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Two days later, After that, it was time for the check-up to see whether they are eligible or not to pilot the Angels. All the Adam and Eve were called to observe them as it will be useful to them in the future. They were in the Garden of Eden now meaning the underground lab. Professor Ernest had already arrived in the lab along with his assistant Chris and Nora with Steven also. Along with other few scientists. The last one to arrive today is Angelica and Daniel. The other kids were waiting in impatience for them. Ernest was sitting on the chair waiting for them. The kids were waiting in the same room looking all bored. Then Chris came inside and said ''' What's taking them so long? Didn't you all told them about the time we will be doing the tests ?''. Sher turns to the kids. '' Professor it's Daniel's fault he's making Angelica late '' comments Dina raising her hand in the air. '' Angelica was waiting for Daniel to wake up we came before her and she's late now because of him. Seriously what kind of a guy is he ? '' mutters Ariel. '' We can hear everything, it's both of their faults they are late. Stop blaming Daniel alone '' Seraphina retorted getting up. '' And why are you pissed off about it? it's none of your business rights? why every time we talk about Daniel you get in the way Seraphina ?'' Ariel asked glaring at her. '' Shut up shorty '' Seraphina remarks because of Ariel's height she's being taunted by others. '' Raphael sees how they are playing with me because of my height '' Ariel cried out hugging her partner Raphael. '' Stop taunting her like that everyone and you Seraphina stop pulling her leg '' Raphael snapped at her. Raphael is kind and caring with straight black hair and black eyes with pale skin. '' Now now don't cry Ariel '' he consoled her by patting her onto the back. '' Aren't you overreacting a little bit towards Seraphina? she didn't do anything wrong here it's both of their faults that they are late '' retorts Enoch getting up. He looked through his glasses. '' Are you pretending to be smart here by wearing the glasses? what are they for anyway ?'' asked Cannon pointing at her partner. She was trying to be sarcastic here by saying that. '' These are professor's glasses I am trying to see through them '' said Enoch standing still. '' Wait can you see through them anyway? hand it over to me '' Cannon said getting up to take the glasses off from him. '' Wait don't-'' before Enoch could stop her she took them away. When he tried to take them he ended up touching her chest as she was playing with the glasses. Everyone was staring at them when they saw that. Chris was there also was Ernest. Canon blushed immediately and took the glasses from him then gave him a death glare and went back to Ernest. '' Cannon, you are...'' Enoch also goes back to his seat. Others were grinning to themselves to see that happening. Meanwhile this time Angelica and Daniel reached the Garden of Eden now. It takes them more than fifty minutes to reach the Garden of Eden from the land of the Nod. '' We are late sorry about that '' said Angelica opening the door. '' You are late '' said Chris walking up to them. '' I am sorry '' said Daniel between his breaths. '' You can save that for later come inside '' said, Ernest walking down. '' Good to see you both '' said Able reaching to the pair. '' Why were you late ?''. '' Because of this useless pervert guy,'' Angelica said pointing at Daniel. '' He kept sleeping and sleeping why do you need so much sleep anyway ?'' '. '' Cause, I get tired that's why '' grunts Daniel. '' It's not like you work anyway '' Angelica retorts. '' Alright kids stop shouting now come here '' said Nora grabbing onto their hands dragging them to the test room. They had to change clothes and lie down on the bed so that the machine would examine their bodies. Angelica and Daniel used to go through checkups separately but today they went together both were surprised by this. '' Everything seems to be well with their bodies no abnormalities '' added Nora. '' Nothing showing on my screen either '' added Chris. '' Then check the blood samples '' Ernest commanded. After everything was checked they gave the green signal. '' I guess they go inside the cockpit to see how it feels right? '' Steven suggested to Ernest. '' Yes we need to check their compatibility too '' he replied. '' You two get dressed ' said Nora handing out costumes to them. '' What's this-?'' Angelica asked. '' You will be having an experience on the machine '' Nora replied with a smile. Both of them were cheerful and happy to learn that. Soon they get ready then Chris takes them towards the testing site. The other kids had already arrived there to see it at first hand. While walking Chris said '' This is most probably the crucial step into your life. I hope you will be able to pass it '''. '' We will pass it don't worry '' assured Daniel with a smile. '' You are the last hope of humanity ''. Soon they came into the trial room. Then Angelica and Daniel were made to get inside a machine. Angelica sat in the front row and Daniel at the back. Then the cockpit closed the view. Engine starting up. It was a trial machine as the real ones are used mostly in battles. '' Auto locks checked, power boosted '. ' Checking signals all system clear '. '' Pilots confirmed model 001 '. ' System restarting '. '' Hey, what's happening Daniel? do you know? I can't understand '' Angelica asked not being to comprehend what's happening around her. '' The machine is about to start probably I have a bad feeling about it '' said Daniel. '' What bad feeling? what are you saying? hey Daniel ?''. She looked back at her partner. Daniel was looking kind of down to her. '' Is everything alright with you? '' she asked. '' Yes I am fine '' he looked down. ' All logs clear no error in the system '. '' Great we passed phase one phase two is the most crucial one '' said Ernest to his fellow scientists. '' Checking pilot health and stability. All good negative emotions filling the pilot number two. Daniel are you alright? '' Chris asked staring onto the screen. '' Yes I am fine '' he replied slowly. '' Take quick breaths and cool off ' Nora suggested to him. ' Phase 1 completed Phase 2 starting '. '' Both of you hold on '' said, Ernest. '' Checking compatibility ''. ' Pilot one all good simulation is processing. Pilot two connecting the minds '. '' Hey, what is this? Who're emotions are they? Whose emotions am I feeling now? are they Daniel's? why are they surging inside me? I can see them '' Angelica explained. '' I can see Angelica's emotions and feel them why? they are so vivid and bright '' Daniel comments. ' System processing three two one '. '' Making adjustments '. But the worst comes after that. '' Argh.. '' shouts Angelica. '' Something is eating my body out my mind is being disrupted '' she shouts. ' Synchronising.....can't connect with pilot one '. '' Requesting immediate recovery pilot two is overloading pilot one memories are shattering '. '' Emergency ''. '' The east side is affected enemy invasion ''. '' What? enemy ?'' Ernest was shocked. '' Enemy is breaching through the defense line '' said the other man there. '' What? enemy at this time show it on the screen '' commands Ernest. ''The Norms is coming through the defense line on the east part. What will we do about it ?'' Chris asked. '' Wait let me see ''. A big silicon-like object was breaching through the defense line. It was with different colors in his body. '' Is this Norm? but they were not in this color before? '' Nora asked staring at the screen. '' They must have mutated themselves into this life form. But how are they here? weren't they supposed to attack after one week? what are they doing here now ? this was not expected '' Chris shouts. '' Professor they are going to reach Land of Nod anytime soon. Calculating the estimated arrival time. Five minutes thirty seconds '' replied the other staff. '' What should we do now professor ?'' Nora asked. '' The east side of the underground tunnel is destroyed. At this rate, the water lines will be destroyed '' informed the other researchers. '' Professor what should we do ?'' asked Steven. '' I never thought that they will arrive here so easily. We haven't even trained those kids yet. What's the best decision to take now? someone tell me '' Ernest thought as he closed his eyes. '' You have the answer right before your eyes you just have to see it clearly '' said a voice in his mind. '' Who is it ?''. '' This is me but you should think about those kids and you. Don't ever die on me ''. Saying that the voice disappeared from his mind. '' Professor '' called Chris once again. '' I have decided the best choice for us '' replied Ernest.
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