Apocalypse of the Norms

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Apocalypse strikes the earth in the year 5000, resulting in silicon-based life forms also known as Norms. They proliferate in great numbers, and anyone who comes into contact with them begins to develop crystals inside of them.

They began to prowl the planet, annihilating everyone who got in their way, no matter how big or small. They could fire laser beams that could instantly destroy an entire nation. Big and powerful people were unable to keep up with them. They most likely arrived on Earth from space.

They perceive people as hostile foes who want to eradicate them from the planet. One by one, they obliterated many small and large nations, and soon the entire planet was beginning to perish.

Nobody could compare to them in any way. Everyone was concerned about how they would combat them. After the destruction of both America and England, they decided to create something that can combat them.

The world's scientists collaborated and conducted extensive research before managing to produce Adam and Eve, the most ideal beings capable of piloting mechas that can engage in combat with Norms.

Similar to the angels of God who supported and helped him, they are referred to as angels. The shards and pieces of those Norms were used to build the robots. The Land of Nod, located on the Garden of Eden's eastern side, is the location where the riders were raised to fight according to then-accepted norms. where Adam and Eve were initially created.

Adam and Eve are raised together so that they can both ride the Angel and challenge Norms who are roaming the earth and have created this as an habitant. Will they succeed in this battle, or end up losing?

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Year 5000, Science has evolved so much that androids were taking place of humans in their daily life. Meanwhile, some of the countries have thought of creating robots as a means of war with this they would lose less manpower in war. Britain was the first country who thought of this and they managed to create a mecha robot successfully but it was not functioning at all. They thought that humans could move them but they weren't able to do it. From this time onwards apocalypse hits the earth creating silicon-based life forms from space. Scientists thought of them as aliens but the silicon-based life forms proved to be much dangerous than they expected. At first, it hits America and the whole country was wiped out in the blink of an eye. All the residents there died. The silicon-based life forms also called Norms they work together in groups and attack other countries too by spreading out in large numbers. They could not be stopped even by military powers also. The military forces tried out every sort of a way to kill them but they could not kill them. It was at this time the scientists started researching about them. After intense research, they found out that they cannot be killed with gunpowder only. They can be killed with the weapon made from their bodies. All the top scientists in the world came together and started researching about them. Meanwhile, most of the countries in the world were wiped out by the Norm apocalypse. everywhere there was crying and bloodshed. No one was able to survive them. Whoever came in contact with them turns crystallized. All the cells in the body start to ty another and finally the heart like that die. Over 80% of the countries in the world were wiped out. All the forces in the world came together to fight against the Norms but they could not make out a way to defeat them. Many lives were lost till a scientist named Ernest thought of using the mecha robots to fight them. At first, his proposal seemed like a futile thing but he thought of using the shards of the silicon-based creatures and make robots from them. They managed to extract the core from their bodies and use it for research. They had to sacrifice many lives for that though. After one year of research Ernest and some of his team members finally created the mecha robot using the Norms. But they could not use the AI to control them they needed someone to ride the robots. They thought of using artificial humans who would have silicon resistance inside their bodies who can stand up to the assimilation of the crystallization effect. So a new project started again which is to create children who can ride the mecha robots. The robots were modified according to their bodies. But at this time over 90% of the countries in the world were destroyed. Only one country that remained is Iceland scientists took refuge there. They did all the research there so that the rest of the humans would be saved. The place where they did the experiments is called the ' Garden of Eden'. And the place where the artificial children were created is called ' The land of Nod '. After one month of intense research, they managed to create the first babies who could stand the assimilation effect of the mecha. Many children had died before this. In the lab, The land of Nod. '' Finally, we managed to create the baby who succeeded in the experiment. I am so happy it's a boy '' said Chris out of excitement. She's a scientist in there. The baby was laughing happily in the test tube. Chris wiped her tears in joy. '' There is another one who survived. It is a girl see '' said Nora in joy. '' A girl? '' Chris asked heading over to that side. '' She seems healthy I am happy '' Nora said. Ernest came there. '' There must a reason why only these boys and girls survived. We need to do some research on the mecha robots created ''. Soon they began researching the robots. They found out that only two of them can ride it together or the power of the robot will be halved. One has to be a male and the other has to be a female. They are the new Adam and Eve who can ride the robots. So, they started creating artificial babies who will ride them. At last, the robots were ready and named '' Angel'' by Ernest himself. The way they are created to save them from the apocalypse. To ride Angel the children have to be over seventeen or else they cannot control it well. The first Adam and Eve were raised in The land of the Nod by the scientists. Chris was holding the baby boy and Nora the girl. Ernest will name them today. They were in the lab now. '' Did you find a good name for both of them? they are the bringer of peace you know professor '' reminded Chris with a pout. '' Yes, believe me, I stayed up all night thinking about it you see ''. He approached them and puts his hands on the forehead of both of the child's heads. '' The boy the new Adam of this age will be called ' Daniel ' the first archangel ever created by God. He will be wise and genius and witty ''. '' The girl is the new Eve, she will be called ' Angelica ' who will help Adam in his fight. They both are the new generation children who can stand up to the assimilation phenomenon and fight against the Norms. She will be brave and kind, I pray you grow up well. My blessings are with you, with your blessings please bless the world. I only pray that '' Ernest was crying while saying that. '' We hope that to professor '' said Chris. '' The Norms have destroyed almost all of the nations in the world only we are remaining. Do you think that we will be able to survive from them ?'' asked Nora with a worried look on her face. '' We need to have faith in them and raise them so that they can protect the rest of the people in the country. We are the last generation of people here. Pray so that they can save us and help the world ''' said Ernest. '' They are our hope to fight against the enemies called Norms ''. '' Please I pray grow up hurriedly and save us '' Chris said to Daniel. He was holding onto her fingers while praying as if assuring her. '' You are the last hope we have '' she said while crying. '' Many of the lives were lost to create you please grow up well ''. Angelica was crying and Nora was calming her down.

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