Enemy invasion and the first battle

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'' What is it Professor ?'' asked Steven stepping forward. '' Dispatch the squad. Angelica and Daniel both need to succeed in concentrating their minds. Wake them up right now. And tell the other kids to stand by too we may be able to use them. We have to ensure our survival along with them too. That's the only way out for all of us '' said Ernest. '' Everyone goes back to the control room I am going there too ''. '' Yes sir '' said others leaving the room. '' I didn't think that I will have to use them too but there's no choice because this unknown enemy had arrived without any kind of warning ''. Chris and Nora went to wake up in the cockpit to wake up Daniel and Angelica. The doors of the cockpit opened revealing their unconscious bodies. '' Wake up you two '' shouts Chris moving their bodies in an attempt to wake them up. '' Wake up Daniel '' shouts Nora she was in a quiet panic. Daniel was a little bit conscious now. He was trying to open his eyes. He saw Nora in front of him. '' What's wrong ?'' he asked her. '' Angelica is awake too wake up '' shouts Chris. '' Why are you shouting ?'' Angelica asked. '' Listen carefully both of you. The enemy is here and you two are our only hope to survive. Will you do what we tell you ?'' Nora asked. '' Yes we will do what you tell us '' replied Daniel. '' You need to synchronize your minds so that you can ride the Angels can you do that? we will take you to the machine '' said Nora. '' Yes, we will try to '' assured Angelica. '' But we failed the first time ...'' Daniel murmured. '' You will have to do this or else we will all die '' Nora shouts looking downwards. '' Die ?'' Daniel was shocked. '' No, we won't let you die. Take us to the Angels we will succeed this time '' said Angelica. '' Yes, we will try '' Daniel said. They went to the basement altogether. There stood the machine's altogether one by one. The curtain was pulled From them revealing their bodies to them. "These are the Angels the machine's created by us " Nora explained. Both Daniel and Angelica were shocked to see that. "These are the Angels ?" Angelica mutters she was shocked in her spot. Daniel could see a resemblance to that machine in the center. His eyes were widened to see that. "What is this machine? Have I ever seen this machine? Why do I feel that I have seen it before?" he thoughts. " The machine in the center that's the one you will ride opens up the hatch" Nora shouts. The cockpit opened. "Hurry up getting inside " called Chris to them. Angelica nodded but then she saw that Daniel was not moving from his spot. "Daniel what's wrong?" she asked moving him a little. "Hurry up get going Eve and Adam " Nora shouts going to the controller's side. "Daniel come " Angelica called dragging him to the cockpit. She gets in the front and he in the back. Then the hatch was closed now. "Machine starting up in five seconds, four, there, two, one. Machine restarting. Daniel could feel something then. "This feeling is something familiar did I ever felt it before?" he thoughts. Restarting the engine synchronization starting. In three two one. "Please somehow make this happen "Nora and Chris prayed hard in their hearts. " We have to connect our minds? how do we do that ?" asked Angelica. " We have to connect it like this face me," Daniel said. "What do you mean?" she asked facing him. He held her face with both of his hands then looked at her in the eye. "What are you doing?" she asked. "We failed the first time but we will succeed this time," said Daniel. "How are you sure about that ?" she asked. "Look at me and have faith in me. Then connect it with mine "he said. There was an announcement " Enemy has entered the underground tunnel ". Right at that moment, Daniel kissed her. Synchronization complete system starting up. "Machine reboot complete " Nora announced. " Angel number 001 starting up ". The machine went up from the underground. "Eve and Adam go towards the underground tunnels show in your Map," said Ernest from the control room. "Where is it exactly?" Angelica shouts "I can see it now ". " Look around your surroundings Eve " Daniel reminded while taking control of the controls. "I know you don't have to tell me that. You didn't have to do that all "Angelica mutters. " We're surfacing '' Daniel said. The machine appeared inside the water tunnel now. '' I know you aren't used to handling this machine but do as I say if you can't control it '' said Nora instructing them through the radio device inserted inside the machine. '' Got it '' Angelica replied. Soon they hear a voice behind the water tanks. '' Enemy surfacing '' said Nora. Angelica and Daniel both were worried about it meeting the Norm. They hear a loud growling noise and a big silicon-like living organism appears there. It had many colors in its body with hands and feet and many eyes on its bodies. Its face was just like a dead human being through the skull. '' This is a type A Norm this is the first time we encounter something like this. Try attacking it to see its response '' instructed Ernest to them. '' But what if it attacks us? will we be able to survive ?'' Angelica asked. ''You must save the humans here as you are the special children who can't get contaminated by them. Did you forget that? now be brave defeat them. This is an order from me to both Adam and Eve you must serve your purpose or we will dispatch the other kids. Do you want that ?'' Ernest asked his voice made them realize how crucial this mission is. '' They don't need to interfere we will take care of this '' said Daniel. '' Good then, we will instruct you however we can do your best we are counting on you '' said Nora. '' Now come and gets us Norms '' shouts Daniel attracting the attention of the norm it's the way. Seeing the mecha it gets afraid. But after that, it gets determined to finish the mecha.
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