Running away from the male lead

another world

Sucked into a w*******l she read, after being hospitalised for working too hard, the 25-year-old, who is a child at heart treats it as a new lease on life. But, there is one twist, she was now in the body of the female antagonist.

Determined to not become the mean female actor, she chooses to go on her own path. Slowly forgetting her old life, she starts living for herself. But the story slowly changes due to her and without her knowing, she becomes the female lead and the male lead falls in love with her.

This story is filled with face slapping and cheesy lines. Get ready to cringe until you can't open your eyes again

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I stretch in bed with my eyes still closed, when I realise this was not the hospital bed that I was sleeping in last night. Abruptly opening my eyes I see a room that I have never seen before, it was moderately sized compared to my old room. The room was white with a light pink theme. Getting up I notice that although my height hasn’t changed, my hair was now a light brown. It is was very different compared to my usual jet black. I rush to the bathroom to look at my self, this was not me. I looked 16, my eyes unlike my usual black obsidian were like a rich hazel. My usual hair was straight but now it was wavy. There was a knock on my bathroom door, “ Miss. Park, please come out, it is time for school.” What? Do I have to go to school? I turn around to see a school uniform hanging and on it was written ‘Park  Aera’. This has to be a coincidence, there is no way I was transported into the book, but I couldn’t find any other explanation.  Last I remember I was reading a random w*******l I came across while resting on the hospital bed after being admitted from exhaustion and malnutrition. There is only one way to find out, I put on the uniform. In the flashback, my ‘character’ goes to school and clashes into this boy and they become friends. Over time she gets obsessed and convinces herself that they were together and that he loved her but when the female lead comes and they start falling in love, Park Aera starts trying to mess up their relationship.  The Aera in the story was calculative, mean and rude and didn’t know her limits. The female lead, Aecha, was a strong lead and stood her ground. The male lead was a cold man, with a heart of gold, who treated the female lead as the only women in the world. The original story between the leads begins when the male lead is 26 years old, so 10 years later.  As I get in the car I take out the book I found in the bag and start noting down everything I remembered about the book and still trying to comprehend the fact that I was a 25-year-old woman stuck in a 16-year-old. My old life although I was not happy at least I was happy doing what I liked, something tells me I am going to be stuck here for a while, but I am still praying that this is just a dream. When we reached school, I realised that my guess was right. This is a private school for the elite and rich that was mentioned in the book. Taking a deep breath, I walk inside and was guided to the main reception, where I received the timetable. None of the classes were of any interest to me, filled with music, dance and art and drama. Being a CEO before I was transported into this world, My brain is filled with mathematics, economics and computer science. Shaking my head I look to the receptionist. “Excuse me, ma’am?”, The receptionist blinks in surprise before replying with a yes. “I was wonder if I could change the classes I take?”, I ask hoping to change the classes from all these to the ones I like. The receptionist nods in responses before bending down to pull out a paper. “Fill out this form and get it signed by your parents, and you are good to go dear.” I nod and give her a warm smile. I check the watch to see it is time to go-to for the initiation class, or whatever it is called. I never experienced school before. I was homeschooled and took on my dad’s company as soon as I could. Looking around seeing everybody laughing around, I was determined to treat this as a new lease on life. Just as I was about to enter I remember that this is where the old Park Aera meets the male lead. Kim Eun-ho. 

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