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'' By good news, I didn't think that she will mean this. They don't move that thing there, '' Daniel warned Angelica who was now of her things to his room. ''Don't blame me cause Chris told us to do this by the night, why do we have to shift our things in the middle of the night?'' Angelica whined. '' Stop whining, We are also doing the same,'' remarks Dina who was passing by their room. '' Will you close the door? we don't want to see you arguing,'' added Michael who was passing by their room carrying the boxes. '' Angelica close the door, others are seeing we are arguing,'' Daniel instructed his partner who was now arranging the books on the shelf. '' What? you should do it. I am busy here myself, try being in my shoes. I don't want to move out of my room in the middle of the night. You should have moved into mine, '' Angelica complained while sorting the books out. '' Can't be helped I can't change my room. I like the comfort here,'' added Daniel. '' Guess I have to close the door,'' he went to close it. All of this happened some hours ago. Chris and Nora had come here to give them the good news. It was '' All of you will be sharing one room with your partners. I hope you won't mind it as we will be occupying the other rooms. You all don't mind, do you? '' Nora asked them all. '' But why do we have to do that now of all the time?'' asked Cannon. '' That's the command of the professor. Anyway, move into one room. This will have to be done before dinner. Help out each other, I know you will get used to this,'' Chris said clearing her throat. '' It's obvious that the partners should stay in the same room. I hope all of you will able to understand each other very well like this, that's all,'' Chris asserts. After that everyone was shocked. They had to move their things to the others rooms. And now Angelica is moving into his room. '' Are you done with bringing your clothes?'' asked Daniel sitting on the chair relaxingly. '' Yeah, I need to arrange them. Help me out,'' she said handing him the box. '' Put them in your closet. I will be arranging my things here,'' she was referring to the small tree plants in her room which she takes care of every now and often. '' What? your clothes? Are you sure about that?'' he asked again. ''Yes do what I am telling you,'' she answered from behind the shelf. '' Alright fine, Don't blame me for this though,'' he murmured as he opened the boxes. At first, he found the pajama and then the normal clothes that they wear there. He was arranging them quite well. '' She has some childish preferences doesn't she?'' he was amused. '' Pretty much done, I can't believe in myself,'' he was complimenting himself. '' The next one,'' he took something out without even realizing what it was. ''' Wait, this is not heavy at all, this is-'' he took a closer look to find out that it was a bra. His face became flustered red. Then he took out another thing then he realized it was her underwear. '' Daniel, I am done with my plants how are you doing over there?'' Angelica asked coming over to his side. She looked at what he had in his hand. He hides it behind his back. '' What's that? Let me see it,'' she demanded. His face became pale. '' It's nothing, you don't have to see it,'' he stuttered. '' No I have to see what it is, Let me,'' she was trying to take it away from him. She managed to take it away to find that he had her inner-wear. She was calm at first but then she was seething in anger. '' Daniel, you are such a pervert,'' she shouts slapping him in the cheek. '' I didn't mean to do this. Wait you are the one who told me to do this. I am not at fault here,'' he snapped back. ''Let me do this you don't have to do anything,'' she retorts. '' I was a fool for letting you do this,''. '' Yeah fine,''. '' Man, why do we have to move in the middle of the night? I hate this shifting and all,'' complained Raphael putting down the boxes. Ariel was thinking about something in her mind while sitting on the chair. '' At least help me out Ariel,'' called Raphael. '' No, I won't I am thinking about something. Don't disturb me,'' she replied plainly. '' But these are your things, right? why do I have to move them to my room?'''. '' If you don't want that then let's go to my room. Then I will be able to taunt you well,'' Dina said with a sadistic smile on her face. '' No please, you don't have to I will move all the things by myself. Damn, you are making people work too hard you see,'' he complained. '' I want to understand why was she looking like that when she left his room. I want to know what happened between them. I can't rest unless I find out that,'' she thought. '' All of this is getting too much interesting for me to comprehend, I need to know everything,''. '' Wish I move to Daniel's room,'' Seraphina thought as she was moving her things to Abel's room. '' Hurry up Sera,'' called Able behind her. '' I am doing it, If you don't like then do it yourself. Why do I have to move in with you anyway?'' she retorted putting down the boxes. '' This was the order of the professor. I was not the one who's wrong here. We are following his order that's all,'' Able replied thought this will deepen our bonding but you don't seem to like this at all,'' mutters Able. '' Yes, I am not liking this at all. If I may ask Nora about it tomorrow in the morning,'' Seraphina started leaving the room. '' What's wrong with her? I didn't think that she will dislike this idea that much. If she doesn't want then we won't be together then. After all, I, can't and her will can I? we are not like Angelica or Daniel,'' this thought made him clench his fists in anger. All through the evening shifting thing. They had to make sure of this by night so they managed to finish it by nine. Then all of them gathered onto the dinner table looking all exhausted by this.
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