Trainning started

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When Daniel opened his eyes he was seeing the sight of Angelica which he saw the previous night before fainting. He looked up at the ceiling now morning light came from the window making her force open his eyes.

Then he noticed his hands which were tied down by something like clothes. It was her cloth. Why is he tied like this he thought. Then he noticed that he was sleeping beside Angelica and also in the same bed. She was facing him sleeping comfortably.

'' Why did she tie me up ?'' he thought about it for some time but he could not find out a way about it. Then she moved a little lying on her back. He was able to see something beneath her transparent nightdress.

Something blackish was visible now. He realized that it was her bra. He was able to see the way up to his legs and her underwear also. He was about to faint this time again. '' I have to control myself now,'' he thought but then when he saw her like that he felt something.

'' Oh no, early in the morning now? Why does this have to happen every morning? And now she's also living with me. I can't but my hands are tied up now. What should I do? '' when he thought up various ways to defeat the inner beast within him she was starting to wake up.

'' Why does she has to get up right now? If she sees this she will ask about it. Oh no what should I do? '' he was about to get away from there so he was tiptoeing towards the door. Then she called from behind, '' Where are you going early in the morning? we have to go for training today at eight.''

'' What really? I forgot about it thanks for reminding me. I will get ready then,'' he replied but not facing her. He was about to go to the bathroom like that but then she said, '' Why aren't you facing me? ''. '' OUt of all the things you had to ask this,'' he thought.

'' I am doing a new kind of activity that's all. You can do it together with me. Do it like this,'' he was trying to hide the matter now. '' I don't want to do it now face me,'' she commands. '' No,'' he insists.

She became angry and walked up to his side now. '' Face me,'' she shouts grabbing onto his shoulders she made him face her. She noticed that there was nothing wrong with him but then she could see a bulge in his private part.

She blushed a little then. '' What's there? Are you fine? '' she stuttered looking away from him. '' Yes I am so stop looking,'' he yelled rushing towards the bathroom. '' What was that thing there? I need to ask them about it,'' thought Angelica.

'' Why are we living inside the same room now? I hate this idea,'' Daniel thought. '' I bet she won't be able to forget about it. I want to die,''

After that, all of them had to go to the Land of Nod as they will be receiving the training there regarding the piloting of the Angels and all. They all arrived at the training room with their partners. Daniel was looking all weary and tired out as Angelica hasn't talked to him about the incident in the morning.

Meanwhile, Ariel and her partner were looking quite happy and cheerful there. Canon was yawning so was Enoch. Gabriel and Azrael looked the same as ever. Then came Cassiel and Cain and then Dina and Raphael.

Only the last one was Seraphina and Abel. They arrived at last. Then came Nora and Chris they were wearing suits. None of the kids could realize why they were wearing that. Then Ernest came there.

'' Good morning, you all. I bet all of you have something to say about the new room exchange thing but don't worry I will listen to all of you. But only after we are done with the practicing and all got it? '' Ernest said.

'' Now check out the suits now,'' Chris said. Some other scientists brought suits and handed them out to them. '' Wear them and come back here,'' Ernest said to all of them with a smile. At the changing room. '' Hey, this seems too tight for me,'' whined Angelica.

'' Let me see, '' Dina said. '' Which part?''. '' Back and chest. It seems to be showing body parts through her skin too much. Can't we do something about it?'' Angelica asked. '' At least you have them unlike me,'' Dina cried out as hers were little beads.

'' Stop chattering and go if you are done,'' Ariel said to others walking past them. Seraphina was the most developed out of them all. With a little tall figure and slim beauty. She was staring at her reflection in the mirror and was a little bit absent-minded.

Then Canon said to her,'' Chris is calling for us let's go.'' Seraphina nodded and went with her. She nodded then they were about to leave. The boys arrived there earlier than them. When the girls got there all of the boys were looking at them in wonder.

'' Prof, why did you made them like this?'' Angelica called out. '' These are assimilation resistant high efficient suits. I bet you will like them, '' advised Ernest. '' They are looking good now you are the most efficient riders out there now. Now prof will start the training listen to everything, '' Nora said to them.

'' Listen up, The fight from yesterday was something that you should learn from. Angelica and Daniel come forward as you have battled that Norm or silicon-based life form,'' said Ernest pointing at them.

They get up and stand beside them. '' Now all of you will be piloting the Angels, you will have to learn how to pilot them. So compatibility is needed. Get into your mechas. All the Angels are waiting for you,'' said Ernest.

All of them get into the mecha. Daniel helped Angelica get up but she didn't even ask for his help. The cockpit closed. The system starts. '' Now look at the screen, It's showing the outer place of the Angels,'' Ernest begins to say from the control decks.

'' There are several controls there. Use them to operate, The switch on the right is for navigation and the one on the right is for backing down. Now we will learn all the functions, '' stated Nora who was in the pilot control room.

After they were done learning all of that Chris said, '' Now try to operate the Angles. You will be able to operate them easily now you know their functions don't worry you won't be injured as it's just a test simulation. Do it the way you were taught to do.''

'' Team one, Angelica and Daniel will show you how to do it,'' Ernest said. '' Counting on you,'' Chris added smiling at them. '' It's not so easy you know? Now look properly,'' Daniel grunted. They showed how to pilot them like that Team two, managed to follow their directions and follow them which consists of Dina and Michael.

Like that all the teams managed to learn it though they had a hard time learning it as it was just their first day. Ernest said from the control room, '' Marvellous I didn't expect that you all will do well on just your first day. I hope all of you will continue to prosper like this.''

'' It's all because of your help professor,'' said Enoch. '' But what about team seven, Seraphina and Able? Didn't you managed to do it ?'' Nora asked. '' Let me check your compatibility rate,'' Ernest went to the monitor and saw that their compatibility rate is lower than thirty percent.

''You aren't compatible with each other how's this possible? Didn't you stayed in the same room last night ?'' asked Ernest. '' Yes we did,'' Able replied. '' Then why's this not 100? I want to know,'' asked Ernest.

'' Just staying in the same room is not going to make us compatible,'' added Seraphina with a grunt. '' You need to listen to their problems,'' Nora said walking up to them. '' Guess it was not a wise decision without telling them about it. Alright everyone now you know how to pilot right? let's go over the battle from yesterday get back from the machine to the hall we need to discuss,'' Ernest said to them.

Seraphina was eyeing Abel now. '' What? What did I do ?'' he asked her. '' Nothing let's go,'' she said opening the cockpit. '' can't understand what's wrong with her,'' he sighs.

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