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''' Daniel, quit acting like a baby, will you? aren't you grown up boy ?'' retorts Angelica beside him. '' Huh? are you done with your checkups already ?'' Daniel taunted her. '' Yes I am done, you should get it done too '' she said sitting on the chair of the professor. '' That's my seat Angelica, what are you doing there? '' pleads Ernest. '' They are doing whatever they please aren't they? '' retorts Chris taking off her lab coat and puts it next to Angelica. '' Wait Daniel don't run and take the injections. Doctor, he's running away '' shouts Angelica pointing at Daniel. '' YOu should mind your business stop busying yourself with me '' shouts Daniel. ' That's not gonna happen he can't leave without the check-up all done '' said Nora blocking the way of Daniel to leave. The whole lab was protected by glass and all so they could not break the door and leave. '' Now come with me, you are disturbing others a lot you know? '' Nora complained. '' But if I take the injections then.... something weird happens with me. That's why I don't want to take the injection please try to understand '' he pleads. Daniel is a boy with dark brown hair with cat-like eyes. With a small nose and small lips. Angelica is a lady with a small body and small height. With curly blond hair and neon blue eyes with long eyelashes which make her look like an angel descended from heaven. '' Even so, you must take the injections '' Nora said grabbing him by the hand and dragging him to the professor. '' Do it now professor ''. '' Ah yes hold him still '' said Ernest taking out the injection. '' Be brave Daniel everything will be alright '' said Angelica to encourage him. '' Don't do this ahh '' shouts Daniel. '' Done now you can go '' said Ernest with a relieved look on his face. '' Come to Daniel let's go to others '' said Angelica grabbing Daniel by the hands towards the exit. '' Be sure to eat something as you both didn't have breakfast yet '' reminded Chris before they went away. Ernest takes off his lab coat and sits relaxing onto his seat. '' Where's Steven? wasn't he supposed to give the reports of the other children ?'' asked Ernest getting up from his seat. '' He's coming it's hard to handle all the kids that's why he's late '' Nora replied. '' Then you should go help him. We have to assemble all the reports by ourselves don't we ?'' Chris taunted while sipping onto the coffee she brought for herself. '' Should I go?''. '' You should and Chris brings a coffee for me also my head is hurting '' complained Ernest. 'Nora left right away. Chris was making a coffee in the lab while she was pouring in the hot water Ernest came from behind and hugged her. '' What are you doing so early in the morning ?''. '' I wonder how will those kids survive. I am afraid how will we survive. I think the group of Norms will come to attack us by next week. I hope they will be able to pilot the ANgels. Or else all of our efforts will be in vain '' said Ernest snuggling closer to her neck. ' We need to have some faith in them. They are the last of our hope. I hope we will get over this crisis ''' said Chris. Meanwhile, Angelica was dragging Daniel with her to the Land of the Nod where they are raised. It is their home where they eat play and sleep. It was a big base like a real home but it was quite big enough for more than twenty people to live together. They went inside. '' Everyone where are you? we have arrived '' she shouts. '' Where are they? why aren't they answering? '' she murmurs. '' Fool they have the checkups to today. They hadn't come back from the Garden of Eden. Now let me go back to my room and sleep '' he whined, '' AH alright but let's eat something first. Aunty Chris said that didn't she ?''. '' I am not hungry '' he grunted leaving her hand. ''Still, you have to eat, I will bring the food to your room after I eat. Is that okay ? '' she said. '' Fine do whatever you want to '' he said and went upstairs. Angelica went to the cafeteria. '' Aunty give me a bowl I am hungry '' she said to the woman there. '' Angelica you came. Here you go eat up. Did everyone ate too ?'' asked the man over the counter. '' No, they are doing the regular checkups today. Daniel came back I will bring his food to his room ''. '' Alright, I will put in something special for him then'' she said with a smile. '' What special is it not the same meat and fish that we eat ?'' Angelica asked staring at the bowl of soup in her hands. '' No, it's rice, it's hard to get it. But we managed to acquire some I will give it to you bring it over him ''. '' He must be happy to eat something new thank you aunty '' Angelica said with a bright smile. Meanwhile, Daniel was in his room he closed the door behind him but forgot to lock it up. Then heads over to the bed. Closed his eyes in an attempt to sleep. '' Ahh, is it starting again? this feeling it's hard to suppress. That's why I did not want to take the medicine. OH god, what should I do now? I need to forget about everything and just sleep or else I will end up doing that again. I need to sleep, sleep me ''. '' I can't let it control me, but my hand it's going out of control. I ...can't ''. '' I did it again ''. '' Daniel are you home? I brought your food open the door '' called ANgelica from behind the door. '' Hey, can you hear me? I have food in my hand please open the door. Are you here? I am opening the door then '' she said in an attempt to turn the knob. '' Wait, I am coming '' he shouts. '' I need to clean all of this up now, I can't let her find out about it '' he thoughts then hides away the bed sheet under the bed. '' I need to change these pants also ''. '' What are you doing open the door '' she called again. '' Wait for a minute hold on your horses '' he replied.
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