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"Tell me more about your skill." Charles showed great interest. Anyway, there was nothing to do in the cell.

Butch patted Charles on the shoulder, "I inherited this skill from my dad. It’s called Vision. What you see is neither physical things, nor treasures or money, but time."

"Steal time?" Charles asked with a smile.

Butch said, "Vision has nothing to do with stealing. It’s even better. Vision could help you see what will happen in the future."

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Chapter 1: A Thief
It’s crowded at the bus station, and everyone was looking at the approaching bus. People were staring at the bus door like a gang of babies waiting to be fed. The moment the door opened; people swarmed up. As if it was not the door of a small bus but a door to heaven.   People rushed to the narrow door. The quiet platform was suddenly full of all kinds of noises. Pushing and squeezing, people shouted and yelled. People passing by could mistake this as a gang fight if they didn’t notice the bus.   Charles Manners followed the line, but his attention was not on the door. Charles lowered his head, pushing the person in front of him, as if he was one of those passages who couldn’t wait to spot a place on the bus, however, at somewhere no one noticed he put his hand into a pocket and took out a wallet. Obviously, it was not his pocket nor his wallet.   Charles repeated the same trick. He took out a mobile phone from the bag of a slender girl, and he even wiped her plump ass with the back of his hand after he succeeded.   Yes, Charles was a thief.   In less than a minute, a mobile phone and a wallet moved from their owners to Charles.   Charles quietly retreated from the crowd, and then stood quietly to the side. When the bus slowly left the station, he finally saw the owner of the plump ass through the window.   “Aww...Holy s**t. Is that a face of human being or a monkey??? What a gross face…” Charles kept rubbing his hand as if he already forgot how happy he was before.   Hidden in a quiet place, Charles began to check his “harvest” after making sure no one was around him.   “A phone…it’s Oppo, $70 or $80. And the wallet…” holding the swollen wallet, Charles had a feeling that this could be the wallet changing his life. He couldn’t wait to check the wallet, however, God seemed to fail to hear his prey. There’s no more than$400 and…8 cents.   A total of $400. Charles couldn’t keep his smile anymore as he knew he could only keep half of them, as the other half would be handed over to the organization. Yes. He worked for an organization. Again, Charles sneaked around, and then he started to pull the $20 bill out of the wallet, however, it was just one more step before he could put it into his pocket since he felt one hand on his shoulder.   Charles turned around. It’s Jim Beaver.   Jim smiled at Charles, showing his yellow stained tooth, "How’s the deal?"   Charles hurriedly handed over the phone and all the money to Jim, "Jim, this is all I got today. I guess it’s enough for a drink.”   While talking, Charles also peeked at Jim’s expression. Jim was like the eyes of the organization, specifically responsible for staring at thieves like him, in case they kept those stolen goods in their own pockets. Although Jim hardly yelled at anyone, Charles knew how good he was at reading people’s minds. If he realized that Charles wanted to make money privately, he would report to the organization and enforce the organization's law on him.   Fortunately, Jim put them in his shoulder bag after checking the money, "Let’s leave after one more bus. No worries. It’s just not the day.”   Charles was twenty-three years old, and it has been six months since he joined this gang. Obviously, this was not the most stable job since the gang Charles followed has been through two leaders in six months. The current leader, known as MadNine, took over the first one who was sent into the prison.   Charles has never seen MadNine, but this didn’t prevent him from hearing all kinds of deeds about him. Jim mentioned that although MadNine was only in his thirties, he had a great reputation in the thief’s business. There were 40 or 50 thieves working for him. And MadNine also had a source in the police station, which was the reason why MadNine could always skip from the legal punishment.   He was truly a big figure.   The thing was that the advantages were always followed by the disadvantages. The disadvantage of joining this gang was the commission. Most of the money stolen by low-level thieves would be turned over to the gang.   After returning to the station with Jim, Charles looked over to search his accomplices. He walked around and finally found their people hidden in the crowd. Charles” team consisted of five people, who always selected places with high traffic such as bus stations as the main working place.   Thieves like them were the most common criminal with the least skill. Of course, they were not at the bottom line of the business since people more despised the underwear thieves.   Sometimes the thief also carried tools such as blades or tweezers, which would ask more from the thief. The thief must be bold and cautious enough, otherwise, he would lose the best timing to knock down the target.   Normally Charles wouldn’t be equipped with any tools. Instead of risking with a tool, clearly, the number’s game would be more fit for Charles’s team. Generally, his team members would have backed each other in case of any incidents. Of course, they were not robbers, because stealing was a civil case, while robbing was a criminal case. Nature has changed.   Seeing another bus drove up slowly, Charles pulled down the brim of his hat to cover most of his face. He quickly found his target among the crowds. It’s a girl with a slender figure and fair skin. Her body scent seemed to reach the tip of Charles” nose through the crowd. The girl was in a knee-length white dress, carrying a small red bag. That was Charles” target.   The young girl’s eyebrows twisted as she squeezed into the crowd. Charles noticed her keeping looking left and right with disgust. According to Charles’s experience, he guessed this girl was quite new to the bus, otherwise, she would only look forward but not around. Which proved again that Charles was right! A girl with such a weak sense of defense was the easiest target.   Charles quickly rushed up, after seeing his companions followed up. This made Charles feel more likely to succeed, but soon he frowned because Mark was not a position where he should be. Under normal circumstances, Mark should be by his side, so that no matter who started, one of them could cover the other.   Just as Charles tried to figure out what happened, the opportunity came.   The girl’s red bag was squeezed behind her back, sticking to her ass. Charles quietly stretched his hand over, and as soon as he was about to start, Mark pushed him behind his back.   To be a qualified thief, the secret was fast, accurate, and ruthless, which meant the opportunities were now or never. Mark’s movement immediately disrupted Charles” rhythm. Charles turned his head and glared at Mark fiercely as if saying “What are you doing? Do you want to ruin the business?”   Charles quickly followed one step forward and stretched out his hand again to open the zipper of the bag, and he saw the contents inside. It’s a cell phone, Apple, and a wallet!   Charles seemed to have seen the colorful bills flying towards him. He immediately reached out for the phone, and suddenly felt that his waist was pushed hard by someone. He immediately lost his center of gravity and rushed forward.      Charles instinctively waved his hands in the air, trying to prevent him from falling, only to hear a cloth ripping and tearing sound. Then he fell to the door of the bus, with his chin knocked on the pedal and his teeth almost broke out. Before he felt the pain, he heard a woman scream out.   “Ah...”   Charles was holding a white silk cloth in his hand, kneeling in front of two smooth thighs. Looking up, it was a butt wrapped by big-mouthed monkey underwear.   Charles almost couldn’t feel his head and his jaw. But before he understood what was going on, he was kicked on his head. Following that were countless slaps. He swore that he literally saw colored stars.   “You son of b***h!”   In a daze, Charles saw people’s laughing or yelling, and then a woman’s angry face as well as she raised palm.   Snapped!   It was another slap in the face.

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