Getting along with each other

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Later that day, As it took them the whole morning to go through the first trail it was around afternoon now when they get out of the Land of the Nod. All of them arrive at the Garden of Eden, in the living room. Everyone was sitting side by side now. Seraphina and Abel arrived later. '' Hey, don't you think that we should plan Angelica and Daniel's birthday which is two days later now, '' comments Dina making all of us look at her in response. '' Even if you say so what's the point in here huh? We will just get one year older that's all,'' Daniel asserts trying to dismiss the matter quickly so that he can go upstairs and sleep. '' But it's birthday as a special day when you are the hero of your life every year. We should make plans about it,'' Dina insisted. '' What plans ?'' Micha

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