First victory

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'' Daniel, save me ...'' that was the only thing that he could hear back then this voice made her get back to his senses. The reality before him. That is his partner is about to die so, is he? He needs to work out a way to save her and himself. '' I am not going to kick the bucket like that '' he shouts shooting missiles from all parts of the body making the body parts of the Norms get away from the Angel. When that happened the Norm tried to put his body back again and tried to regenerate its body. '' This is the chance I want '' he said taking the sword he runs to the Norm. '' Die '' shouts Daniel slicking up the whole body of the norm biting into tiny little pieces so that it won't be able to regenerate itself again. '' Did it died ?'' Chris asked Ernest. '' Show the lifer signals '' Ernest said to the other scientists. '' Life signals one the norm is still alive ''. '' Daniel it's still alive you should be'' before Ernest could say that the Norm has taken over Angel's right hand where he had held the sword. '' How is this possible ?'' Nora shouts staring at the screen. '' Daniel what should we do to it now ?'' asked Angelica. '' I can't understand myself '' replied Daniel letting out a deep sigh. '' Professor you have any solution ?''. '' It wants to take away the mecha which is made from the core of its comrades. It will soon want to assimilate you. You have to tear it off as soon as possible or else both of you may face death anytime soon ''. Daniel tried to use his right hand to take the Norm away from the other hand but the norm was not leaving at all. Using the little bit of its life like it was trying to get inside the cockpit to take away Adam and Eve. '' Daniel it's coming our way inside this '' Angelica shouts. '' What? why is it after us How do we get rid of it then ? '' he was trying to think rationally now. '' Daniel '' Angelica was very much scared now. He could feel that very well now. '' I know what to do now. But...I have found a way out '' Daniel said. '' Can we tear off the armor make it blast professor ?''. '' You can't do that we can't replace it soon-'' Chris shouts. '' You have my permission to do it this is the only way out to save both of them '' Ernest replied taking off his glasses. '' I am on it then '' Daniel took out the hatch slowly trying to take off the part where the norm is right now slowly so that it does not realize that. But it somehow managed to realize what they were doing. The norm took over the arms and soon took over the entire Angel now. '' It has...merged itself but how is this possible ?'' Chris asked turning to the professor. '' This is the first time I had seen this happen. But how will they leave now? '' Ernest thought. The norm was patting his head onto the ground then pushing itself onto the pipes. Angelica and Daniel both could feel the pain and from all of that torture, blood was starting to drip from the head of Angelica. '' defeat...this thing ?''' she stuttered not being able to keep her eyes focused on the screen. The assimilation phenomenon was now starting to take effect as the crystallization started appeared onto the body of Daniel now and soon onto Angelica. '' There's no way we will accept this beating '' Daniel shouts. '' Angelica don't lose hope as long as I am here ''. '' We will be saved get off you Norm '' he shouts as the crystals were getting off from his body. '' Full throttle '' he yelled as the bullets were firing from his body creating holes appear into the body of the norm leaving no trace unturned. When it could not take any more of the bullets and explosions then it got off from the mecha. It again fell onto the ground this time looking even more in poor condition than ever. Daniel went up to him then stood in front of the norm. '' You thought that you were about to kill us but that's not going to happen now '' he said to the norm laughing at the poor condition it was in. Angelica was laughing too. '' I am going to die soon probably. But...'' said a voice. '' Whose voice is that ?'' he thought. '' This is my voice '' said the norm. '' Why can I hear your voice? ' Daniel asked in his mind. '' I don't know why too but you tried your best to survive by killing me off I give you the praise ''. '' As a gift, I am allowing you to kill me but I am telling you that our comrades are still alive and roaming around this world. If you won't get rid of them then you will never be able to find peace on this earth. As long as you creatures called humans are alive this earth will be destroyed all over again by us aliens. So until all of you die then this won't end '' said the norm. '' Who are you to prove yourself better than us humans you filthy thing die '' Daniel shouts using the sword he attacked it onto the head killing it. The whole thing dried up right away leaving only the core part of it. That is the crystal. '' Life signals no warmth detected everything normal ''. '' Thank god he somehow managed to kill it off '' Nora sighs in relief. '' Daniel get away from there after taking the core '' Ernest instructed him. '' We won didn't we ?'' Angelica asked. '' Yes we did '' Daniel replied. '' What is this core ? '' he asked. '' That's ....the core of the norm. That is keeping the norm to live it's the source of it. If we take it away we can use it to create machines '' Ernest replied. '' I see '' Daniel was staring at it concentrating on the red shining crystal in his hands. '' Daniel? '' Angelica called again breaking into his attention. '' Ah yes I am taking it with me '' Daniel took it and went underground. '' Machine coming downstairs. Angel number 001 landing now ''. ' Angel on stand by now '. ''' Open the cockpit '' said a voice. It was Nora. The cockpit opened revealing both Daniel and Angelica who seemed to be too exhausted and tired. '' You both must be tired? '' Nora asked heading over to their side. '' You bet I am '' replied Daniel lets out a sigh. '' I am also feeling the same '' replied Angelica. '' Help me get out of here Nora '' She whined. '' Help her Eve '' Nora said. Daniel had already gotten out of there. '' Help me ''. '' You are such a brat '' Daniel said grabbing onto her hands and pulled him towards him but not being able to handle the weight of both of their bodies he fell. She was on top of her. '' Now take the core away '' Chris said to the other scientists. '' Oh, my '' called Nora looking at the sight of both kids. '' You should stop all that fun for later '' Chris comments while checking through her papers.
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