The fear within one

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'' Ouch '' called out Angelica who was on top of Daniel. '' Why did you had to fall on top of me? '' Daniel clicked his tongue in response. '' I didn't do it out of my own will '' she shouts trying to get up from him. When she looked up she saw how close they were now. '' Will you get-'' Daniel also looked into her eyes. Angelica blushed a little in response. Daniel was able to see her cleavage through the hem of the dress. He looked away as a result. '' Alright kids now, finish this up and get examined '' Chris said to them. '' Go to the professor '' Nora said. Angelica gets off from him then helped Daniel get up too. '' Come with me '' said Chris taking them both with her. Angelica looked back at how they were extracting the core but then Chris hurried her so she didn't manage to see how it was done. They went to professor Ernest. The doors opened and they went inside. '' Welcome the heroes. How was your first battle like ? '' asked Ernest sitting there with a quietly disturbing face. '' Not that good '' Daniel replied heading over to his side. '' Lie down here '' Chris said. Angelica was beside him now. ''You need to be examined so that any remaining part of contamination doesn't affect your body causing Crystallisation '' explained Professor. '' Crystals? you mean those red ones ?'' Daniel was referring to the core that they brought back after killing the Norm. '' Yes as your bodies are resistant to that it may react in some way causing some effect backward making crystals appearing onto your body. So you need to be checked properly ''. Ernest looks onto the monitor. '' No abnormalities. But you need to get used to these battles more often now. I won't say anything for today cause this was your first day. For now, just relax '' Ernest said patting him on the head. '' Alright all done get up now ''. '' Now take your clothes off I need to see that any more crystals are not in your body '' Ernest said to Daniel. '' What ?'' both Angelica and Daniel's face had gone pale hearing that. '' Why are you looking surprised? '' Ernest asked. '' I mean here? do I have to take it off here ?'' Daniel looked up at Angelica then adverts his gaze away. '' Yeah, what's wrong with that ?'' asked Ernest. '' Professor he means to say that he can't take it off in front of Angelica that's all '' Chris comments with a grin on her face. '' Oh, No wonder I forgot about it. Wait '' Ernest pulled down the curtains between Angelica and Daniel now. '' Good no problems you may go now. Next Angelica '' Ernest called. Daniel gets out of there and saw her. Daniel went up to Chris and whispered something in her ear. Chris's reaction changed completely hearing that. '' And what's your problem here? it's her wish to show it or not. Why are you interfering ?'' she asked back. '' Cause she's an adult that's why '' replied Daniel looking away. '' Do whatever you like ''. He bursts out of the room hearing that. '' Wait-, What's wrong with him? why's he in so hurry ?'' Angelica murmured. '' Do you know what he said to me ?'' Chris asked while muffling her laughter. '' What ?''. '' It was about whether you will take off your clothes in front of the professor or not. What is he your mother or something? can't believe what this guy imagines for god's sake '' sighs Chris stopping her laughter. '' But he doesn't know that I will be seeing you not the professor. He's such a worry want '' Nora remarks. '' He thinks so much about me ?'' Angelica thoughts. '' Hurry up with the check-ups '' Ernest called again. '' Yes, coming '' said Chris. Daniel was feeling all frustrated about it. He somehow wanted to vent off his anger. He was walking inside the lab without looking at who's in front of him. As a result, he bumped into someone's chest. '' What is this soft-'' he looked up to see Nora there. '' So these buns are yours. You should be careful about carrying them '' Daniel said walking past her. But she stopped him from doing that. '' What did you say can you repeat it?'' asked Nora with a pissed-off look on her face. '' Yeah, I will-''seeing her face he gets afraid. '' No. I won't ever say something like that again forgiveness me '' he runs away from her saying that. '' Why did I had to run into her out of all the people? I am not liking this at all I just want...'' he stopped in the middle of the hallway bumping into a man this time who also looked like some scientist. Seeing Daniel he gets afraid. '' What's wrong ?'' Daniel asked. '' No..n-nothing. You need my help ?'' stuttered the scientist. '' No, I am going back to Garden of Eden '' saying this Daniel leaves that place. '' That look in his eyes the way he looked at me s if I was a monster or something. I am not a monster, right? then why did he looked at me the way I looked at the norm? is there no difference between me and Norm ? '' all of a sudden while thinking about it he again runs into someone. '' What is it? I keep running into people. Stop getting in my way '' he yelled without even looking at the person. '' Daniel you are alive '' saying this the person hugs him. Daniel looks up to see Michael there. All the friends there were here to see him there. Daniel was happy to see them there. '' When did all of you come?'' he asked. ''We were waiting for you to come back '' replied Ariel with a smile on her face. '' Welcome back Daniel '' said Enoch. '' Welcome back '' Azrael murmured. '' Where are you, Eve ?'' Dina asked looking around him. '' Is she not with you ?''. '' She's having checkups will come back later ''. '' I am going to get her '' Dina said walking past Daniel. '' Me too '' Ariel left. Cannon and Gabriel both left too. Cassiel and Seraphina were the ones that remained now. '' Should we go home now ?'' Cain asked. '' Yeah, the professor told me to take a rest today and relax '' remarks Daniel. '' Then on the way, we will hear about the battle then '' said Seraphina pulling Daniel with her grabbing him by the arm. Able and others followed them. Meanwhile, Dina and others managed to take Angelica with them. They were chatting on the way. But there was something in her heart that she could not understand and she could not tell even them about it. '' I need to find him and ask him about it '' she thought while walking. '' Hey, what was the norm like? tell me '' Dina kept asking this repeatedly. '' Come on Dina don't be a brat stop forcing her to tell you about it. Everything is recorded we will be able to see it tomorrow. She's tired now let her take rest after this '' Cannon persuaded her. '' Alright, then I will hear about it later from you than'' Dina agreed finally to her. They walk towards the Garden of Eden now. Meanwhile, Cassiel and others were with Daniel who had returned there. Michael and others didn't felt like disturbing Daniel too much as he was just back after a fight so they decided to let him rest for a while. Daniel went back to his room closing the door behind him he walked up to his bed. Then lies down. The others were in the living room talking about the battle and all. Angelica and others arrived there. '' I think you should also take some rest. It will be for the best '' Dina said to her. '' Alright then see you guys later '' Angelica waved at them. '' See you at the evening them '' Able said to Angelica. '' See you '' said Enoch. Angelica walked up to her room on the way came Daniel's room. '' Should I tell him about it? but what if he's sleeping that was the only thing going in her head stopping her from entering there. She knocked on the door finally. '' Daniel are you awake ?'' she called. There was no reply. '' Is he sleeping ? should I come back later? but then again '' she turned on the knob and opened the door. When she went inside she was surprised by the thing that she saw there.
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