First match

1535 Words

It was the next following day, All the Eve and Adam were instructed to arrive at the Land of the Nod by eight o'clock in the morning. As they will learn how to pilot the Angels. Everyone arrived on time only except Seraphina and Abel today. All of them had worn their suits and were waiting for the last pair to come. Chris had a dissatisfied look on her face. Ernest was getting tired of them. '' Why are they late do you know?'' Angelica asked Daniel. '' Dunno,'' he replied plainly. '' They are always like this, why's that?'' Michael asked Dina. '' Nora is going to punish them hard this time,'' Dina chuckled while saying that. Then they arrived five minutes later. '' Sorry for being late,'' apologized Seraphina. '' Did you looked at the time? When are you going to be punctual about the

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