Hidden Legacy

another world
special ability
weak to strong
colleagues to lovers

Dream Enpierce is a Boy who is bullied by his classmates everyday. One day, He get sick of it and attempt to end his own life. But, Before he could do that, He stumble upon an eerie cave. Thinking that this is his last moment, he decides to went into the cave. Soon after that, He fall down to a really deep hole and enter a special space called 'Hidden Legacy' where the time is much slower inside it. In there, he decide to train his heart out to become the strongest he could possibly be.

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Chapter 1: Loser.
The day is Monday. People are walking toward their designated place. They all have a dissatisfied faces. But there's one boy who have the worse expression out of all the faces. He walked with shoulder low, His head is hanging down, His expression is telling 'I don't want to go'. The owner of that is a young boy called Dream Enpierce. He doesn't want to go to school because people is going to bully him. He's already tired being called Loser. Everyday of his life, he always spend 5 hours of his days getting bullied. Despite being bullied, he always going to the school. He wanted to become stronger despite he already reach his limit. Doesn't matter what the challenge is, He always accepted it. Even if it would make his name worse. Just because he have a frail body, His mind is the mind of a great warrior. He kept walking toward the school with a heavy step. Each time he get closer to the school, his heart races. He's afraid of certain someone. "Hey~~ Good Morning! Loser." Someone come from behind Dream. Tapping him on the shoulder and whispering to his ear. And that person is the leader of the Bully. Baba Isro. He claimed to be the strongest in his class. He kept walking lightly with a big confidence. People stared at him in disgust. Not only is he arrogant, His look isn't that good. With a bleach hair and piercing everywhere, People have a bad impression of him. And there's not only him who look like that. Dream finally reach his class. He sat down at the very front waiting for the bell to ring. People doesn't want to talk to him. But he doesn't mind it. Baba is sitting on the very back of the class. He always touch girls in the class. It's truly a disgusting man. *Ring ringring ring ring ring ringring* The bell finally rang. Students finally sat at their own chair. They grab their book and pen. As usual, The first hour of classes is always a theory. The teacher finally came with a great energy. She had a black short hair with a glasses. "Good Morning Everyone! Hope you all doing well." After that, She started writing on the white board. Most people doesn't even pay attention to her class. They only talking to their friends. And for Dream, He always write everything the teacher explain. If people look into his note, They would be amaze about how clean and detailed it is. One hour had passed. Now it the part people like. Practical Training. This is the part where other people excelled at. But for Dream, This is just practically just a shaming. He can fight to a certain level. But, His limit doesn't allow him to go all out like everyone else. So he relay on tactic more rather than raw power. People started training with his partner. While Dream is in the corner watching with his Core. He's learning from them. From people stronger than him. How they move, How they attack, How to counter their attack. Most people doesn't take this seriously. Once every week, The class will do a spar. 1 vs 1. The winner will get cash from the whole class. But fate is cruel. Dream never won a single match. Even when he thought about it perfectly, The difference between power is too big. At this point, He already given up on that. So, the only thing he does is just pray to the god. 'Please let me become strong'. Dream pray everyday for that. It's sad. The School finally over. Dream finally have time to thought about himself. He sitting alone in his room. He sit on the bed reading his notes. This notes is different from the notes from the school. This notes is full of his hopes. Dream smiling at himself looking at the note. This is just a reminder for himself to never give up. Dream is 14 years old right now. He always writing his hope ever since he was a little. "Never Give up. Become strong." Dream Mom and friends want that. The family he left behind. Hope the best for him. But little did they know, Dream fate is this. Dream started to cry. "I'm Sorry All of you... I can't keep my promises. I just can't take it anymore..." The Warrior heart is finally shattered. Dream just wanted to end his life right now. After years of keeping his feeling, The fatigue that building up finally heavy enough to make his feeling collapsed. He left everything behind in his room. The only thing Dream bring is his note. Weapon, Clothe, Money, Food. He left everything. Then He started going. He walk with a great conviction, With a bright smile. To the forest. The place where he last seen alive. "If I go to the lake, I can drown myself and nobody would know." Dream said with a cold voice. He stared at the sky. The orange sky fill his vision. He started remembering all of the past. When He's born, His parent loved him so much. He playing with his friend. When he abandoned all of them, They say goodbye to Dream with smiles. Dream started to cry once again. Suddenly, He heard a noises. A Scary noise. Even though he wanted to end his life quickly, He still want to know what the source of the noise is. After walking for so long He finally found the source. In the midst of the night, He found a cave. And the source of that weird noise is inside that cave. It sounded so sinister that Dream is afraid to enter the cave. He also wondering. 'How does there's a cave here?'. After all, There's no way that this cave is an old cave. If it is old, People might found this already. But, There's no report whatsoever regarding that weird noise. So with that in Dream's mind, He entered the cave with nothing. No food, Weapon, nor light. The only thing he brought to the cave is his life, And the desire to become strong once again. Dream walking really carefully with his hand on the wall of the cave. It's really a stupid idea to explore caves really late at night. Nothing can be seen. Dream doesn't even know what he stepped on. But Dream still walking deeper. It's like something dragging him deeper toward the cave. More and more, The air feel heavier. Dream started to breathe heavily. Not because of his stamina, But because the air is so dense it feeling kinda heavy. But at this point, Nothing can stop him from getting deeper. His desire to get the answer what inside this cave is much bigger than his desire to be alive. He walking deeper. Until, the last step he take is a hole. "AAAAAA!!!!" He screamed in fear. He fell into the darkness. The hole is so deep, Even Dream doesn't know how long he been falling. Now, He already accepted the fate. He thought he was going to die. Even if he survive this fall, He doesn't have anything. Until he touches the ground. Dream found himself in a pure white room. In the middle of the room there's a house. And out the corner of Dream's eyes, He saw a door. Naturally, He checked on the door first. He walked toward the door slowly. After being in the caves, Even when there's a light source, He keep walking carefully and holding onto the wall. He arrived at the door and see a sign on the door. The sign read. "Warning. If you walk outside this door, This space will collapse. This space is a space secluded from the normal time and space. 1 Year here is equal to 6 Hours outside. You're free to do whatever inside this space. Everything you need is inside the house." Dream reading that started feeling something inside his heart. Then he read below that sign. "Welcome to the Hidden Legacy. Train to your heart content." After he read that sentence, The fire inside his heart once again lit up. The think that he thought he would never get. The chance to redeem himself appear in front of him. His face looked so happy. He crying and thanking the creator of Hidden Legacy to gave him this chance. Without Then, He started walking toward the house. The house is not that big. But, It's enough for one person to live. There's an infinite supplies of food and water. There's a weapon suitable for training. There's a medicinal bath. There's a book for you to read and improve on your technique. Everything is there, Ready to use. Dream, Who stare the chance in front of him, Not immediately start training. He ate first. After all, He been hungry all this time. Obviously he doesn't eat that much. After all, A full stomach will be a hindrance when training. He grabbed one of the weapon core and a book. "Let's see what I can do right now. I bet I can't do that much but, It's better for me to try anyway." He activate the Weapon Core and the Core began to transform into a spear. But, Being Dream means you are weak. Dream tried to hold the spear but it no use. It's to heavy for him to hold. So, He put away the spear and the book. The book is called 'The Art of Spears'. Its written by the greatest Spear fighter named, Longius Instead, He grabbed a book called 'The Mastery of Martial Arts'. To surpass his limit, Dream need to work on his body first. So he grabbed a martial arts book. It's written by the great master named, Nyte. Dream started reading the book. "So, What I need to do is started training on my martial arts. I don't see the need of correcting my form here." "What is this said? 'Nothing is stronger than a technique that has no form.' That's interesting..." Dream, Seeing those word started to get excited. He started reading all of the theory that is written on the book. Although he said that There's nothing stronger than a technique that had no form, The Book itself shown a lot of form of different martial arts. Now, Dream is a fast learner. He is also a great analysis. He can easily notice if there's something wrong with the technique of the master. Dream know what is useful and what is useless. So, He write down all of the technique that he will need on his arsenal. 2 Hours have passed. Dream still halfway done with the book. He have written the technique he wanted for now. So he started training that technique. "Fsh!" He started with a straight punch. There's no power whatsoever. But, He kept punching. Straight punch is an essential technique. After getting comfortable with punching, He started doing kick. As usual, His kick have no power whatsoever. Dream started to feel tired already. But, He won't give up just by it. He can feel there's something different from the usual. The technique he wanted is using all of his body as a weapon. A seasoned martial artist can cut wood cleanly by using their hand. Dream kept training. From his Elbow, Hand, Knee, Leg. He diligently training each of them until it's started to bruise. Even bleed. Each time that happened, He will rush to treat it before it become worse. He started to meditate inside the bath. Trying to fight the hotness of the water. His thought became more and more clear. His warrior heart is helping him fighting through all of his previous negatives thought. Dream doesn't talk much either. He doesn't go crazy being alone this long because of the treatment he get. After being alone for years, He shut his mouth and only talk to himself with his own thought. But even with that. "This is sucks. I want to interact with people. I want to fight something. I want to test how far I already go." It's like the Hidden Legacy listening, The clone of Baba appear from the air. The look of it and the attitude is exactly the same as Baba. "Oh? An opponent! Let's see how strong am I right now." Dream take a low stance. It's like he wanted to start the fight by pushing Baba down. Baba clone taking his stance by just holding his sword. No proper form. "Yup! It's really like Baba. No form whatsoever. It's so stupid seeing that now. How I fail taking down people who doesn't even have a proper form." Usually, Dream is scared even just looking at Baba. Now, He doesn't even feel anything. The one who started the fight is Baba Clone. He jumped toward Dream and swing his sword down. Dream feels the cut of the sword is real. So, Dream take a caution by looking at the way the sword is going. Baba swing his sword down with an amateur swing. Dream, Easily slide to the side while keeping his form. Dream immediately perform a take down to the clone. Dream grab his leg and pull it back. With a great force, the clone started falling. Dream immediately punch the clone right in his stomach. And Dream follow up with a barrage of punches. Dream punch the clone as many as he wanted. He let out all the rage he accumulated during the years. Dream finally went all out on his last punch. But, As soon as the punch almost hit the clone, The clone disperse into the mist. His punch hit the ground with a great noise. "AW! I hit the floor! I forgot that the floor is unbreakable. Bloody Hell. It's so painful!" His fist probably shattered. So, Dream went back inside to get a medicinal bath. After 2 weeks, Dream right fist finally healed. "Let's see if I can use the spear now." Dream is normally use spear. So he always wanted to try the spear he try. "Oooh! I can use it!" Dream grab the spear and spin it around. He started slashing and thrusting using that spear. *Fwsh* Each time Dream does something with the spear, The gust of wind that it gave is terrifying. At this point, Dream already spent at least 2 years inside the Lost Legacy. And Dream decide to stay for at least 3 more years. Or at least until he satisfied. Now that he already broke through his limit, Training in the real world also okay. It took him 1 and half year to broke through his limit. Doing nothing but martial arts. Dream doesn't sleep even when he's tired. He went inside the medicinal bath and meditate. Instantly, His body feel refreshed. Dream train his martial arts and spear arts everyday. Dream tried to use magic but, As expected, He doesn't have an aptitude with any of the type. So, Dream focused on his physical ability. Diligently, He trained to his hardest everyday. Even when his bone broke he keep training. The name Loser, Surely not fit into this strong of a man now. 3 Years later, He finally done. He started to become too strong for his own good. So he stopped training. He still want to be inside the human realm. If he stayed much longer, He will stop being human. "Goodbye Hidden Legacy. I thank you for making me this strong." Dream said while looking at the door. He left everything that belong here inside. He doesn't bring the spear he found. He doesn't want to become a thief. After saying goodbye to the place, He stepped outside of the door. It's daytime. Dream appear right in front of where the entrance to the cave should be. It's gone now. "I don't think I could go back to School now. It's too late. Tomorrow I will come. So, Let's go back to the inn. I need to think of the reason why I don't come in today." That's what Dream said. It's roughly 30 hours after he entered the cave. He skip school for one day. So it's not that bad. He can use this time to actually rest. Dream started walking toward the inn. After he arrived at the inn, He fell asleep. He wake up right next morning. "Oh Snap! I took my sleep way to much. I need to be fast!" Dream, In slight panic, Take a bath and Wear his uniform in a great speed. He almost slip right back to the bath after he wear his uniform. He ran straight to the School. Not like yesterday, Dream walk with a confidence. There's no fear inside his eyes. His muscles is slightly visible on his clothes. Dream hair bouncing around every time he stepped. It's not that long before. Dream actually have a great face. But, Due to his confidence his looks almost become useless. So now, It's really showed Dream true aura. "Hoo.. I almost get late. It took me 5 minutes to do all of that." Dream already know what he will do. He will say to the teacher that he's sick yesterday. "Good Morning..." Dream slide the door and greet everyone. His classmates looks really surprised when seeing that. "Yo loser! What happened yesterday? Are you running away?" Baba came and mock Dream immediately. Baba is grinning while Dream is Smiling. "f**k Off Asshole. I'm going to beat you up if you talk to me like that!" Despite smiling, Dream glare is really sharp. But, Baba is laughing. "Hahaha! The f**k you say?! I'm going to punch you." Baba already prepare his fist. Dream stand up from his chair. People is watching all of this go down. They're concerned about Dream "Try it you weak!" The air is heavy. The bell rang and the teacher suddenly come. "Now now! If you want to fight, I will give you the opportunity later." The teacher correct her glasses with a smile. Baba went back to his chair while looking really pissed. Dream on the other hand, Calm and Collected. "If you really want to do that, How about we do the usual? Who betting for Baba?" Almost everyone put their hands up. Baba grinned. Because there's so much people betting on him, He will get some of the money. If he wins that's it. Nobody picked Dream. Which mean, He will get all of the prize if he win. As usual Baba picked on girls while Dream, Started to take the class more slowly. That grin on Baba face. Dream wanted to know what would happen to him after he crushed his pride and body. Dream grin slightly. He's confidence that he would crush Baba easily. Finally, The time has come. All of them is sitting around the arena. Baba and Dream is on the arena, Ready to fight. The rule of the Arena is, As soon as you step inside the arena, The battle has begun. So, Baba with his Sword that he held loosely is talking trash to Dream. "You Loser, I'm going to crush you again!" Dream is silence. He took a low stance. As he try before, He will try to hold him down on the ground and threw away Baba sword. Then Beat Baba up until Dream Satisfied. Baba jumped straight to Dream while swinging his sword down. Dream dash toward Baba while crouching, Knocking Baba balance off. Then Dream give him a knee right on the stomach. Baba threw up. Dream still hasn't done. Despite the disgusting Vomit, Dream still rushing. Dream gave a jab to Baba face multiple times. Then he slipped through Baba sword and go to his back. Baba who doesn't know what happened, Look very confused. The others too, Look very surprised seeing Dream. Dream kick Baba right arm. Making him throw away his sword. Not able to fight with his sword Baba took a fighting stance. He's already breathing heavily. Dream dashed while crouching once again. Baba seeing that, Kick toward the ground where Dream supposed to be. Dream already jumped toward Baba and kick right on his chin. Knocking Baba down. "Huft" Dream finally done beating him up. He change his stance from a low stance to a normal walking. He walk up toward Baba. Filling with all of his anger toward Baba, Dream raise his foot up. The match still not done. Baba haven't given up yet. So Dream with a great velocity, Axe kicked Baba right to his chest. Blood spewed out from Baba mouth. The sound of bone cracking can be heard from Baba chest. It could be that his Ribs pierce his organ. "Th-The Battle is over! The winner is DREAM!" The teacher announce it with a surprise. The viewer doesn't believe what they seeing. Dream look very happy. He got a jackpot about 10.000 Rue. The viewers who bet really big look really mad. Dream, Walk off from the Arena. Teacher is healing Baba. With his back turned to the crowd, Dream is letting an Aura saying 'I'm stronger now. Don't mess with me'. Dream the Loser is gone. The New Dream is born. "Hee, That is the newly born Dream huh. He really do have a great potential." The one watching is a scout from a well known academy. More specifically It's the principal of the academy called, "Million Years". One of five strongest academy in the whole world. She's Watching Dream power. She have a great look and figures. Seeing Dream crushed his opponent like it's nothing. Catch her eyes. So She's go back inside the school to talk with the school principal. While Dream, He's eating in the cafeteria. "Dream!" Baba, Running Straight to Dream while gripping his hand. "You Bastard! I'm going to kill you!" Dream, After taking the last bite of his curry, Mumbled. "I can count this as a self defense right? There's a lot of people as witnesses too. Dream, Observing Baba movement. Baba is currently running towards him with a great speed. All of his balance is on his feet. Time to try my new technique. Dream thought Baba give a punch to Dream face. Dream, Blocked it with his hand. He grabbed Baba arm and slide through him. Using Baba velocity against him, Dream launch Baba to the air. Dream Style: Cloud Nine. Dream Once again, Raise his foot up. Waiting for the right moment, Dream is waiting until Baba finally can be reached with his foot. Dream is planning to give Baba another Axe kick. While Baba is falling, Finally Dream Axe kick him on the chest once again. Baba get a great impact both on his chest and his back. The ground is c***k a little bit. With his foot, Dream slide it under Baba's back. Making him flying once again. And for the finisher move, Dream gave Baba a strong Straight punch on his stomach. Baba flying through the cafeteria. Shattering Glass and finally ended up outside. "Finally. I've conquered my first fear. Let's try to conquer every fear little by little." Dream, Walked away from the scene like nothing has happened. "I need more money. 10.000 Rue isn't enough." Dream, Inside his room is calculating all of the money he need for the Future. He doesn't need it for anything other than, Wanting it. There's a lot of item that can be bought if you have so much money. And Dream, Want one of it. "I know there's an annual fighting competition and the prize is quite big too. Might as well try it later." Dream have made his mind. The Fighting competition is in 1 month. What Dream need is just Train more. Winning the Fighting competition give you a lot of fame. Some serious people might invite you to join them. But not always though. Sometimes, There's a lot of weakling who only fighting each other. That kind of people is just a form of entertainment. "If I really want it, I need to crush my opponent." If Dream really wanted to get scouted by them, He need to give them a great impression. What Dream don't know is, There's already a person scouting him. His Talent is only appear once every hundred years after all. With no time to waste, Dream immediately went to the forest to train his spear and martial arts. It's surprising seeing Dream beat the crap out of Baba without spear. With only using his martial arts, He impress everyone by giving the biggest Bully on the school a good beating. He don't know what happened to Baba after that last fight in the cafeteria. "Wooo That's feels great!" Dream is currently swimming in the glory of a waterfall. It's feels so cold that no one even thought to jump in. But, Dream is different. He likes the cold. He build immunity for the coldness. Dream is naked and floating on the water. The scenery of the sky and trees is beautiful. It's really nice and cozy. But, Dream immediately remember his original goal. Instead of training his martial art and spear, Dream went to the bottom of the waterfall. He decided that he will train to withstand the pressure from the waterfall. "Ouch It's hurt!" That's his first impression. But, He still stand on his feet. Fighting through the heaviness of the Water. He took this martial arts stance and stood on the rock firmly. If this waterfall can't move Dream, There's a small chance people can actually move him. Dream close his eyes and entered the state of meditation. Even inside the meditation state, He still imagining to train his form. When he still meditating, There's a log falling from the top of the waterfall. Normal human might not notice that. But Dream know. While closing his eyes, With the heaviness from the water. Dream managed feel the log. He put his palm upward. As soon as the log touches his palm, The log, Flew in front of him. Unconsciously, Dream use his Cloud Nine on the log. Sending the log Flying. Then Dream finally regain his sense. While breathing really heavy, He jumped toward land from the rock. "Ha... ha... That was tiring. My leg feels really heavy and I still managed to perform Cloud Nine. I guess I learn the new way..." Dream martial arts focused on a smooth and soft movement. Despite having a smooth movement, The power he generate for using the technique is enormous. "I mastered the basic after 5 years. The next step is just actually test it on real people." After 5 Years of Training in the Hidden Legacy, Dream only mastered the basic. To get to a whole new level, He need to use it to real people. Just using the Clone of Baba isn't enough. So, After training under the waterfall, Dream went back to the inn and go immediately to sleep. Dream, sat down at his table. Waiting for the teacher to come. No one wanted to mess with Dream. Baba, Is sitting at his table, Looking afraid when he looking at Dream. His underling, Is looking at Dream with a respect eyes. Eventually, The teacher comes in with a bright smile and head straight to Dream. "Dream, You've been called to the Principal Office." Dream, Immediately look confused. "I'm sorry? What do they want to talk about?" Dream ask to the teacher what is happening. The teacher, Still with a bright smile said. "Someone important wanted to talk with you. I suggest you to come there immediately." Dream, Still look really confused. But, Dream started walking toward the Principal office. Dream face still look 'What happened?' as he went to the principal office. Dream, Knocked the door. "Principal, This is Dream Enpierce." From inside, There were sound of two women grinning. "Ah, Dream? Come in!" The principal voice say that He can go inside. So, Dream opened the door and see the Principal and another woman. Dream proceed to go inside and sat down at the sofa. "So, Principal... What can I do for you?" Dream said with an awkward face. In front of him is the principal. Wearing a full on suit. And Beside her is a woman wearing more normal clothes. Wearing a loose collar shirt with a loose pants. She have a pink hair and a matching pink eyes. "So Dream, This is Elaine Hielmund. The Principal of the famous Million Years Academy. You should know that right?" Hearing that, Dream immediately get flustered. "N-Nice To meet You! I'm A big fan of chu!" He bit his tongue. Both principal immediately Chuckled. Their face say something like 'He bit his tongue, Cute..' "Well then Elaine, You can talk about it now." "Thank you Little Sis." Hearing that, Dream get shocked. He doesn't know that the principal is the little sister of Elaine Hielmund. The student doesn't know this because the principal real name is never revealed. But now, Dream have a clue to the name. There's a rumor saying that The principal name is one of the mysteries on the school. "So, Miss Elaine. What can I do for you?" "You know Dream. I'm here on a whim. But yesterday, I see your incredible power. So I thought I can ask you to come to my academy. How does that sound?" Dream face is unbelievably confused. But, He instantly grabbed the situation. "Yes! I want to join!" Dream with a great energy, Shouted. Elaine instantly covered her ears. "Great then! As you know, Every academy is going to have test every year. But, For those who is getting scouted by the principal, Doesn't need it." Dream look really happy. "Yes Yes! 100 times yes! Please let me join your academy!" The reason Dream is excited when getting the offer because Million Years Academy is a place where strong people go. So it's a perfect opportunity for him to test his 5 years basic training. "Well then, I will wait for you. In 4 month, Please come to the academy and search me okay? We will talk again." Then Dream go outside the principal office and went straight to the classroom. "Finally, I've taken my first step!" Dream, Looked happy and excited. Grinning like a crazy person. But He still need to focus on what is in front of him. The tournament. If he wanted to emerged victorious, He need to train harder. "I can't believe it! I got invited by Miss Elaine herself. Mom, I made it. All the effort you make. I finally can repay it. "Dream smiled at himself. He's currently sitting on the rock of the waterfall. Bathe by the glory of the waterfall, He recall all the happy moment in his life. Dream grab his spear. Giant rock fall from the top. Dream immediately thrust his spear upward. In a fast movement, Dream thrust the rock multiple times. The giant rock shattered into pieces. Dream grab his spear and spin it around. Suddenly, he thrust the spear in the water. From the outside, The water still look calm. But below the surface, The water is raging. "I think that's it for today's training session. Let's go back to the inn now." He went back to his room.

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