Spending the first night in the same room

1384 Words

After that, The dinner arrived. All of them were looking even more depressed than ever. '' Are you fine? '' Dina asked pointing at Angelica. '' Yes but I am too exhausted,'' Angelica replied letting out a sigh. '' I am exhausted also,'' added Daniel with a frown. Ariel was being watchful of her. While she was eating Raphael was looking all burned out. '' Are you alright? why do you seem dead?'' Cassiel asked poking his head. '' He's just acting like that because he did all the moving don't mind him,'' added Ariel. '' Poor guy,'' sighs Cannon. '' Here I will cheer you up. Open up,'' Dina said to Raphael. '' Thank you, Angel, '' Raphael replied with a happy expression. Michael was acting all angry because of that though he doesn't like to show his emotions that much. Seraphina was no

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