Near-death experience

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The norm made a loud noise then runs towards them. Angelica gets afraid but then Daniel shouts '' Take this Alien ''. He fires a laser beam at the monster. This stopped him for a while. Angelica thought that this will calm him down but that was not happening at all.

'' Adam there is a sword and a gun as weapons use whatever you want to use '' Nora instructs. '' Now that's what I wanted to hear now. Let's use the gun now '' Daniel said. '' Can you handle it though ?'' asked Angelica staring at the screen.

'' Yeah sure take out the gun of your Angel '' Daniel shouts he brought out a big machine gun from the back of the mecha. ' Woah this looks super cool to use. I will use it to shoot holes through your body '' he said pointing the gun at the Norm.

'' Don't tempt it too much or he will eat us up '' shouts Angelica in panic. '' I don't even taste good ''. '' Fool he's not going to eat us we will make him mincemeat and eat him up. Let's do it Eve '' states Daniel.

'' Now kick the bucket norm '' he starts firing with the gun at it. It took a little bit of the bullets thinking that they were normal ones. Soon his legs were melting away because of the impact of the bullets. '' Hey, he took all the bullets what are we going to do now? he took in all the bullets '' asked Angelica.

'' Wait the real battle starts from here now '' Ernest said. The norm was growling in agony and pain because its legs were melting away. '' These are not some normal bullets. I made this especially to fight against you people. These are anti-high Norm resistant bullets. They are made from their bodies but made in such a way that it's serving as a poison for his body. Now, what will you do Norm ?'' asked Ernest.

'' Let's observe...'' When Daniel looked at it he saw the remaining parts of the Norm's body were fusing themselves with the melted parts. '' How is he doing this ?'' Daniel asked. '' This is the first time we saw this, is this the secret behind their immortality? '' Chris asked Ernest who was looking quite worried about it.

'' Use the sword Adam '' Ernest commands. '' Yes ''. Daniel took out the big sword from his left side. '' This is different from the normal one. This is made from resistance to the contaminated phenomenon. Use it well my boy '' Ernest orders Daniel.

'' As you say doctor '' replied Daniel. '' I will slice you up even before you start moving '' Daniel said going at the Norm. '' Be careful Danie-'' before Angelica could finish her words Daniel had already appeared in front of the Norm.

Norm was still there as it was merging his body parts. '' There is something wrong with it '' Daniel thought. '' What strange ?'' Angelica asked. '' Can you read my mind ?''. '' Yes, I can now tell me what's wrong ''.

''Its movements are a lot slower now did you noticed ?'' he asked. '' Well yeah, so what about it ?''. '' Meaning we have to attack him when we have the chance '' saying this Daniel attacks the norm with his sword.

'' I will kill you before you even notice '' he thoughts as he was slicing up its legs and hands leaving him with only his head. '' Kill it sever the head from the body or else it won't die I guess '' commands Ernest.

'' Not going to let you escape '' shouts Daniel using his sword he severs the head from the alien's body as it falls onto the ground. '' Task finished '' comments, Daniel. As he watches all the body parts of the norms all scattered together like mass.

'' Well this was an easy battle I can do this every day '' Daniel says while laughing. '' Guess the norm this time was quite easy to defeat than we imagined prof '' Nora turns to Ernest. '' It seems to but checks the life signals to confirm whether it's alive or not. Safety precaution '' Ernest replied.

'' But I have to say I am quite happy with your first victory. Good job I had faith in you '' he said to them. '' We are happy to live up to your expectations '' replied both Angelica and Daniel together. '' I guess we can take a break now '' said Chris taking off the lab coat. '' I need a smoke now '' she lights on the cigarette taking it on her lips when she was about to take in the smoke there was an announcement.

'' Life signals coming from the Norm it's still alive ''. Chris choked onto the cigar because of the news. '' What did you say? how's that possible ''. '' Checking lifelines from the battlefield. The scattered parts are radiating life it's trying to resurrect itself ''.

Meanwhile, Angelica and Daniel were about to go away from there turning their backs onto the norm. Before Ernest could say that the norm is alive the remaining parts here and there come back to life and then holds down the Angel with its body parts.

'' What is this happening ?'' they both thought. '' Hurry run from there it's alive '' shouts Ernest. '' It's too late prof it's too late '' mutters Daniel. '' We are already within its cage now ''. Then the norm uses its legs and hands to choke them to death.

'' What is this thing doing? why are we feeling like it's choking us ?'' Angelica thought in her mind. '' Cause our bodies are connected with the body so we are sharing the pain as well ''. '' But how do we defeat it now ?'' Daniel asked.

'' Die die, die, die '' Daniel could hear that in his mind now. ''What's that? who's speaking in our minds? no, we don't want to die don't kill us '' he thoughts. '' Is Angelica not being able to hear that? maybe not '' he thought. ''' Oh, my neck it feels as if it will snap anytime soon ''.

'' Eve use both of your abilities to enhance the performance of the Angel. You need to cooperate or else you will never win '' commands Ernest. '' You need to work out a way cause we can't go there now ''.

'' Can't we do anything professor ?'' Nora asked. '' No on the battlefield, you are all alone now '' he replied staring hopelessly on the screen. Daniel could not understand how to get out of its grasp. He was feeling that he's going to die anytime soon now.

'' I can't breathe I can't move I am feeling even more powerless than ever '' Daniel thought. '' Am I going to die like that? am I going to let Angelica die like that? no there's no way I can do that. I need to save her at least but how do I do that when I am so powerless? I want power '' he was recalling these words in his mind.

'' Do you want power? Do you want to be saved ? '' someone asked in his mind. '' Yes, I want power I want to kill this thing who may harm my dear ones '''. '' Then try to remember who you are you will remember it then the source of power. Remember who you are ''.

'' Who I am? I am the same, Daniel. The wait is that my identity? is that really who I am? no that's not true I am.....''.

Daniel's P.O.V

I am a seventeen-year-old boy soon to be eighteen. I am in the third year of my school soon I will graduate in no more than six months. But still, I haven't changed at all, I used to play baseball in my high school years.

I love to hang out with my buddies from school. My best friend is a girl named Amelia. She has been with me ever since kindergarten ever since that we were inseparable. But then I fell for her. I was a coward so I was never able to tell her about my feelings but then when I decided to speak up my feelings for her. It was on that tragic day. I was crossing by the big road towards our meeting place.

Soon a boy was spotted there. He was about to cross the road on his own being a boy of only four years old he could not understand that there was no one on the road except him. No one tried to help him but then I could not just sit back and watch.

So I threw away the flowers and came onto the street to pick him up but then the truck came in front of me it was about to attack it so I threw him aside but I had no chance to run away so I died that was the end of my pitiful life nor could I confess to her nor I could become a better son to my parents.

I had been talking about myself for a while but I hadn't said my name. '' Who are you exactly then? what is your name ?'' asked a voice. '' My name is...

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