Why did she had to find that ?

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'' I don't have those huge breasts clinging to my chest just like you '' he shouts making her look at him in surprise. '' Oh no- what did I ?'' he closed his mouth using his hands. '' I didn't mean to burst out those things to her like that ''. Angelica looks at him in awe. She walks towards him without speaking anything at all. Then slaps him again saying '' You pervert I did not know that you were such a pervert, you lecher ''. She was quite angry about it. '' I didn't mean to...it's your fault for forcing me to say that '' he snapped glaring at her. '' Huh? So I forced you? you were the one who has been absent-minded ever since we got back from the land of Nod. What is it hurting me to say what's wrong with you? You didn't have to say those perverted things to me like that '' she retorts. ''' But you were forcing me to...'' He looks down. '' Whatever I understand what kind of a pervert you are. And I can understand what kind of dirty person is my partner. Now hand me the broom we will be cleaning this room '' she commands to him. '' Fine '' he picked it from the corner of the room then handed one to her then took one himself. Then they started cleaning the whole room. While cleaning Daniel was thinking something in his mind while cleaning the only one spot near the bed. '' I hope there is nothing on the floor, I have to clean it well ''. Angelica picks up his disarranged clothes lying on the ground then goes up to the shelf to put them inside. When she opened the shelf everything fell onto her body making her collide with the ground. He looked at her because of the noise. '' Why did you have to go there out of all the places ?'' he shouts going to her. '' What is this thing ?'' she shouts peeking her head from there. '' This seems like a bedsheet-'' she takes the thing in her hand to see it. She looks at it then smells it. '' Wait don't do that '' he tries to take it away from her hand. But she grabs it stopping him to take that away from her. '' Wait let me see this '' she insists examining it closely. '' What is this white stuff? seems a little bit sticky too. Do you about it ?'' she asked as if she was interrogating a criminal. '' That's....well...you know...I had dropped some milk on it that's all. You see it's white '' he stuttered while explaining. '' But who gave you milk? you went to the land of the Nod with me right? '' she didn't look convinced by this. '' This happened last night you see '' he explained. '' But I had come into your room last night too but then I didn't see anything like this. How did this happen at midnight? '' she was pressing further into the matter now. '' Man how should I tell her about this? I am feeling embarrassed myself now '' he thoughts. '' What is this white thing ?'' she asked again. All of a sudden someone opened the door calling '' We are back you all ''. They looked at the voice at the door. '' You have arrived '' Angelica smiled going to them but she still kept hold onto the bedsheet. All the bunch came inside the room. '' Hey, what are you carrying this thing ? '' asked Dina playfully staring at the bedsheet in Angelica's hand. Dina was,s a playful girl with curly blonds and sapphire eyes with a short body. '' Ah, that's Daniel's what do you think this is? it's not looking like milk nor paint '' Angelica described. '' Hey what's this thing ?'' Cannon retorted. Cannon is around the same age as others. She has straight brown hair with greenish eyes. She's a little bit taller than Dina. '' Daniel what are you playing for? what's this thing ?'' Enoch asked casually peeping through the crowd. Enoch had spiky black hair with blue orbs with a strong built. '' Hey tell us about it '' Michael added. Daniel could not answer any of their questions. He remained silent until Azrael said '' Let him handle his things we should not pry into the matter any further ''. His cool and calm response was enough to make them shut up. '' And you Angelica let him some privacy just because he's your Adam you can't force him like that to tell you everything you know ?''. '' Alright I won't ask him about it then you can take this back Daniel '' said Angelica handing him the bedsheet. '' Why were you late to get back from the Garden of Eden? did everything went smoothly ?'' asked Angelica to them. '' Yes, it went smoothly. But dunno why professor Steven was quite happy today. I am wondering why is that '' comments Cain. '' It's because Nora was there '' retorts Seraphina coming between them. '' I am tired I don't feel good at all when I take the injections at all ''. '' So do I '' added Abel. '' We don't take them because we like it though we are forced to take them that's all '' added Ariel. '' Your birthday is coming up next week, isn't it?'' asked Cassiel to Daniel murmuring tugging onto his shirt. '' Yes mine and Angelica both are on the same day'' Daniel replied the bedsheet was thrown away. '' Then you will be able to ride the ' Angels ' too it sounds cool isn't it ? '' asked Raphael excitedly. '' They need to go through some check-ups in two days after that they will observe whether they will be compatible or not to ride the Angels. It doesn't happen so fast as that '' retorted Cain interrupting them. '' Is that so? but Daniel will pass the check-up quickly. I know that '' assured Michael. '' Leaving that aside, don't you want to celebrate the birthday? we need to arrange things for them right? presents and all ? '' suggested Gabriel. '' In this darkness what can you even present them with ? '' remarks Seraphina. She hints to say that they are underground to hide from the silicon-based objects called norms. '' I heard from the professor that another group is going to come and it might come in next week so we should stay all prepared '' asserts Dina. '' Prepared for what? '' Angelica asked. '' Prepared to ride the Angels added Michael. '' Will we be dispatched onto the battle anytime soon? '' asked Daniel. '' Yes cause this is the battle for us and the professors. We are the only ones who can save them '' added Enoch. '' But we are kids, right? why are they letting us handle this fight and all? '' asked Dina. '' You are not a kid if you are going to be the Eve. You are burdened with this fate and you cannot change it. So stop being a wimp '' Ariel said to Dina. '' Anyway forget about this matter, let's have something to eat I am hungry '' complained Gabriel. '' Yeah '' said Cannon. '' Let's go everyone ''' said Cassiel. '' Angelica comes'' said Dina. Like that all the girls left the room leaving only all the boys in there. '' Now they have left tell us about it Daniel '' said Enoch to him. '' What? ''. '' You mean the white thing right Enoch? I am curious about it as well '' added Cain in a sarcastic tone. '' You all I have nothing to say get out of here '' Daniel shouts pushing them all out of his room. '' Man I am going crazy like this '' sighs Daniel closing the door behind him. '' I am already the Eve I don't need to go through checkups for that. But I don't know about Angelica. Is she gonna be fine with me ? she already hates me ''.
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