Living in the outside world

1153 Words

Ernest went to the control room to announce along with Chris following behind him. '' So here's this that I wanted to show to you. It's the outside world. The place where we used to live some time ago. But now this place is the stronghold of the enemy. There's a saying that if you want to defeat someone then, you have to know what is its weakness. And you can only do it by observation. And for that, you need to stay by the enemy's side to keep track of the enemy. That's why we must stay on the surface. For the time being, I guess we should let you roam around for a while. So you can go outside the Land of Nod but only in your Angels.'' '' You can go out one by one and stay within groups so that you won't lose your way. Is that clear to you?''. '' Yes.'' '' What about the women and the

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