Spending the first night in the same room

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After that, The dinner arrived. All of them were looking even more depressed than ever. '' Are you fine? '' Dina asked pointing at Angelica. '' Yes but I am too exhausted,'' Angelica replied letting out a sigh. '' I am exhausted also,'' added Daniel with a frown. Ariel was being watchful of her. While she was eating Raphael was looking all burned out. '' Are you alright? why do you seem dead?'' Cassiel asked poking his head. '' He's just acting like that because he did all the moving don't mind him,'' added Ariel. '' Poor guy,'' sighs Cannon. '' Here I will cheer you up. Open up,'' Dina said to Raphael. '' Thank you, Angel, '' Raphael replied with a happy expression. Michael was acting all angry because of that though he doesn't like to show his emotions that much. Seraphina was not even staring at Abel. So was he doing the same? Gabriel came in between them and said,'' Are you both fighting?''. '' Yes we are,'' they both said in unison. Then Seraphina looked away from him. '' Alright calm down, stop fighting. Eat up we have to go to sleep by eleven,'' reminded Azrael. He was the mood maker of them all. ''Why are you acting like that brother?'' Cain asked Abel. '' Stop blaming me all the time. I did nothing here. Whatever I don't want to talk about her,'' Able replied bluntly eating the bread. '' I am happy to eat some meat,'' Enoch said with a bright smile on his face. All of them ignored him and did what they like. They managed to finish eating by ten. Now they will wash their dishes. Everyone washes their ones. They have to make their beds also they are taught everything to do on their own. As there were not many people there. After chatting in the living room for a while they said they good nights and went to sleep. They were at first going on their separate ways. Then they recalled that they were now living in the same rooms. They went back to their tracks again. Angelica went first. Then Daniel followed her. Angelica closed the door behind her ended up locking it. Right at the moment, Daniel went and he saw that it was locked from the inside. He started banging on the door. ''Open up I have to go in,''. '' Open up,''. '' Stop shouting,'' replied she opening the door. Then he closed the door behind him. '' Is this your room that you close it as you please ? '' he retorted. '' I wanted to bath that's why I closed it, any problem? '' she replied adverting her gaze away from him. '' Didn't you do it before you went for dinner? '' he asked, '' No I forgot about it, forgive me. Where is your bathing towel though? '' she asked with a frown. She roamed her eyes throughout the room. '' It's in the bath, you can use it. I don't mind sharing with you,'' he mutters taking a seat on the chair. '' Good then, Do you wanna go first?'' she asked. '' No, I am going out to get some fresh air,'' he said leaving the room. '' What's with him?'' she thought as she saw him leave. When he went out he felt some sort of uneasy to stay in that room. '' I have never felt this uneasy before. My heart is racing why? I can't comprehend this emotion,'' he thought as he touched his chest. '' It's still racing.'' Meanwhile, at this time, Seraphina was also passing by there. Seeing him she walked up to him now. '' Hi, what are you doing here? Aren't you going to sleep yet? '' she asked. Seeing her he relaxed down and replied, '' I got out for some fresh air that's all what about you?''. '' Same, we are in the same boat. Wanna have some drink?'' she asked. '' Sure,'' he replied. They both walked down the living room for some juice. They went to the kitchen to get some. Meanwhile, Abel was passing by that room also. He saw both of them chatting happily. Seeing her laughter he became enraged. He was fisting his hands in the air as he gritted his teeth his veins were throbbing in his neck. 'You never laugh this way with me though, What's the difference between him and me?'' he asked himself as he watched both pairs. Cassiel saw that. She was passing by there. She placed her hand on his shoulder. '' Feeling lonely are you?'' she asked. '' You know what I am feeling even without me telling you, then why asking?'' he replied even without facing him. '' It's true both of you twin brothers' emotions are quite the same. I can feel them very well, but you should think for yourself too sometimes. I want to be proved wrong someday by others too, now try to make up with her. She will be able to understand you just I was able to do the same for Cain. Now ask her to come with you. I am leaving now. Good night,'' Cassiel said with a smile. '' Good night, I will try,''. When they both came out of there Able stood there then said, '' Let's go Sera''. '' You were waiting for me?"'. '' Yes, good night Daniel,'' said Able taking Seraphina by her hand. He dragged her towards their room. '' Why did you bring me from there?''' she asked on the way. '' You haven't bathed yet you have to do it,'' that's he mutters. '' I don't want to go with you,'' she stated firmly. He stopped walking. Then faced her he was looking all firm. ''If you won't go then I will force you to come with me,'' saying this he picks her up from the ground then walks towards their room. '' Hey, pull me down, hey,'' her protests were of no use to him now. He closed the door behind them and puts her down at last. '' I am not going to stay here let me go to my room,'' she said trying to walk out of the room. He didn't let her go. '' You don't know how bad I can be. You have no idea about it,'' he grunts. '' Oh yeah? Show me then,'' she taunted him. '' I know you can't even flicker a hair on my head-''. This made his anger rise. He took her up in his hands without saying anything, Then went to the bathroom in their room. '' Why did you bring me here? '' shouts Seraphina. Abel took her there then throws her into the bathtub without saying anything. ''' Hey you, why did you do this?'' She shouts staring at the man before her. She was quite annoyed by this. '' Now bath,'' Abel commands. '' Why? cause you told me to? Why should I listen to you? Who are you?'' she retorted biting her lips she was about to get up from the bathtub. '' Cause. I am your Adam and you are my Eve. You have to do what I say as we are both partners. And that's my decision,'' declared Abel to her. '' You can't force your rights on me like that. Just because you are Adam doesn't make you any more superior to me. I will do as I like,'' saying she was stepping out of the bath. Then Able comes forwards and forced her onto the bath he also stepped in with her. They were in the bath together. Seraphina was getting angry about what he was forcing her to do. '' Just you wait, I will tell about you to the Professor. He will punish you very well,'' she said to him. Meanwhile, Daniel went to his room and went inside without knocking. What he discovered was a naked Angelica wearing her bath towel only. His face flustered red when that happened. '' What are you?'' before he could finish his words the towel fell from her hands out of shock revealing her full body to him. He fainted down seeing her like that his nose was bleeding now.
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