First trial

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They all gathered at the hall everyone with their partners now. Ernest and Nora and other scientists standing side by side now. Ernest begins to speak up, '' I will go through the battle formula now, then onto other things. So yesterday a Norm came here as you all know. It was supposed to come hereafter one week but it arrived even earlier than we thought.''

'' As a result, we had to employ you into the battle at the early stage,'' added Nora. '' Yes during the test and trials the Norm came into our Land of the Nod without any kind of warnings. It was unprecedented we didn't think that it will arrive so soon. Everything happened without our knowing. And thus we had to employ Angelica and Daniel at the early stage. They fought bravely even without any kind of directions and stuff. I am thankful for that.''

'' But even if they managed to win with pure luck, it will not come every day so you have to train harder so that you will be able to fight them in near future so that you all will be able to protect this base which is your home. You have to protect it with your lives. And this is the duty given to you by your fate. The duty to save humanity. As you already know that most of humanity has been wiped out and you all are the last hope of humanity who can stand up to their assimilation. I hope you haven't forgotten that'' Nora added.

''' You will ride these so-called Angels who will help you fight against them and protect us. All of you will risk your lives to protect that do you agree with this? As you are the only ones who can stand on the front line and fight. We are normal humans who can't do anything without you. Will you do it to save and protect us with your lives ?'' asked Ernest.

Angelica gets up. '' You are the ones who helped us grow up here if it wasn't for you then we could not have been able to survive even among these tough conditions. We will be grateful to this life given to us by you if we can help you to repay the favor that you have done to us. Everyone thinks the same don't you? ''.

'' That's right,'' added Dina getting up. '' I also feel the same.'' '' So do I,'' Cain said. Ariel got up too everyone agreed only except Seraphina and Abel. '' Everyone I am so happy to see that you think about us so much. I hope we will continue to guide you like this,'' said Chris to them.

'' Always remember that these aliens came to invade this earth to take back our homeland along with the people that were our dear ones. Don't forget the hatred that we have for them. They are the one who has taken back our everything so we have to be the ones who will eradicate them using their strengths. We have to eradicate every last of these so-called Norms so that humanity can live on this earth forever, Can you kids assure us that ?'' Ernest asked looking at their faces.

'' Of course,'' they all said in unison. '' Now I feel at ease now. We will continue to do trials every day so that you will be able to fight one if the time calls for it. For the time being, I want you to learn all the battle tactics that we prepared to fight against them. With the help of these you will develop into a good soldier of the country in no time,'' Nora said with a smile she placed her hand on Angelica's shoulders. '' You need to do something about compatibility your mind was not there today.''

Angelica nodded in response. '' Now about those norms they can die if their core is extracted from their bodies or else they will be reborn again so you have to make sure that they are destroyed. Got it? just like the core the red object like this,'' Ernest showed on the screen the photo of the core.

''' It's shinning just like crystal,'' Dina said.'' I want this.''

'' These are embedded into their bodies. You will be able to have them after they have died. Once you take it the host will die. The norms come in many forms just like the one from yesterday. Chris will give you a detailed report about it later to all of you I hope you will go through them seriously,'' Ernest added.

'' Professor About the moving and shifting-'' Seraphina stepped in to speak up. '' That's done for your good, can't you understand that?'' Chris added. '' You must be wondering why we did that. It was my idea so that you will be able to know your partner in and out. If you spend most of the time together then your mind will be in one place you will try to understand each other's feelings. The more we stay with each other the more you will know each other. I thought this will be beneficial for all of you and that resulted in this look at this,'' Ernest showed some statistics on the screen.

'' All of you look at your compatibilty rate the highest are of Dina and Michael and Ariel and Gabriel. And the others need to get along well. Until both of you feel comfortable with each other you won't be able to read the mind of each other. So try to get along with each other especially Abel and Sera. You were not able to pass the trial if there's anything wrong between you two then tell the other about it. I hope all of you will be able to get along with each other now,'' Chris said to them.

'' Talk and sort out your emotions if you don't do this you can't pilot the Angel. That's the reason we have Eve and Adam to support the Angel keep it in mind. That's all I have to say for now. You all will go through regular check us after battles. And all of you will start training from tomorrow. There will be two on two battles too where we will give points to each team. Whoever has the highest teams will have new weapons from us. So good luck,'' Ernest said making them feel all hyper about it.

'' I am fired up,'' Enoch thought in his mind. '' Pointless,'' Seraphina comments. She looked down and walked away from there.

Abel saw her walking away from there. He cleched his fists seeing her then.

"Go to the lab to get checked as you had piloted the Angles,"Nora said to all the kids. ''But Seraphina walked away From here, what should we do about her?" asked Ariel pointing at her.

"Then go and get her after check up you can spend the rest of the day doing whatever you want to do," Chris said to them.

"Should I go?" Daniel asked looking at all of their faces. "No, you don't have to I will go ,"saying this Abel goes after Seraphina. "You kids come with me they will be checked later after they come back," Nora said to them.

Then they go with her. Meanwhile Seraphina was walking towards the exit of the Land of the Nod so that she will be able to leave there.

She was passing by the corridor there then Abel grabbed her hand from behind stopping her from going. Seraphina looked back at him with her fiery eyes.

She was disappointed to see Abel there.

She bites her lips then was about to ask something but she was interrupted by Abel. He said, " They are saying us to take check ups so that there won't be any symptoms of the assimilation phenomenon. Let's go after that you can go back and do whatever you want to do," he asserts.

"Why did you came to get me? Did you forgot about what you did to me last night?" she yelled. "I am guilty about it but you were the one who forced me to do that. You were not changing clothes so I took the initiative to try to change it. But I didn't see anything so you can't blame me about it,''he retorted.

"You sure about it?"asked Seraphina looking at him. "Yes , so you stop getting so much angry at me."

"Don't blame me you were being forceful. What had gotten into you back then?You were not like that ever.Whats gotten into your head ?" she retorted.

"You forced me to do that," he replied plainly. "Now come, even if you hate me for this come. After this you won't have to see my face for the day,'' he stated.

"Glad then,"she said and started walking towards the check up room. When all of them were done with the check ups arrived Seraphina and Abel. "See you later you two,''Ariel said to them with a grin. Seraphina went inside with Abel following behind.

After they were done Chris said to them,"Learn from others and get along then you will be able to ride the Angles well. Without cooperation nothing will work out well. I hope both of you understand that."

They both stared at each other then looked away."I wonder what's going to happen to you both. I can't help but worry.,"Chris sighs.

They get out all on their own ways.

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