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With the support of her stepsister, Charity Valderama decided to celebrate her eighteenth birthday on the cruise ship. 

She used the chance to give Leo, her longtime boyfriend, her virginity. 

Unfortunately, Dianna had another plan; she wanted Leo to be her, so she handed Charity the wrong key on purpose.

Charity discovered she was pregnant after two months, and her father decided to kick her out of the house. 

She wished to take revenge on her nasty stepsister and evil stepmother, but she was unable to do so.

After five years,  she was hired as secretary of Harold Harrison. But everything won't well when Harold wants her to be his wife.

Will she agree to marry him and use him for her revenge?

Or will she hide her son and run away from Harold Harrison when she found out that he was the stranger that she had a one night mistake.


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Chapter 1: Pregnant
Charity Point of view... My hands were shaking while holding the pregnancy test that I bought a while ago. I took a deep breath and forced myself to calm down. 'It was impossible for me to get pregnant, it just happened one night. It's really impossible!' I immediately followed the instructions on how to use the pregnancy test. My heart beat faster and I could hardly breathe. I put the pregnancy test first on the table next to me. I picked up my phone to call Leo, my long-time boyfriend. He hasn't made me feel good for days. I don't know why he seems cold to me. Does he know what happened? "Calm down, Charity." I whispered to myself. I tried to calm myself because that thing only happened once. It's impossible for me to get pregnant in just one day! I looked at my phone, I made several calls but Leo still didn't answer my call. I'm annoyed with myself, why is it that every time I need Leo, he doesn't do anything to help me? We've been friends for a long time, whenever he needs me I go to him quickly but he isn't like that too? What is he doing? As far as I remember, he was not busy with his work. I can't help but panic, I know he's my boyfriend but we're best friends too. I closed my eyes then slowly opened them to see the result of the pregnancy test. I was shaking when I saw the result--- two red lines. "Please, no!" I screamed when I saw the two red lines. I broke the pregnancy test in anger and then tried another pregnancy test. "Please, I can't. I can't get pregnant." I cried when I saw the same result again on the second and third pregnancy test. I fell to the floor because I didn't know what to do. When daddy finds out, I'm sure he'll be mad at me! Maybe Leo already knows what happened but I didn't mean what happened. Besides, I really planned to give my virginity to him on my eighteenth birthday! I closed my eyes and tried to remember what happened two months ago. That day I celebrated my eighteenth birthday on a big cruise ship. Flashback, "Hello, my sister! Charity!” Dianna said, smiling at me. I was stunned because her dress was too revealing. She's my stepsister but I consider her as my real sister. She grinned at me then tasted the champagne she was holding. “Haha, are you nervous? Don't be nervous, come on! Leo will be happy about what you will do later. I'm sure he's been waiting for that for a long time.” Dianna smiled as she told me that. I felt even more nervous so I immediately drank the champagne I was holding. "You know I'm happy because daddy allowed us to celebrate your eighteenth birthday on a cruise ship. You know that he is very strict when it comes to you." I looked at Dianna because she looked like she was drunk because she was talkative. I saw Leo so my heart beat faster. Leo smiled at me. I glanced at Dianna and saw her raising an eyebrow at me as if she was teasing me. “Don't be in too much of a hurry later. Because Leo might not stop you later. You know he's too excited to have s*x with you." Dianna was kidding with me and even caressed my shoulder. I started to sneeze because of what she said. I feel the alcohol slowly entering my system. “This is your booze, cheer up. I wish you luck, sis!” Dianna handed me a glass of wine that was on her table. It's wine, I guess I can't get drunk on wine. Dianna left immediately to give us privacy. She even winked at Leo. Leo immediately approached me. A crooked smile was plastered on his lips. I felt embarrassed when he gave me a passionate kiss. "Happy birthday, my love." I groaned because of his sweet voice. I also did not expect the way he kissed me. I felt his hand wrap around my waist. I grabbed his neck and kissed him on his lips. I saw his cheeks turn red because of the I did that he didn't expect either. "Thank you, love." Leo grinned as I gave him a second kiss. His face showed that he was happy that I was the one who initiated our kiss. Leo knows that it's not my habit to kiss him. He is always the first to kiss who initiated a kiss. Some time passed and I couldn't understand what was happening to myself. I suddenly started sweating and felt heat in my body. "Charity, are you alright? Where is Leo? Do you want me to take you to him?” I glanced at the woman who's speaking. I couldn't see who it was because I suddenly felt dizzy. I held my head because I felt like I was going to fall over in no time. What's happening to me? But another woman came and they talked in front of me. I saw that they were grinning at me. They gave me a key card. "Room 266, Sorry Charity, I can't take you there." The woman apologized to me while smirking at me. I just nodded and then I took the keycard they gave me. I started walking to find room 266--- Leo's room. "s**t! Where is room 266?” I got even more dizzy while looking for Leo's room number. I kept my eyes wide open to find it. “Gotcha! This is room 266!” I was so drunk that I screamed with joy. I immediately swiped the keycard and the door opened. I entered the room but I was even more dizzy because I couldn't see anything. There was no light in that room but I noticed that there was a person lying on a big bed. "Leo!" I felt more heat in my body. What is happening to me? Why is it so hot? I approached the man lying down. His eyes were closed but I was surprised to see his blue eyes. "Leo, when did your eyes turn blue?" I fell on the man who was lying down. I guess I'm drunk, but I only drank a little wine! The man in front of me pursed his lips. And I was surprised when he immediately kissed me. The kiss he was giving me became passionate. He almost sucked my lips. "Ah!!" I moaned because my body got hotter because of his kiss. I felt that I was lying on the bed because the man changed our positions. I didn't notice him removing my clothes. “You're gorgeous!” He whispered to me which throbbed my system. I felt him kiss my neck. "Did Jonathan send you here? I told them that I don't need a woman but if it's only you. It's fine with me." The man whispered to me but I couldn't understand it. What is he saying? I could only moan as he touched my center. He aggressively separated my legs and quickly tasted my core. I felt him licking there which gave me a convulsion. "Ohhh, s**t! Faster!” I requested him but I felt him insert something into me as he licked my c******s. I felt my stomach curl. I feel like something is struggling to burst, I feel like I'm peeing. "f**k!" I moaned as I hit the first loud explosion. I know it's called an orgasm because that's what Dianna tells me. The man continued to lick my center, making it tingle even more as he wiped my c*m. "Your taste is sweet, Miss. I like it.” The man murmured to me that I closed my eyes. I felt weak but I felt the tip of his c**k focus on me. I clung to his shoulder when he inserted it inside me. "Oh, great f**k! You are tight. s**t!” The man growled loudly in my ear. I felt as if something was slowly breaking inside me but the man continued inserting it to me. He started penetrating me, slowly. "It's really comfortable. I feel like I'm cumming too fast." The pain was gradually replaced by pleasure so I couldn't help but moan because of what the man was doing to me. I felt him play with my n****e and then lick it as he pressed harder with each thrust into me. "I'm cumming, babe!" He squeezed my waist tightly then I squealed with every thrust he was giving me. I was surprised the more he thrust into me. I felt him kissing my chest when he got tired of what he was doing to me, he kissed my lips. "Let's have another one?" The man whispered something to me but I couldn't understand it. I couldn't even speak because I felt sleepy and tired from what we did. ”Oh, don't sleep. We are just getting started.” I felt him kiss my lips. "I want you again. You're the best woman that I've ever fucked." I felt that he inserted something in my core again that made me moan even more. I just woke up not remembering what happened. I turned to the man who was lying on his back while sleeping. I didn't see his face but I saw a big dragon tattoo on his back. My tears started to fall when I saw that Leo was not the man that I slept with last night. I was crying when I left the room, which witnessed everything that happened last night. 'No one will know what happened, Charity.' I can't believe I had a one night stand with a stranger!

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