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In a while, Daniel opened the door for her. "You can come inside," he said peeking his face outside the door looking at the girl outside the door with food in her hand. Angelica was looking at him with a grumpy face. "Why did it take you so long to answer the door ?" asked Angelica pouting a little. " Ah I was ....." he was thinking of ways to persuade her. He was sweating a lot while thinking about it. "Yes I was you know cleaning my room was so dirty you see so I was cleaning...." he explained when he looked at her she seemed to be persuaded by it. " I see alright let me see whether it's cleaned or not. Let me go inside "she said forcing her way inside his room. "Wait you don't have to go it wait Angelica" he stuttered. But she was not listening to his saying she forced her way inside the room. When she went inside she saw how the room was inside. All the books were scattered here and there. The clothes were in a mess. The bed was quite clean so were the bedsheets. It was the only thing that was clean in the whole room. ''' What is this? everything is in a mess and you were cleaning? is this called cleaning ?'' she fumed putting down the plate on the corner table. '' Daniel this won't work like this. You need to clean this room and I will help together with you '' she said folding the sleeves of her shirt. She was getting ready to clean the room. '' Clean? right now? how about I eat then we can eat '' he asserts. '' But this is not a place for people to inhabit you know? we need to clean this garbage of a place. Help me out '' she commands. '' But I am hungry let me eat first won't you Angelica ?'' he stammered making puppy eyes so that she will be persuaded by this. '' If you are insisting so much then, alright fine eat it then. Afterward, we will get back to work I am not leaving till we clean it '' she insisted. She took the plate and handed it over to him. '' Now sit down and eat it up. Auntie sent rice for you '' she said with a smile. '' Rice? it was not available a while ago right? how is it available now? '' he asked trying to make her forget about cleaning the room. '' Auntie made a special recommendation for you. You must be lucky they love you so much right? why are you given such special treatment though? just because you were born earlier than others doesn't make you somewhat special than us Daniel. Why can't they understand that I was born soon after you '' she grunts making a bored expression? '' Hey, did you hear it from the professor? we are soon gonna be promoted to the first Adam and Eve. It's just a rumor though. If that happens then we will be able to ride the ' Angels ' won't that be amazing? don't you think ?'' she exclaimed in excitement. But his mind was not there he was not listening to what she was telling him. '' Daniel? '' she called. '' Are you listening? hey. Are you here or not ?'' she asked moving him a little to make him come back to reality. '' Yes, were you saying something ?'' he asked while eating. '' I was saying that we will be the new... Adam and Eve after this and then we will be allowed to ride the Angels. But you are not listening to what I am saying. What are you thinking ? '' she asked. '' N-nothing I was too absorbed into the food that's all. It's so tasty did you eat it? ''. '' Yes I ate then brought it for you, the others are not back yet. It's taking them too much time. I am not used to those injections too but that's the only thing that keeps the contamination around us spreading in our body so we have to take it. Do you understand that don't you Daniel? then why do you hate to take those injections ?'' she asked. He adverts her gaze away from her. '' That's can't understand this Angelica. You are not a boy '' he shouts without even realizing. '' What are you saying that I don't understand? we are a team remember? we are both made from the same thing the scientists created us. Then how am I different than you just because I am a girl? what does the gender matter anyway ? '' she asked but he had no answer to this question of hers. '' It matters and it matters a lot because. Because you and don't have the same things I have and I don't have the same things you have '' he murmured. '' What? what do you don't have? we have the same eyes and mouth and we eat and sleep too then? make me understand I can't understand '' she insists making him blush harder than before now. She gets even more closer to him they were one inch away from each other now. '' Wait, what are you doing? '' he stuttered. '' I am trying to comprehend what you were trying to say that's all '' replied Angelica eyeing him closely. '' Now tell me what you are saying? make me understand ? '' she insisted again. Daniel could not control her anger anymore now. '' I am telling you, that I don't have those big melons like you-'' when he said that he unconsciously grabbed her chest in response with his other hand holding the plate. Both Angelica and Daniel's face have become all red like a boiled octopus. Little by little Angelica became angry as he was still not getting his hand away from there. '' Why are you still grabbing onto it pervert? '' shouts Angelica slapping him in the face. '' Wait, I didn't mean to this was accidental. Angelica listens I am sorry forgive me '' he pleaded. '' No I am angry I won't forgive you '' she said crossing her hands in front of her chest. '' I won't do it again forgive me '' he pleaded again. '' Are you sorry about your actions? are you saying that you won't do it again? then I will let you off the hook '' she said playfully. '' I won't ever forgive me ''. '' Alright fine finish eating we haven't done cleaning yet '' she said taking a seat in the chair nearby. She was sitting beside the attic where he keeps his clothes. '' Why did you had to choose that place to sit? I guess I need to let her clean or else she won't leave my room. I need to let her do whatever she wants to '' he thoughts. Daniel finished his food in a hurry as Angelica was taking care of his books. She was putting them on the shelf one by one. All of a sudden she came across a strange book she picked it up as it piqued her curiosity She reads the name ' One hundred ways to please your partner ' who's the writer? there's no name on it. Hey, Daniel what kind of a book is this? One hundred-'' before she could finish that the water that Daniel was drinking from the glass gets stuck in his throat making him gulp. He grabs the book away from her hand right away. '' This is trash I found it in the professor's room. I forgot to return it to him sorry about it '' he stuttered hiding it behind his back. '' Oh, this is professor's book? I didn't know that you can take it away then. Don't forget to return it, what kind of a book is that though? '' she asked further pressing into the matter. '' Well, that's a well,....a book where you can get pleasure from doing exercises and all. We know it's tough and hard but it shows the pleasure of exercising that's all '' he explained while stammering. '' Really? that's so convenient. I would love you to read it hand it to me ''. That's like putting the nail on the head. '' I will give it once I had read it fully I promise '' he stuttered. '' I hope so then any way you are done eating let's do it cleanly. We will make this as shiny as possible '' she was quite enthusiastic about it he could see it in her eyes. '' Are you doing it on purpose to make me confess about it ?'' he thought. '' Wish I will survive this ''. Angelica was looking for the broom to clean for she found it in the corner.
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