The discovery

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What she saw there was the body of Daniel who only had his pants on and he was lying on his stomach making him look like a corpse from anyone's view. '' Daniel '' she called but he wasn't answering. '' Must be sleeping then, should I come back later ? '' she was not able to fix her mind about it whether she should stay or leave.

'' Hey, Daniel '' she called again while walking up to his bed. He was snoring quite well now she could feel that he's in deep sleep. '' Guess I can look at his books for now. He never showed me what was written inside that book back then '' when she thought that she recalled the thing about the dying state of the norm.

How it was begging for its life. This made her feel sick than ever. She wanted to get that thing off of her mind so she decided to emerge herself in the books. When she managed to find it she recalled the scene when it was holding onto her neck making her choke.

She touched her neck in response to that. '' It was planning to kill me. Why was it after all of our lives? What did we ever do to them? and how did-? '' all of them were taking over her mind. She took out the book from the shelf without thinking.

Then went to sit on the other side of the bed till he wakes up. When she was about to read the first page he waked up. Then he forced her down on the bed grabbing both of her hands making the book fall from the bed onto the floor.

Angelica could not understand what he was doing. '' Daniel what's this about huh? I thought you were sleeping '' she retorted. But she could see that even though he was looking at her his mind was in some other place.

'' I am going to kill you, Norm. I am going to kill you. I will let you kill neither Angelica nor me. I will save everyone and kill you '' he snarled gritting his teeth. '' What? Norm? he's thinking of me as the norm? why ?'' she was not able to make either head or tail out of this.

'' I need to understand what's happening with him '' she thought. '' Wait Daniel this is me I am not a Norm '' she protested in an attempt to make him understand who she was. '' No you are I am going to tear you apart '' he shouts tearing off her clothes in the attempt.

Angelica gave him a hard slap back making her come back to his senses. '' What am I ? where's the Norm? '' he mutters roaming his eyes around the room and spotted the girl under him. '' What are you doing here ?'' he gave her a puzzled look back. '' Wait did you slapped me ?''.

'' Yes I did now get off of me '' she gave him a bashful and angry look back covering her chest with her hands as she was in her inner-wear. She looks away from him then sits on the bed. '' Did I do that to your clothes ?'' he asked as if it was a murmur.

'' Yes, you did you hovered on top of me and thought of me as a norm. Then attacked me. I slapped you after you did this to my clothes forgive me about that '' she confessed without a bit of hesitation in her mind.

'' No it's alright, you did what's the best for me in that situation. These must be the side effects of the battles. It left a deep impact on my mind. You see that's why I did that. I was not in myself back then. Forgive me I am sorry '' he apologized bowing down his head.

'' It's alright I forgive you but in return, you have to let me read this book of yours will you let me read it ? '' she asked. ''' What book ?'' he then spotted the book on the ground lying on its own. '' So that's why you came into my room huh? no wonder. I am not giving it to you '' he said picking it up.

'' You don't have to then. I can understand what you are going through as I am feeling the same '' she faced him now. '' There was something that I wanted to say to you about the check-up after the battle. Hear me out '' she was rubbing her shoulders to calm herself down.

'' Did the professor saw you na-'' he asked holding her shoulders. '' No he did not '' she retorts back. '' Thank god '' he lets out a sigh. '' The problem is not that. Remember that I received a wound during the battle? I was bleeding heavily? ''.

''Yeah, what about it ?''. '' The wound is long gone even without treatment how's that possible? ''. '' What are you saying? let me see '' he was checking her forehead. '' You are right there's nothing here how's it possible ?''.

'' I asked Chris about it she said that I must have been imagining the wound. But I was not, the wound repaired itself on its own. Is this even possible ? '' she asked. '' It's not possible in a normal sense. But it may be possible if you have immortality or anything or super regenerating abilities then it might be possible '' he explained.

'' But we don't have anything like that do we ?''. '' I think that we may need to ask them about it. We can tell them about it later the situation itself seems grave enough. I will think about it later then you don't have to worry '' he assured her.

'' Thanks for that Daniel, I had been wondering whom to ask about it you were the best one to ask. Thank you ''. '' You can always come to ask me if you are in trouble we are partners after all ''. '' Partners '' Angelica was feeling bashful when he said that.

'' By the way, I had been thinking about it for a while but '' he was scratching the back of his head now. '' What? is he gonna propose to me about his feelings or something ?'' she thoughts. '' What should I do? How will I react to this ?'' she thoughts.

'' Do you mind about wearing something for now? I mean I am feeling bad for ruining your clothes. You can take one shirt of mine and wear it up to your room. You want one ?'''. '' No need for that '' she replied bluntly.

'' I am leaving then see you later in the evening '' she was turning away. '' Are you gonna leave so early ? '' he called. '' Yeah, or are you gonna take even my skirt away from me too ?'' she glared at him.

'' No no why would I do that? I am not going to do anything like that '' he stuttered. He opened the door for her then she went out. Her room was a five-minute walk from his. Angelica was keeping her eyes roaming so that no one would see her like this.

'' No one nearby goes'' Daniel said to her. Angelica left in a hurry. But then right at the moment, Ariel was walking past from the other direction back then. And she managed to catch the sight of her leaving Daniel's room in a hurry as he was walking beside the door.

Angelica seemed quite flustered to her. '' Why is she ?''. She decided to keep quiet about it.

Meanwhile at the lab. '' Are you done extracting the core ?'' asked Ernest to the other scientists there. '' Yes, the professor we will be able to repair the damaged body parts also ''. '' Good then '' he was checking over the body checkup files of all the Adam and Eve including Daniel and Angelica all of a sudden he spotted something in there.

'' Chris where are you ?'' he called getting up. '' What's the wrong professor ?'' Nora asked walking up to him. ''I have found out a way for them to easily synchronize their minds so their compatibility will go up. I can't believe that the idea didn't come into my mind until now '' he explained.

'' What do you mean ?''. '' See these the first pilots had it easier because their feelings were connected too. We need to do just that. This way the others will be able to pilot easily too then we will be able to employ them in battles. I should have thought about it earlier ''.

'' Will this work ?'' she asked. '' It seems like a good idea though ''. '' We should go with this '' Chris added entering the room. '' Did you even see what we are talking about ?'' Nora retorted. '' Yes, you are thinking about ways to increase the synchronizing timing right? I thought about it long ago ''.

'' By the way, professor do you want to start their training tomorrow ? '' asked Chris facing him. '' Yes, I will want all of them to start training early so that they can be employed in battles also. They need to learn how to use them from scratch and the duty will be given to you both Chris and Nora '' states Ernest.

'' As you say ''. '' Why do I have to team up with this woman now ?'' Nora thought. '' What about the wound healing thing that Angelica said to you about? do you think that it was her imagination or something? she seemed to have received a wound through ''.

'' But there are no records in the past that this is also possible. I need to look into that matter greatly now. Very well Steven comes with me we need to check the samples of the norms. Also, bring the molecular system identifier too ''.

'' Also inform the kids about it right away by the evening so that they can move in by the night '' Ernest reminded Nora and Chris again. Nora bursts out of there. After that Angelica took some rest. Daniel was reading before he fell asleep.

All of them gathered in the living room in the evening. Angelica and Daniel both came downstairs at the same time. They didn't know what the kids were talking about before they got here. '' Had a nice nap ?'' asked Dina pulling her by the hand to sit on the sofa.

'' Sure I did '' she replied. Daniel was about to sit down when they hear a voice saying '' We are back to disturb you again''. All of them looked at the voice it was Nora and Chris. '' We have something to inform you about from the prof '' said Nora gleefully.

'' What ?'' Daniel asked. '' All of you will surely like it ''said Chris with a grin. All of them looked at both women with suspicious eyes.

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