CEO Asks for Remarriage So Badly


On the day she was diagnosed with advanced gastric cancer, a woman sent her a pregnancy test report.

Ingrid Swinton made herself a joke with her three-year marriage.

On the day of her divorce, Orville Quentin sneered with disdain. "Ingrid, you will regret this!"

Two months later...

Someone saw Orville following Ingrid with a pair of white shoes and coaxed her in a low voice, "Ingrid, can you change your shoes? Your feet might get hurt."

Ingrid yelled, "Get lost!"

Orville said, "I'll help you change your shoes before leaving."

The onlookers thought, "Mr. Quentin, what about your divorce?"

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Chapter 1 Gastric Cancer
"Ms. Swinton, according to your report results, you have been diagnosed with gastric cancer, and it is already at an advanced stage." Ingrid Swinton sat blankly at the bus stop, clenching the report she had just received. Her beautiful eyes were empty and sad. Even though it was midsummer, she felt cold all over. In the past two years, she had been suffering from stomachaches. Recently, the pain intensified, so she came to the hospital to get medicine. The doctor suggested a gastroscopy. She thought it was just ordinary gastritis, but it turned out to be cancer! She had just celebrated her 23rd birthday last week. But now... Ingrid clicked open her f******k. She saw a photo of a pregnancy test report belonging to a woman named Allison Becker. Allison also sent her a message: "So what if you and Orville have been married for three years? He has never told anyone you're his wife, and now he even asks me to accompany him on business trips." "He wants me to give birth to this child. As a woman, I advise you to sign the divorce agreement as soon as possible! Continuing like this will only make Orville hate you even more!" Ingrid enlarged the photo and stared at Allison's report carefully. Then, she looked at the report of herself again. Her husband's first love was pregnant with a child, but she got cancer. How ridiculous! She smiled, and her eyes eventually went red. Four years ago, when Orville was seriously injured in a car accident, Allison abandoned Orville and went abroad alone for her dancing dream. Ingrid disregarded the objections of her family and friends, gave up her pride, hid her identity, and came to Orville's side to take care of him humbly. A year later, Orville recovered. He asked her what did she want in return. At the age of 20, she mustered up the courage to tell him that he was all she wanted. The next day, they got married. There was no wedding, and the Silenville in the private villa area on the mountainside was their residence. After three years of hidden marriage, Orville never disclosed their relationship to the public and only took her back to the old house of the Quentin family on weekends. Everyone only knew that she was Orville's chief secretary. They barely knew that she devoted herself to being a qualified Mrs. Quentin. However, she was dispensable to Orville. He couldn't remember her birthday, couldn't remember her being allergic to shrimp and pollen, and never asked her anything about her family... After being married for three years, they had done the most intimate thing, but they were still the most familiar strangers. Even so, she still felt that it would be good to live a lifetime of respecting each other like strangers. At least she could keep him forever. However, even this humble wish was disillusioned two months ago. Someone broke the news: the famous Broadway dancer Allison Becker returned triumphantly. Orville, the president of the Quentin Group, personally picked her up at the airport and had a romantic dinner with her. After that, there was occasional news about Allison and Orville's upcoming marriage. No one in Nortown knew that Orville had been married secretly for many years, and no one knew that Ingrid was Orville's wife. The most ironic thing was that a reporter once interviewed her and asked whether the news about Allison and Orville's upcoming marriage was true. At that time, she faced the camera and replied calmly, "This is Mr. Quentin's private matter. As a secretary, I have no right to ask about it." But in fact, she did ask him on the day after Allison had returned. And Orville's answer was, "You have no right to ask me anything!" This answer stung her, and all her sanity collapsed at that moment. Like a jealous b***h, she tore her throat and accused Allison of abandoning Orville back then. But Orville didn't care at all! That was the first time they had quarreled since they got married, and it was also the only time Ingrid lost control of her emotions in front of Orville. The fierce quarrel ended in astonishment when Orville said, "Let's divorce." He slammed the door and left, leaving her in a daze. She didn't recover for a long time. That night, Orville didn't come back. Ingrid sat alone on the sofa in the living room and waited all night. The next day, Orville's first divorce agreement came. In the next two months, he would send her a copy every week. And she had received eight copies in total. As thoughts returned, Ingrid's eyelashes trembled slightly, and she raised her head to force back tears. She only had half a year to live... her last days should not be wasted on this ridiculous and sad relationship. She had loved and worked hard. At least she had tried everything and had no regret about this relationship. And now, it had come to an end!

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