My Mate's A Stripper


"You're f*****g mental." I breathed, watching him with wide-eyes.

He froze and stiffened up after those words left my mouth, his eyes going a shade darker and he growled again which made me whimper.

"What did you say?" He spat, standing directly in front of me as his minty breath fanned my face.

I gasped out loud and pushed myself impossibly closer to the wall, fearing this psycho.

How come all the hot guys are f*****g crazy?!


Crystal Keyser, an average stripper who needs the money for something private. Nobody knows what she needs it for, it's best to keep it that way. That is, until she meets Nathan.

Nathan Grey, an Alpha werewolf who's been seeking his mate ever since he was a young boy. Everyone knows how much he wants to find her, he doesn't know her yet but he loves her already. Then one day he finds Crystal.

What happens when Nathan finds out Crystals a stripper and her secret? Will he still love her the same? Or will he reject her and find someone else whose more innocent?

Started: 12/13/17

Finished: 04/16/18


(I'm still young so if this book sucks I truly apologize, I'm only 13 after all...)

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Chapter One
I finished pulling the extremely short black skirt up and now it was time to put the high heels on. I walked over to my blood red high heels and slipped them on. Walking over to my mirror, I started to apply makeup. Putting mascara over my eyelashes and eyeliner on then making it into a pointed wing. "Hey b***h!" My best friend squealed, coming to stand next to me. After I finished applying my bright red lipstick I rolled my eyes with a smile. "Julie, how many times have I told you to not call me b***h?" I asked, trying to sound mad but I failed. She honestly thinks I'm part cat because she knows how much I hate dogs! "13,283 times." She said, causing my eyes to go wide. "Really? I've told you that much? Are are you keeping track?" "Yeah, I have it marked on a piece of paper." Just as I was about to respond someone walked into the room. "Look who it is Melody. It's Crystal and Julie, the two girls who scare all the boys away." Me and Julie turned around only to be face to face with Maria and Melody. "I think you've mistaken. Me and Julie lure the guys, you and Melody scare them away." I scoffed. "Oh yeah? Let's see about that then, Crystal. I bet not one guy would want to watch you two preform let alone take you into a private area." Melody hissed. I never liked Melody. I mean I never liked either of them but Melody was worse than Maria. Melody was always pale, she wouldn't go in the sun and when she does, she's exhausted right away. She always hisses at me and no one else. It's always me. "I bet I can get a guy to watch me." I scoffed. "Yeah, ugly ones." "And he won't be ugly." I challenged. "Okay deal. If you don't get a guy to watch you at all tonight then you have to let me and Maria preform on stage for the next two weeks." "And if I do get a guy to watch me then you have to stay away from me and Julie for two weeks." Maria and Melody looked at each other then back at me and Julie. "Deal." "Melody, Crystal." Me and Melody looked over at Tim, our boss. "You two need to go out there now." Melody and I nodded, walking to the stage. Melody was the first to go out and I was second, we both went to our own poles and started preforming. Guys began surrounding both of us but Melody had more attractive ones. She looked at me from the corner of her eye and smirked, which only made me do a trick that none of the strippers have tried. The Wild Falcon. I went all the way up and bent backwards until I could wrap my hands around the pole from behind me and my leg. I heard people wolf whistle and cheer as footsteps grew louder, meaning they're coming my way. I mentally smirked, knowing Melody's gonna finally take her stupid friend and leave Julie and I alone. I kept spinning around while teasing the guys by making them think I'm gonna pull my bra off. Soon enough there were tons of guys surrounding my part of the stage while some were over by her side. Two more men walked in and they were gorgeous. Hoping to catch their attention, I gripped the pole again and spun around it with my legs spread apart. That move surely caught their attention. Their eyes darkened with lust as they swiftly made their way over to the stage I'm at. "Now this is the best strip club I've ever been too." One of the smokin' hot men spoke to his friend. His friend agreed. I continued to spin on the pole while doing tricks on it, I knew Melody was getting irritated because everyone was more interested in me. I looked over at her and I noticed she wasn't paying attention to me, instead, she was glaring at the two smokin' hot guys. Does she know them? Are they enemies? Is that the only reason they're over by my stage? I turned my attention back at the pole and I twirled around on it, ignoring the glare Melody is giving the two guys. "Hey Tristan, Melody's here." I heard one of the guys say to his friend in a hushed tone. I looked over at them and they were glaring right back at Melody. Yep. They're enemies. I let the pole go and ran my hands along my body, attempting to gain their attention again which worked. Their eyes watched my every move for the next minute. I eventually turned back around and ran my hands up my right leg, biting my plump red lips. I saw how they were watching me and I knew I had won the bet. No more Maria and Melody for two weeks! Hell yeah! After a while of preforming Melody and I had to go back so we could switch shifts with Maria and Julie so I turned to the hot guys. "Bye boys." I whispered, winking at them. They both blew me a kiss as I turned on my heel, walking away. I felt their gaze on my butt as I walked back to the room. My long, curly black hair cascading down my back and ending just right above my butt. Just before I disappeared behind the curtains I turned to look at the two boys again, noticing they're still looking at me. I smiled at them one last time then disappeared behind the curtains.

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