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Lucian Black.

Alpha to one of the most fierce packs in WoodCave Town.

He is ferocious, dangerous, and absolutely hates attachment.

Faith Bishop.

Smart, talented, and has got the life any girl would dream of.

Behind the mask of perfection, is a broken soul on the verge of breaking down.

Ian Murray

He is the typical high school jock with a sensitive side.

He is the type that any girl would want but his focus was on the new girl.


“Why does it feel like I just crossed paths with death itself?” I questioned with one hand on my heart.

“It’s the Lucian fever hun. Everybody who comes that close to Lucian catches it,” Leon explained.


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1. Lucian-edited
CHAPTER ONE I could not say I was liking Woodcave Town much so far. As a matter of fact, I would have loved to disappear from it but fate just like always chose to conspire against me. When my stepfather Thomas insisted on moving back to his childhood home, my mother had not wasted a second in thinking it through before she accepted it. She had not even taken the initiative to ask me what I want and it is not like I had any concrete friends in my old school but still, it was better than being dragged in the middle of nowhere. Woodcave Town was a typical small town full of thick forests and green scenery stretching as far as the eyes could see, so much quiet and opposite from the noisy Brooklyn I grew up in. It had the kind of picturesque beauty that would capture a painter’s eye and maybe, just maybe, I would eventually like it here a little bit.   “And that is Amber Davis. You would never want to cross her if you still want to have a peaceful life in school. She just has got this annoying thing of always wanting to be in the top tier and so she just bullies anyone who doesn’t respect her,” I pushed my thick-rimmed glasses up to the bridge of my nose while angling my head slightly to look at Peggy. The glasses were more of a disguise than an eyesight problem. They were part of my remain invisible campaign until I was done with high school.   Right, for a moment there it had escaped the thickness of my skull that this was my first day at Woodcave High. Here I was, stuck in my first class of the day with my chatterbox Cousin Peggy. We were both seventeen and coincidentally enough, now we were classmates. Math had never been my favorite subject since middle school but I would have preferred it than having to endure Peggy telling me all about her classmates. I mean, what was the point exactly? It was not like I was trying to be famous or something.   “Why is that so?” I pretended to be interested, letting my gaze float over to the said brunette. She was sitting on top of the desk, surrounded by a group of girls all trying to touch her latest Chanel bag but of course, all they could do was just drool. Back in Brooklyn, I had known better so I avoided cliques like those. She was obviously the typical popular rich girl in school that behaved like the school was her palace and everybody else was just the entire royal composition from workers to bodyguards and the royal entourage at her disposal.   “She thinks she is better than everyone else so she treats every other person like s**t,” Peggy didn’t seem to like her either.   “Well, I’ll be sure to remember that,”   Just then Amber stood up, flicking her hair back with a smile beaming on her face as three figures clouded the door. Noticing the silence that had suddenly befallen the class, I frowned slightly in confusion. As the three figures walked in, I managed to get a good look at their faces. On the left was a six feet tall blonde with an easy smirk on his face giving the friendly, easygoing vibes. In the middle was a brunette with almost similar height as the first one, the only difference being he was clearly Hispanic with a pretty deep scowl on his face. If he smiled just a little bit, he’d be the male version of Aphrodite. The last one, a dark brunette too, was wearing a bored look. He clearly wanted to be anywhere else apart from here.   Me too buddy, I thought shifting my gaze to the open math book on my desk. Those boys, whoever they were, were clearly the popular bad boys of Woodcave High. I had been in a high school where those kinds of boys thought they ruled the school and prided themselves to be the ultimate bad boys, getting any girl they wanted. Thankfully, I was too much of an introvert for anyone to notice me back in Brooklyn, a tradition I was determined to uphold here at Woodcave High. If movies, novels, and my former high school had taught me anything it’s that boys like those spelled trouble better than anyone else. Not that they would even notice I exist but I was going to steer clear from them.   “I have been trying to get Chase to notice me since ninth grade but he seems to prefer brunettes. I mean I even tried to dye my hair brunette once but it was a total disaster. f**k! Why is he so cute? Like, let me breathe once hot boy,” Peggy complained under her breath, flipping her blonde waist-length hair dramatically.   “Who was Chase again?” I questioned, wondering where the bloody hell the Math teacher was when she should have been in class twenty minutes ago.   “The blonde guy among those three guys that just came. He is like the ultimate god of sexiness. Well, not like the degree of sexiness as Ian of course but come on,”   “Ian?” I questioned with a slight frown on my face.   “Oh, he is not in school at the moment but I heard he’ll be back before the week ends. Trust me, when you see him you might just faint. He is the ultimate Greek god and I know for a fact that he knows it but never really brags about it. You should see the number of girls trying to get his attention,”   “Well, I can’t wait to see him,” I was only half thrilled.   I did not want to be associated with any social classes. If I could get through the remainder of my junior and senior years peacefully then I would be grateful. Before I know it, I would be in WSU or Harvard perhaps, studying medicine like I’ve always dreamt of. Either way, it would be away from Woodcave and that was what mattered to me the most. Suddenly Peggy gripped my hand, pushing it against the hard wood of the desk.   “What the-“ I began cussing but stopped mid-sentence when she signaled for me to be quiet with her index finger pressed against her lips, her eyes slightly wider than normal.   “Don’t turn around. He is staring at you,” It was not said in an excited manner but more like a panicked statement.   “Who is staring?” I frowned in confusion.   “Lucian Black. He never stares at anyone, ever,” Her tone was disturbingly edgy.   “Okay but I still don’t understand why you have my hand pressed so firmly against the desk. You are kind of hurting me right now,” she seemed to realize that as she let go of my hand but the panicked expression on her face never faltered even for a bit. Why would she seem concerned about that anyway? Some guy was staring at me, so what? I was the new girl and people have been staring and whispering around me all morning.   “Promise me you’ll stay away from him no matter what,” she whispered urgently.   “I was not even going to-“   “Promise me, Faith,” Something about the urgency in her tone was scaring the s**t out of me.   “Okay, I promise. Just take a chill pill cousin,” I replied mainly because I wanted her to drop the subject. Just because some guy was staring at me didn’t mean I was going to date him or anything. Relationships were just not my thing and I planned to keep it that way until I get to college.   It seemed that lady luck was smiling down on me when the door suddenly swung open, as the prim body of whom I assumed immediately to be Mrs. Matthews, the math teacher, walked in.  She looked almost in her late thirties but she did clean up nicely.   “I’m sorry I got a little late. I heard we have a new student,” her eyes swept the classroom as she placed her purse on the table, pushing back her dark braids from her face. She didn’t really expect me to stand up, did she?   “Stand up,” Peggy whispered.   Swallowing down my fear, I felt my shaky legs push me up to a stand. And just like that, every single pair of eyes was trained on me. Goosebumps were crawling all over my body as I tried to wear a small smile on my face but the hardest part was keeping my heart rate normal.   “Pretty girl, what is your name?” I would give anything to have that deep British accent.   “Faith Bishop,” My own voice sounded small and shaky in my ears.   “Oh, you must be the daughter of the late Ronald Bishop,” At the mention of my father’s name I felt sadness knot around my stomach walls. I was not sad because I lost him but more out of the fact that I didn’t even get to know him because he died when I was two months old.   “Yes, I’m,” I answered simply.   “I’m so sorry about your father. It is horrible what happened to him,”   “No, it is okay. It was a long ago,” I brushed it off with a small smile. It was pretty strange that she’d tell me that, especially taking into account that my father died when I was two months old. Like who would even mention that in the first place?   “Welcome to Woodcave High, Faith Bishop. This town may be nothing the city but you are going to love it here,” she smiled kindly. Love it here? Oh, we’ll see about that.   “Thank you, Mrs. Matthews,”   I proceeded to sit, straightening my faded pink blouse in the process. The day went on pretty well. English proved to be quite interesting and so were French, homeroom, chemistry, History, and even to my utter disbelief Physics. Well, that was until the last subject which happened to be my least favorite before math; Biology. It was pretty ironic considering I wanted to be a doctor. See, there are subjects that you have to go an extra mile on them for you to finally get a good grip on it and most of the time that was so damn tiring. Those subjects for me were Biology and Math and yet I could not afford to flunk in any of them. I was taking my book from the locker with Peggy leaning her back on the other locker. So far, I had managed to know Peggy’s two best friends; Andrew the playboy and Leon the fantasy obsessed guy. The three were currently chatting excitedly about a girl who got dumped the other day. The two guys were pretty nice and thankfully didn’t make me feel out of place.   “Get the f**k away from my locker,” the suddenly deep voice brushing against my right ear, startled me enough to drop my Biology book. And as if by magic, the hallway had precipitously grown quiet with every single pair of eyes now turned towards me.   I turned around instantly only to be met by blue eyes that seemed to bear darkness far much deeper than I could fathom. If only there was a way, I could just vanish into the thin air right now.    

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