Getting along with each other

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Later that day, As it took them the whole morning to go through the first trail it was around afternoon now when they get out of the Land of the Nod. All of them arrive at the Garden of Eden, in the living room. Everyone was sitting side by side now. Seraphina and Abel arrived later. '' Hey, don't you think that we should plan Angelica and Daniel's birthday which is two days later now, '' comments Dina making all of us look at her in response. '' Even if you say so what's the point in here huh? We will just get one year older that's all,'' Daniel asserts trying to dismiss the matter quickly so that he can go upstairs and sleep. '' But it's birthday as a special day when you are the hero of your life every year. We should make plans about it,'' Dina insisted. '' What plans ?'' Michael asked turning to her. '' About how we will celebrate that's all. I mean with foods and decorations,'' Dina added being too much hyper about it. '' Decorations? Where will you decorate ?'' Daniel asked. '' Here, this place which is our home. We will celebrate here. We will decorate it with flowers,'' she insisted. '' Flowers? what kind of flowers? That is outside in the garden? '' Ariel asked in sitting in a comfortable position. '' Yes,''. '' But you need to ask Chris about it she has been raising them ever since they were little,'' added Cannon. '' Exactly,'' Gabriel added. '' She won't say anything about it to me. I will go and ask her about it, count on me,'' Dina said. '' Don't count me in that,'' said Michael with a sigh. '' What about the food? '' Cassiel asked. '' Should we ask the aunts to make something special for them? What do you both like the best?'' Ariel turned to the pair in the middle. Without any kind of thinking they both replied in unison, '' Cheese sandwiches.'' '' Do both of you have the same taste ?'' asked Seraphina with a smirk. '' What's your problem about it?'' Able remarks. '' Nothing,''. '' Alright Cheese sandwiches then. I will tell them to give some drink too then we will all do something like music and dancing. We all will perform something special and enjoy together,'' Dina said with dreamy eyes. '' Sounds good,'' comments Ariel. '' Can we the men can say something? '' Enoch said. '' What is it ?'' Angelica asked. '' We want to have a special party at night along with Daniel. We hope that the girls won't take part in it,'' Azrael said clearing his throat. '' Why?'' all the girls asked in unison. '' Cause that will be for the men's that's why'' replied Raphael. '' But we want to enjoy ourselves together why are you doing this?'' Cannon asked. '' Cause that's our decision,'' added Cain. '' But where will do it though?'' Abel asked interrupting there. '' At Daniel's room,'' replied Michael with a smile. '' But Chris said that we should stay in pairs where will Angelica go there then? '' Gabriel asked. '' She will stay with you girls. You can do a party on your own at night. It will be good all of you will be able to gossip together,'' suggested Enoch. '' That sounds good, I am agreeing to this,'' Dina shouts. '' Fine, you can occupy his room then,'' Angelica said with a pout. '' Why are you deciding everything without consulting me?'' Daniel yelled getting up. '' Shut up you have no choice here do what we tell you,'' said Cain to him. '' Then everything is decided then. We should ask the professor and doctor to stay here and attend to everything during the day too. At night we will enjoy,'' Cassiel suggested. '' That's for the better,'' Raphael said. '' Thanks for thinking about us so much, '' Angelica said bowing to them. '' Not a problem cause all of us love you here,'' Dina said hugging her. Daniel's face had gone pale hearing about all of their ideas. It was lunchtime now. After having lunch Cannon went to water the plants. Dina went to take a nap. Ariel loves to draw so she does it whenever she has spare time. Cassiel loves to make songs. Seraphina loves to work out to keep her body in shape. Gabriel likes to dance with music she was doing the same usual routine. Angelica had some spare time so she thought about walking inside the Garden of Eden. As Daniel was sleeping. On the way, she met up with Michael. '' Where are you going?'' he asked. '' Just walking inside and out that's all,'' she replied. '' But you should not do that cause we are underground now. The professors say we should stay in during the daylight. You are going to the eastern side right? Where the oxygen facility is? '' he asked. '' Well not exactly though...I guess yeah why?'' she asked. '' The professors never let us go there though. You wanna go?'' Michael asked. '' Sure what's the harm?''. ''But, alright we can take a peek let's go,'' he said taking her by the hand. They dash towards that place. Then they went through the plant chamber then stood in front of the door where they were never permitted to enter. Yes, the gate of doom. '' It needs a password do you have it?'' he turns to her. '' No, then?''. '' I think we can try a little,'' he said then enters something then fails. Then enters something then failed too. '' Last try'' saying this he puts in something and the door opened but then someone called them from behind. '' What are you kids doing here? ''. Their bodies tensed up to hear that. They looked at the source of the voice it was the scientist named, Melody. Angelica said, '' We came here by mistake sorry.'' '' It's alright don't come here we do examinations on assimilation so stay away from all the places, you may get infected if you are not in your suits. Now go,'' she said hurrying them out of there. '' Thank you,'' Michael said as they left there running. '' I need to seal this place us or else they will come again. We can't let them see this thing, or else they will be scared,'' she thought as she looked at the thing in front of her. After that none of them said anything about it to anyone. Later at night, she was sitting in a chair looking aimlessly at the space thinking about what was in there. Daniel who was sleeping woke up and was reading through his books. He thought about something then said, '' As Chris said, we need to increase the compatibility rate so...I was...'' he was not able to complete his words. '' So I thought that we should get along with each other. I mean our birthday is coming up so, Do you want me to give you a gift or something?'' he asked. But she was lost in her thoughts there are so many things that she does not know about. About what Daniel keeps hiding from and the incident in the morning then followed the thing in the oxygen plant. What was in that room that was the only thing going on in her mind? '' Hey, can you hear me?'' he asked. '' Are you listening?''. He noticed that her mind was not there so he moved her a little. This breaks her attention. '' Were you saying anything?'' she asked. '' What were you thinking ?'' he asked. '' Ah it's nothing what were you saying?'' she asked. '' I was saying you want a birthday gift or anything? I mean it's our birthday that's why, Do you want one? '' he asked looking away. '' Birthday? Oh that,... I haven't thought about it yet. Do you want to give one?'' she asked. '' Yes, I mean to increase the compatibility rate we must get along. And by getting along I thought that I should please you by giving you something. So, Will, you be happy if I give you something? Or you want ?'' he asked. '' I will be happy to, If you give me anything I will be happy to receive it,'' she replied with a smile. '' Ah, thanks for that. I will give you what you like then...'' he was scratching the back of his head while saying that. '' Whatever you will give will make me happy. I don't care about the gift as long it's from you I will be happy to have it. You should always treasure what others give to you even if it's something trivial,'' she asserts. '' What am I saying?''. '' Fine then, Is there anything you want me to do that day?'' he asked getting up looking away. '' I want you to get along with others then, that will be enough cause I know that you can't express your feelings well. If you don't try to be expressive then no one will listen to you or be able to understand you. You will have to lead others someday so grow up a little. You will be eighteen years old in no time at all,'' she said with a giggle. When she did that he recalled something. '' You act like that but you will be eighteen in no time, '' said a voice in his memory but he could not hear the name which the voice called. He was back to reality when Angelica came close to him tugging at his clothes. '' Hey, Daniel. Are you listening?'' she called. He hugged her tightly in response. She was surprised by this sudden behavior of his. '' Hey? What happened? '' she asked. His hold on her became even tighter now. '' Hey, Angelica I have come to give the reports about the sightseeing of the norms which Chris mentioned earlier-'' Ariel said opening the door. She was shocked to see both of them like that. All of a sudden the bundle of reports fell from her hands then.
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