The Virgin Mafia



Warning:‼️Detailed Bed Scene‼️

An oblivious and dense Gianni Russo only hopes to find a job and earn money for daily survival after he graduated from college. His life changed when he met a guy named Francois Ducati who had a fear of being touched or haphephobia. The man gave him a job with a satisfying salary. What if he found the true identity of his boss? Will he resign and forget about the big salary or will he stay and help to cure the man's fear?

Book 1-3(Generation)

Date Published: September 3, 2021

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Chapter 1
When Gianni Russo graduated from a university under the scholarship program, he thought everything would become easy once he finds a job and can share good food with his auntie. He applied many times but some say he is overqualified or the university is not accredited to the company. Gianni is an orphan. His parents died when he was ten years old in a tragic accident and he doesn't have or doesn't know if he has any relatives. Their neighbor, Auntie Sue, who is an old maid, offered him to become her helper in her small business street cafeteria in exchange for free food and he can go to school too. Because Auntie Sue is good to him, he promised to repay her kindness someday. Auntie Sue is quite old now and Gianni is worried. According to her, she is also an orphan who just chose to live alone instead of finding her relatives in the province. Gianni has high marks and excellent remarks on his transcript of records and he graduated as summa c*m laude with his Bachelor of Science in Office Administration. Because he is freshly graduated and the university is not accredited by the company of his choice, he had a hard time finding a job. Auntie Sue's cafeteria is still good in business but Gianni wanted Auntie Sue to rest and enjoy her day without waking up early and making herself tired all day. "Auntie Sue, wish me luck ok. I will find a good job and you will not work at all." "Gianni, no need, this is just my pastime. You have to enjoy your work and don't forget to eat properly. Auntie Sue is very fine." Auntie Sue cupped his face. Auntie Sue treats Gianni as his child. She never experiences becoming a mother yet she has Gianni who let her feelings of being a mother. When he receives a call that he got the job, he quickly runs home and happily announces the news to his Auntie Sue. "Auntie Sue, finally! I can start a job on Monday." Gianni announced the good news and hugged his Auntie Sue tightly. "Hmmm, you are still a baby sometimes, look at you. What is the name of that lucky company that hired my Gianni?" Auntie Sue asked. "Ducati Corporation." "D-Ducati Corporation? The Universal Housing Engineering and Construction Company Limited?" Auntie Sue was taken aback after hearing the company name. "Why auntie, is there any problem?" Gianni asked in curiosity why suddenly Auntie Sue was not happy after hearing the name of the company. "Gianni, just enjoy your work ok. Don't stress yourself. Don't work harder but work smarter." "Yes I will, auntie." It's another busy Monday. Gianni is counting his coins in front of the bakery. After counting, he pointed out his favorite bread that he always buys in that bakery. No, not a favorite. It's the only cheapest bread that he can afford out of his budget and daily allowance provided from his savings. He will start his job as a data encoder in the Ducati Corporation. Finally, this company accepted him despite his university not being accredited in this company which is a miracle and blessings from heaven for him. He has no idea how much the salary is because when the interviewer announced that he was accepted, he just quickly signed the papers and everything. He didn't read it carefully and even skipped some pages. One of the pages he skipped is about the monthly salary, bonuses, and benefits as an employee. He taps his head when he remembers it when his Auntie Sue asked him. He borrowed money from his Auntie Sue for a medical examination as part of applying and to become a qualified employee. Gianni gets back to his senses when the baker talks to him. "Here is your bread." "Oh, thank you." Gianni paid for it and quickly put it in his very old backpack. The bread is for his coffee break. He has his vacuum flask filled with freshly made coffee by his Auntie. She even made a lunchbox for him. He is standing in front of a huge building. He is wearing a white polo and black pants and white shoes. All his clothes are old just like his bag but he doesn't care as long as he washes them regularly, he feels clean and comfortable. When he entered the office, though it's not yet time for work, everyone was already busy. The Manager introduced him to the other staff and orientated his job details carefully and in no time, he quickly managed to do it well. It's already lunchtime and everyone walks out for lunch except Gianni, when everyone is out he looks around and to his surprise, there is a big placard on the wall stating it is not allowed to eat inside the office during lunch. Because he is new here and he doesn't know where to eat his lunch, he decided to sleep on his working table. He doesn't feel hungry at all. Francois Ducati decided to visit his father in his office. He rarely goes to his Dad's office, he feels bored and his Dad is too busy like today. He thought his father was in the CEO's office but to his surprise, he is not there anymore. He goes to the Accounting Department to check Manager Leandro Giardini, one of his closest friends if he is still in his office. He is peeping in the glass window when he notices a person alone in the office, he hides and watches the staff silently. The new staff looks disappointed pouting his lips with a dark mole under the lower lips. With a sad face and eyes becoming gloomy, the man sits back on his swivel chair and leans his head on the table. Francois twisted the knob of the door silently and entered the office without making a noise. Francois comes closer to the table and stares at the man's face intently. Are you sure he is a man, Francois? Why is his face almost ethereal? Francois leans closer and feels the warm breath that is blowing on his open mouth. He has fresh breath and soft touchy skin. Francois gulped when his eyes caught the slightly exposed white creamy skin on his nape up to his neck. His throat bobs up and down from gulping until the man stirs from his slip and changes his position to the other side and continues his sleep. Francois is almost left by his soul when he thought the man caught him. He quickly gets out of the room silently and leaves his father's building without looking back at all. Gianni is sleeping peacefully with his mouth slightly open, leaning on his right arm. He feels someone entered the room so he pretends he is still sleeping. He wanted to open his eyes but he felt nervous and his heartbeat became heavy that making his breathing release more air to his mouth. He feels the stranger lean closer to him and he smells his perfume. Ahhh, the smell is so nice and fresh, soothing, and makes him feel calm and relaxed. Gianni feels uncomfortable knowing someone is watching him, he decides to change his position without opening his eyes and he feels the stranger storm out of the room quickly without making any noise. When Gianni feels the stranger is gone, he opens his eyes slowly and sits properly. He composes himself and checks the time on a new wristwatch. It's twenty minutes before the time ends for a lunch break so he decided to go to the toilet and come back to the office again. Mr. Leandro is already on his working table when he goes back to the office. Earlier in the cafe, the manager received a call from his friend. "Francois, why did you call?" "You hired new staff?" "How did you know?" "I saw him...in your office." "When?" "Ten minutes ago." "Did you visit your Dad?" "Yes, but he is not in his office." "You mean, you visited me in my office?" "Yes." "And you saw my new staff?" "Mn." Leandro smiled on the other line. Francois is weird today. Francois doesn't call or talk nonsense. This means his friend is interested in his new staff. "What is his name?" "Do you want to discover it by yourself?" "What?" "Come on, Francois. Just try it." "........" "Francois...until now?" "What I will do then" "He will be out at four o'clock, you have a lot of time to get to know him." "You!" Francois warned the man from the other line for teasing him. "Me? I am 30 years old already but look, happily married to my husband, Enzo." "Ok, let me try." "Give me good news Francois." Leandro chuckles and he hears Francois cut the line already. Francois is his childhood friend. They are also rich just like Francois's family but his father disowned him when he falls in love with Enzo who is a man. Later on, his father realized how important his son is but Leandro is still healing from the hurtful words he got from his Dad five years ago and applied as Accounting Manager in Ducati Corporation. His father wanted him to become the CEO of their company but Leandro decided to live a normal life with Enzo. When he met Enzo, his life changed and became a better person than ever. Francois is a good man but one thing he is troubled about is his friend. Francois is turning twenty-eight already and he is still a virgin. Francois hates skinship for no exact reason, he is just a highly sensitive person. Francois never experiences a romantic or any relationship but he knows exactly what he wants. Francois's father knows it already but has no plan of destroying his son's happiness. Francois is checking the time on his wristwatch. It's already four o'clock and everyone is starting to leave their building. Ten minutes passed but Francois didn't see Gianni yet. Francois dialed Leandro's number. "Where is he?" "Relax, he is new. Of course, he will let the senior go out first. Patience Francois, patience." Leandro teased him. "Shut up!" Francois cut the call and waited for five more minutes and voila! The wait is over. He saw Gianni walk towards the bus stop and pile up with the other employees. He is patiently waiting. Some employees are staring at Gianni's face who is busily fidgetting his fingers because of boredom. Francois just parks his car and waits until the bus arrives. Finally, the bus arrived and Gianni excitedly rode inside and whispered to the driver, punched his card and chose the last seat at the back and put on his headset, and played on his favorite songs. He will drop to the last station, that's why he chose the backseat. Francois is following the bus and waiting for Gianni to come out from the bus, it's fifteen bus stops already but Gianni is not yet getting off. Francois feels worried that Gianni falls asleep on the bus and misses the bus stop. He long-pressed his horn that made the bus driver step on the break and all the passengers almost bumped their heads to the headrest because of the impact. Gianni, who is in the dreamland, rolled down to the center of the bus. "Who the f*** is that?" "Sorry for that, there is a crazy car behind who is making a problem of his own." The bus driver explained and saw Gianni if he got up already and slowly drove when his passenger got back to his seat safely. When the bus reaches the last stop, Gianni gets off the bus. He is the last passenger. When the bus left, Gianni was just standing and stretching his body on the spot. He steps his right foot forward to walk when he feels pain in his right leg and limps. "Argh!" He tried to step again but the pain became worse and unbalanced himself and he was about to fall but before he slams his face on the concrete and asphalt road, A hand grips his collar strongly and pulls him back to a standing position. He almost choked from the strong pull on his collar and made him cough hard. Instead of thanking the person who saves his face from scratches, he faces that person and starts to nag. "Are you going to kill me?" with an irritated voice, he asked.

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