my mate. We talked about it, Kara!” “How dare you hurt me like that! I really hate you two to death! Even if you two die, my anger will be directed at all of your children!” “No! Kara, don't do this, please. Not my child!” Gianna ran toward her best friend, but Kara turned her hand in her direction, which made her toss it on the wall. “Ahh!!” Gianna screamed in pain when she felt a forced strangle of her neck. Kara knotted her hand into a fist, which made Gianna choke more. But she stopped when she heard a tiny heartbeat inside Gianna's lower abdomen. Kara's eyes widened in disbelief; she couldn't believe that Harvey f****d her friend behind her back. “You are all traitors!” She screamed when she heard Gianna's heartbeat weaken. Kara quickly loosened her grip, which made Gianna fall, but Harvey ran toward his wife to save her. “Gianna, how dare you get pregnant by Harvey!” Harvey and Gianna were shocked by what Kara had announced; they didn't even know that, in a one-night stand, they were conceive a child so quickly. It's true that once the wolf finds their mate, they can easily impregnate their mate on the first day. Gianna felt more frightened for her future child. She was scared that Kara might harm because Kara was furious at her. She knows Kara's power; she was more powerful when she started to enhance her magic. Kara laughed hysterically when Harvey hid Gianna on his back. For Kara, Harvey was acting like a knight in shining armor for her best friend, who made her heart stabbed with a thousand needles. Kara's sights were glowing; then, an evil idea popped into her mind. She will make sure that she isn't the unhappy one, and she will ensure that Harvey and Gianna won't forget her wrath towards them. Gianna and Harvey tried to move, but they failed. Kara smirked at them; she wanted to get her revenge on the spot, and now that Gianna was pregnant, she would direct her vengeance at her future child. “Since you two were married today. I will happily give you two a perfect gift you all can't forget.” Kara went to Gianna and touched her belly. Gianna screamed when she felt a hot force in her lower abdomen. What is happening? “You're lucky that you will have your successor. You had a son in your stomach.” Kara was disgusted even more; so that she was sure that Harvey and Gianna would conceive a son, she would put a curse on him. “Do you think your son will accept his future mate if he is ugly?” Kara cracked up and then touched Gianna's belly. “I want you, Gianna, to blame yourself for what will happen to your son. He won't be happy in life; he will loathe and jocose with anyone in his surroundings.” “No! Kara, no!” Gianna cried; Harvey did everything to move, but he was unsuccessful. He didn't think Kara would be this powerful; she could control her power smoothly. This is why his parents don't want Kara for him, because of Kara's attitude, but Harvey is stubborn; he loved Kara before he saw his mate. “Kara!!” Harvey shouted; he was the one to blame. If he stopped falling in love with his mate, Kara wouldn't act like that. Seeing his mate's situation makes him die. His wolf was howling like he was grieving while looking at his mate. “He won't be accepted by his mate, of course. But if he finds a woman who genuinely takes him by his appearance, the curse will be diminished.” “I will do anything so that he can't find someone who will accept him. I don't want this bastard to be happy.” Kara smirked before she vanished from their sight. After 24 years. “Alpha Axel, we're still trying to locate her, but I think she found out what we're doing.” Alpha Axel's face darkened after he got the news. Since he got the throne at eighteen, he didn't stop tracking the witch who gave him a curse. “I thought we would be successful in tracing that woman! How did she find out we were going to her place?” Alpha Axel growled, making his Beta bow down his head. “She's a witch, and she was the most powerful witch, so it's easy for her to discover what was planned!” It's been six years since he reached eighteen, but he can't find his mate. How is that possible? Alpha Axel thought that maybe the witch was doing something behind his back. He touched the mask that his parents gave him to hide half part of his face. “Keep searching for that woman! I will take a run!” Alpha Axel was known as a ruthless Alpha, but all he wanted was to find his mate and be free from his ugly face. His companions didn't talk, so Alpha Axel went out of his office to take a run, but he was going to jog when he smelled a sweet scent. ‘MATE!’ Alpha Axel's wolf was howling and excited to see their mate finally. He didn't even waste time, he wanted to know her, and he tried to claim her. She saw a beautiful woman who was spreading her legs; she was in heat, and she was rubbing her c******s while moaning so loudly. But who the hell was she? When the woman noticed him, she stopped satisfying herself and quickly went toward him. “MATE!” “MINE!” Alpha Axel didn't waste time but to attack her lips; the woman was in deep heat, so the woman moaned so loudly when she felt her hole watered. The woman panicked, then took off his clothes and put his c**k inside her. She moved her hips ups and down while she groaned whenever she was stroking deep on each thrust that she was doing. “Ahh!” Alpha Axel couldn't believe that the Moon Goddess had given him a wild mate; he didn't mind if his mate wasn't a virgin; he wanted to be happy. Alpha Axel stood up, then bent on the woman while stroking her hole. He gripped her hips while he penetrated her and howled when he felt that her v****a was clenching his p***s. “Ahh— FASTER!!” The woman shouted, who was drowning in lust. Alpha Axel didn't even realize that his mask had taken off on his face. When they were done f*****g each other, he was shocked when his mate started shouting like she was seen as a monster. “No! I can't be your mate! You ugly man! I won't accept this that the Moon Goddess gives you to me. You're not my mate!” Alpha Axel began to shatter after he heard his mate's words. “I am your mate, and we need to mark each other!” He may be ruthless to all his enemies, but he promised himself that he would love and care for his mate. He doesn't need to be angry. “Did you think that I would accept you as my mate? You, monster! No! I will reject you.” “Please, don't do this! I am your destined mate, so we should love each other!” “Let's say that I gave you farewell s*x, ugly bastard! I can't believe that I let you f**k me.” Alpha Axel was heartbroken when his mate started rejecting him. He was grieving while he was watching his mate walking away from him. He clenched his teeth in annoyance; how can someone love him if he has a face like this? He swears that once he sees Kara, the witch, he will murder her with her family!

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