Rejected Prince

second chance
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Creon, the calm and collected prince. Unlike his other siblings, he liked being in the infirmary, learning things as he grow up.

He became a doctor. For both humans and supernatural beings. He chose the profession even if he's next in line to be the High Alpha of north and south America. He likes being in the sidelines, while his siblings fought wars.

With momentary peace around them, he joined in a quest to enhance his knowledge in medical field and healing. He's also out for a mission. To find a rare plant that can counter act the effect of the moonwalker bite. He also live with humans and form an unlikely alliance.

In this journey, will he find love? Or heartache?

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To Begin With
Creon My sister And brother finally found the strength to go out of their room, after their wedding. I need to talk to her regarding the pack's financial stability. Since Stanford Corp, dad's company was now a part of C.C.W. group. And her being the CEO, she's the person to talk to. In a few months, I'll be the high alpha. I'll be handling Stanford Corp. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I have big shoes to fill in. And at this moment, I'm still mate less. The pack needs their Luna. I hope I found her soon. Then I remembered someone. If only she was my mate.. °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° I was walking down the castle's hallway when I saw the newlyweds talking to Sahara. I saw Zab smiled and pulled Sahara in a hug. When they pulled away, Sahara turned around and left. Alex then pulled Zab by his side. "She's going to be okay." He told her. "I know." I couldn't help myself but approach them. "Where is Sahara going?" I asked. They turned around and saw me looking through the door. "She's leaving for an indefinite vacation." Zab said. "Oh." My face suddenly morphed into deep sadness. "Why?" I asked. Alex was about to answer when Zab beat him to it. "Her human mate practically rejected her since he's happily married." She said. My eyes widened, then I ran. I ran towards where Sahara just left to. I ran as fast my feet can take me. I catches up with her before she got in the car. "Sahara! Wait up!" She stopped and turned around. I ran to her and pulled her in a hug. "Everything's going to be okay." I told her. Sahara and I has been close since we met in med school. She's my best friend. The best friend that I really like. I pulled away and patted her head. Something that I'm used to do to her. "Enjoy your vacation. Come back soon." I told her. She smiled. "Thanks. I wish for your happiness Creon. And I hope you find that happiness with your mate." She said. Mate. Why does it felt foreign to me? "I have to go. Take care of yourself and the pack, alpha." She said and leaned in to kiss my cheek. She pulled away and smiled. Then she got in the car and drove off. I just stood there looking at the car as it drove away. Away from me. I just watch the girl I like drive away. 'I hope she comes back'. My Lycan Cairo said. Even Cairo was very fond of Sahara. 'I'm sure she will. This is her home.' I told him. "The way you act right now, made me feel like your mates." I turned around and saw aunt Jasmine standing. I shook my head. "No were not." I told her. She gave me a small smile. "You know, being mates doesn't always mean you'll be together forever. Sometimes, what you feel in your heart matters most." She said. I remember mom told me that aunt Jasmine's beloved didn't want her. Just because the bastard was obsessed with my mom. I smiled at her. "I'll keep that in mind, thank you." She gave a pat on the shoulder. "Your dad asked for you. Alpha business." She said. I groaned. I hate paper works. 'I second that.' Cairo said. *0*

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