His reincarnation

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Meanwhile, Before the apocalypse hits the earth a young boy of seventeen had died during an accident between a bus and a kid. He died to save the boy. He thought that he had died but then he reincarnated when the apocalypse hits the earth. He is the first survivor of the artificial children creating project. Who is the first Adam of the new world? That is Daniel. Daniel's P.O.V '' I didn't want to die like that. I only wanted to save the child but unfortunately, I died. I wonder how's my mom and dad are both crying for me right now? Dying is so cold I can't feel any warmth at all. Wish I could be reborn again ''. Suddenly he saw someone there. '' Who is it? fairy? wait it's a robot and what is this creature with a big body? I have never seen this before what is it? they are both looking at me? but why? ''. '' What are you both doing here? ''. All of a sudden the alien came from the earth and he started attacking the humans. '' What is happening? that country is wiped out in front of my eyes. What is this ?''. '' The world...it's getting destroyed by them. Someone save it where are the military powers? someone ''. The robot and the alien both look at him. '' Why are you staring at me? I did nothing. '' You are the one who will become the new Adam and pilot me '' said the mecha. '' What? me? what do you mean? ''. '' Soon the world will be destroyed by my comrades. I want you to save the world with your comrades. I pray you '' said the Alien. ''' What? you will destroy the world? then why are you telling me to stop it? what can I do anyway? I am all dead ''. '' You will be reborn '' said the mecha. '' And life will be given to you to help you near and dear ones. Will, you do it? ''. ''' I would have but, I don't have the power what can even I do ?;'''. '' You will have....power. It will be granted to you to help the ones who will need help. You will have power, unlike others. A special ability '' said the alien. '' What power? are you playing with me or something? it's not good to play with the dead ''. '' We are telling you the truth, we want you to help us. We need your help. You will have the power to talk to my comrades. You need to invent a way to create a solution other than fighting and war. Or else all of the humans will be wiped out '''. '' No no that's not possible even I know that. This is a dream nothing else and you both are joking with me ''. '' Do we look like that we are joking to you?'' asked the mecha. '' No..you don't but it's hard to believe all of this you know? it's already strange that I can see both of you and you are talking to the dead leave me alone '' '' Alright we will leave you but you will be reborn with the special ability to pilot me and talking with my comrades. Don't forget that you will be the one who will save the human race with your partner. You will bring forth a new generation of humans to live. Because of you, they will learn the value of life '' said the mecha. '' Value of life ?''. '' You will be able to understand on your own when you will be reborn don't forget about what we said to you. We will be going now, if you are lost then we will show you the way to the future '' said the alien. '' Goodbye out hero ''. saying that they both disappeared. '' Wait where are you going without saying everything to me? wait for stop. They left how can they do that? was I dreaming all of that? what the heck is wrong with my life? ''. '' Ahh, what is this blinding light? it's hurting my eyes ahh. What is this place ''. And after that Daniel was born after Angelica. They were taken care of by the scientists. When they were one year old the other group of kids was born some had died but among them, some survived. Among the ones that survived consist of Eves and Adams- Seraphina, Dina, Ariel, Gabriel, Canon, Cassiel. and the Adams were Michael, Raphael, Enoch, Azrael, Cain, and Abel. When Daniel and Angelica were two years old the scientific facility was attacked by the Norms a big group of them. It was at this time in the land of Nod everyone had left fleeing away but they forgot to take Daniel away from there. Chris and other scientists were looking for Daniel but they could not find him. When the facility was attacked Daniel was playing there on his own. After that ten years had passed from that time. In all this while the scientists were preparing even got weapons to fight against the Norms. They went underground cause the Norms appear there less. Like that the remaining people of Iceland stayed hidden there waiting to fight against the Norms when the kids have grown up. At last six years after that their plan is set into action. BY next week Daniel and Angelica will be eighteen years old. They will be able to pilot the '' Angels ''. Daniel is seventeen years old now. They are in the garden of Eden now going through their regular checkups just as usual. '' I am fine now don't give me injections I don't like it professor uncle '' shouts Daniel throwing away the injection. '' But you have to take it even though you aren't sick. Did you forget that ?''
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