Playing with Fire

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She suddenly woke up inside a novel and became the character which whom she sympathizes with. The life of this extra is entirely like just like hers. However, this extra will die young, ordered by the male protagonist of the novel, the man she loved secretly.

Determined to survive and live, she decided to avoid the main protagonists of the story and searched for allies to help her live and won’t end up killed.

Turns out that the one who can help her is the tyrant and the cold-blooded King of the Arenthal Kingdom, the second male lead of the novel. In order to survive, she will be needing this man who is known for his murderous aura and notorious killings. She will be playing with fire once she comes across this dangerous man.

What will happen to her if she will be able to meet him?

Will she play with fire and get burned to survive?

Or will she choose her demise in an unfamiliar world and be forgotten?

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I - Reliving your life

It was scorching hot that day. It was as if my skin were being cooked under the heat. The blazing sun was blinding to look at while the echoes of the shouting crowd continued to ring inside my head. It was deafening and was making me sick, yet I’m in no position to complain.






They shouted even louder as I passed through the piled-high crowds. I saw some people spit at me; many were people whom I had never even met. My throat was already dry from the screaming that I had done at the dungeon. My eyes were bloodshot red from the crying and pleading toward the royalties of this kingdom, but no one paid any attention to my pleas—not even him.

It was a very busy and tiring day in the Kingdom of Rizalden because today... is the day that I will die.

They harshly pulled my chains towards the scaffold. There were still traces of blood on the platform from the previous people that had died there. I felt shivers down my spine as I saw the guillotine shining, greeting me. I gulped in nervousness. I didn’t bother to shed a tear since no one will ever come to save me. No one even believes me, even though I am telling the truth. 

However, no one is there anymore in the first place. The people who were once by my side are already gone. They were killed, burned, and turned to ashes.

“KILL THE ACCUSED!” I heard a loud shout that made everyone scream louder in unison; it was as if what they were watching was amusing to them. I glanced at the person who commanded the knights that were holding my chains. They pulled me once again, and now I’m below this sharp blade. My body was shaking from fear. 

I looked up at the sky. The clouds turned dark as the rain started pouring. The sun was blazing hot just a while ago, but now the sky is heavily pouring, crying for me because I can no longer weep for my sorrows.

“I’m tired,” I whispered as I heard the blade slowly drop.






I smashed my phone hard against the wall. 

What the hell is wrong with this author? 

My eyes can’t stop from crying. I immediately looked at my phone once again, but it was already dead. The screen was shattered into pieces. I saw my hand trembling from anger.

My name is Lisha Stanford, and I recently turned eighteen, which means I am now free. I had just arrived at my condo in Seoul, South Korea, when an invitation popped up on the screen of my phone. It was a site pointing towards a certain novel called Captivated by the Dancing Flower. Due to my curiosity, I went to the site and planned to only read one chapter.

However, I didn’t know why the hell I was still reading this. The sun is already rising, and I find myself reading all the chapters of the novel. The story ended happily, but my attention was caught by an extra in the novel, which has its own side story. 

Her story has ten chapters in total, which revolve around the story of her one-sided love for the crown prince, the protagonist of the story; the story ended on the day that she died. She was named Melantha Lovet Deion, a princess of a fallen empire. I was drawn to her because we had the same life; however, she was dumb! She was stupid for being blinded by her love for the crown prince.

Melantha silently loved him and always kept her composure when he was around so that he wouldn’t find out that she harbored feelings towards him, but then what? 

The crown prince sentenced her to death just because his lover said so. Melantha was used as a tool in this story to make the protagonists look good! I hate it to the extent that I slammed my new phone on the wall, damn it. 

I threw my body onto the bed. My tears kept on falling, even more. My head and chest were aching; it hurts! I breathed heavily as I looked at the ceiling of my condo. I should just get some sleep. 

When I wake up, I will forget about this goddamn story.





When I opened my eyes, a dark abyss was surrounding me. The atmosphere in this place was ominous and menacing. I looked around and saw a lady standing not far from me. She was dressed like a beggar on the street, with draggy clothes. Her silvery hair was tangled up, and she was covered in bruises, some of which were still bleeding.

“Are you okay? What happened to you?” I asked hurriedly as I ran to her. She looked at me happily. 

There was no sadness in her eyes, only joy. 

Is she happy? to see me? 


“You are finally back,” she replied. My eyebrows met. I don’t have a clue about what she is talking about.

"Everything is in place according to the original plot; now it's up to you to fulfill your destiny," she said as she embraced me tightly.

“Live well, Melantha,” she whispered to my ears as I froze. She looked at me once again and smiled happily as she disappeared like a mist in front of my eyes.

“Wait!” I screamed as I tried to reach for her, but I was brought to another place. My hand was reaching out towards a lavish ceiling with gold accents. I think I just woke up from a dream, but this isn’t my room. I immediately stood up and glanced all over this massive room. Everything was too strange to look at. The exterior and design were too opulent for me.

Where is this place?

“Your highness?” A girl showed up inside the room with a tray in her hands. She was wearing a dark green gown. I was too confused about everything, to the point that I hurriedly went towards the mirror only to see that it wasn’t me.

“Who is this beautiful lady?” I asked.

“Do you mean you, your highness?” the girl asked.

“This!” I said, pointing at myself in the mirror.

“It’s the princess of the Ythen Empire, Melantha Lovet Deion,” she replied, bowing at me and not minding my profound question. My eyes widened as I recognized the name that she had said. I went inside the novel, and now I’m Melantha. The girl that I talked to in the dark abyss was Melantha, but how did I get here?

Then I remembered something peculiar. I slept with an aching head and a heavy heart. I had just gotten off my flight when I discovered this novel. But before that, I remembered something that sends shivers through my spine. At home, my sister offered me a glass of wine as a farewell gift. 

Even so, before you gave me that, I accidentally heard something before leaving, but I was too naive to believe it. They all poisoned me. I heard Mom, Dad, and her talking with each other. I just turned 18, and now that they can get what they have been wanting to have, they are willing to kill me. 

How can they do this to me? 

I collapsed onto the floor. It was too much. I only… I only wanted to be accepted.

“Your highness.” The girl at the door immediately put down the tray in her hands and went towards me. She helped me towards the bed.

“You need to lie down and take a rest, your highness. You just got better,” she said, helping me lie down. She then went towards the tray with lots of food on it.

I don’t know what the hell is happening right now, but one thing is certain. Melantha gave me her body, and now I’m reliving her life. Now that I know what will happen in the future, I can take that as an advantage and live peacefully. First, I need to know the timeline of the story.

"What event is coming up?" I paused halfway as I stiffened.

I’m still a princess, a princess of the Ythen Empire. My hands got numb as tears started to fall down my cheeks. No! Not in this timeline. 

I immediately got up and went towards the balcony, only to find out that the traitors and rebels had started to infiltrate the palace. 

It was raining fire.

“Oh God, why now?” I asked as my body froze looking at the people running for their lives.

The sky was turning dark as the black smoke started to cover it. The place was starting to reek of blood from the dead bodies that were piling up. I wanted to vomit, but I don’t have the energy to do so. I was frozen to where I was standing, silently looking at the people dying and pleading for their lives.

“What are you still doing here? Get out now!” A young man went inside my room.

I think that he is one of the princes, my brother in this life. I was about to walk toward him. My eyes widened when a man showed up behind him. I know that he isn’t one of our men, but I was unable to warn the prince. He stabbed my brother in the back, but he didn’t fall.

"Run, Melantha!” he screamed as he tried to stop the man from getting near me. The maid only realized what was going on when she grabbed me. I can feel her shaking from fear. I grabbed her hand tightly. My brother was already covered in wounds, but he never stopped protecting me. For the first time in my life, someone protected me again. Because of that tiny build, I was able to escape from that man.

“Live!” he said, looking at me while we ran fast and far from them. I don’t know what will happen today, but I know one thing for sure: everyone will die except for me. I saw everyone fighting for their lives, and some were escaping, including me. 

Then I stopped running when I saw my parents' bodies in this life. I was able to determine it since they were the only ones wearing such expensive clothing and had a crown on their heads. They were already lifeless. I heard my maid sobbing. My tears fell too. I don’t know how Melantha managed to live with this and fall for the man who destroyed her family. 

This is just too much! 

I was brought back to reality when someone pulled my maid's hair.

“Run, your highness!” she shouted as she tried to stop the man from getting near me.

However, she was powerless against him. She was killed with just one swing of a sword. I cried helplessly as I tried to run for my life. I can’t get caught. I have to escape this place! Nevertheless, I bumped into someone and fell. He was wearing the same uniform as the knights of the Empire of Ythen.

I can trust him!

“Are you okay?” the man asked as he carefully pulled me up.

“Help me!” I pleaded to him, shaking in fear.

“Alright,” he said nonchalantly, as if what was happening around us meant nothing to him. I stared at the person in front of me again. 

A pretty man with a masculine body, light pink hair, purple eyes, and thin red lips 

I flinched when I finally recognized this man, but I was too late to run when I saw him grin devilishly. Samuel dragged me towards a very dark place. This might be the underground cell of the kingdom. The place was moist and covered in blood. The smell was already mixing to the point that I couldn’t determine whether it came from human spit, urine, or blood. I puked from the stench.

“That’s gross!” Samuel said, moving away from me. Right then, I saw a man walk out of the dark and slowly come near me.

“This is the princess,” he asked, raising my chin.

“Don’t touch her,” Samuel said coldly, warning the man.

“She looks plain,” the man simply added, staring at me intensely.

“But I want her. Bring her back with us,” he said, and he left me with the man completely.

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