First match

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It was the next following day,

All the Eve and Adam were instructed to arrive at the Land of the Nod by eight o'clock in the morning. As they will learn how to pilot the Angels. Everyone arrived on time only except Seraphina and Abel today.

All of them had worn their suits and were waiting for the last pair to come. Chris had a dissatisfied look on her face. Ernest was getting tired of them. '' Why are they late do you know?'' Angelica asked Daniel. '' Dunno,'' he replied plainly.

'' They are always like this, why's that?'' Michael asked Dina. '' Nora is going to punish them hard this time,'' Dina chuckled while saying that. Then they arrived five minutes later. '' Sorry for being late,'' apologized Seraphina. '' Did you looked at the time? When are you going to be punctual about the time? '' retorted Nora.

'' This is not my fault though it was he,'' Seraphina begins to point at Abel. '' Hey, I am not-''. '' Silence, when will you stop arguing? I am getting tired of this now. You are a team remember that. So if one of you is late then the other should help the other instead of blaming right? but what you are doing is the opposite of it. I really dunno what to do with both of you,'' Nora retorted.

'' Now now calm down. They have arrived let them go now,'' Chris tried to persuade her. '' But you are not getting the point here at this rate they will-''. '' I know you fought with Steven early in the morning but that doesn't mean that you should get angry at them right? So let them go. You kids get ready we will begin practicing,'' Chris said to them.

'' You did not need to mention that did you?'' asked Nora. '' Yeah I know now don't be an aunty go we have to begin practicing. Take your positions we will start the first battle,'' Chris announced. '' Yes, ma'am '' they replied in unison.

System functioning start. Overdrive on. Startup complete. Pilot control check. System all green. Boost up now. Engine on. Startup complete. '' Now I have prepared some schedule for you all. The first match will be between team one and team seven. Then team two vs team six. Then three vs five. Then leaving team four everyone will battle. The only team four will learn by watching them then it will go against all of you,'' Nora announced.

'' Eh, you can't do that why should we go against all of them? Isn't that too hard of a task to do? Cannon asked over the mic. '' Stop yelling we can hear you alright,'' Nora replied. '' I agree with her, we can't go against all of them,'' added Enoch.

'' You are missing the bigger picture here. If you can observe their battle and all then you will have a higher advantage here. Then you can gain your points easily. Just follow their movements then you will win. One of you will be given this chance every day make good use of it,'' Chris said.

Cannon and Enoch both looked persuaded by them. Then the first match started between Angelica and Seraphina's team. '' Three, two, one start whoever admits defeat will win,'' stated Chris.

The first one to attack was Seraphina. Her Angel was the code 007. It had a silver coating with a pinkish color. The weapon was a spear-like thing used to eradicating norms. Angelica was taken aback by this. The spear managed to brush of Angel number 001 because Daniel was there.

He saw it happening. '' Keep your eyes on the battle Eve,'' he said to his partner. '' Alright,'' replied Angelica trying to focus on the screen. Then the other team coming from head-on. Daniel saw this so he used the big sword to fend off the other Angel's attacks.

'' Not so easy Abel,'' Daniel said. But Seraphina's team kept attacking them again and again. Then it stepped away from them. Then tried to attack again from the sidelines. All the other teams were watching it and were getting surprised.

Angelica's team was now attacking from behind moving at a great speed so that the other team could not notice them. They face again head-on but the other team could not hold their balance so they stepped away then again started attacking for continuous times.

Then Seraphina and Abel were arguing. As they were standing still Daniel's team holds them down onto the ground. '' On the battlefield keep your eyes in front of you or else you may lose your life anytime,'' Daniel said.

'' How could you?'' Abel gritted his teeth in response. '' It's because of you, I can handle her hold me over the controls,'' Seraphina said to him. '' You can't do that it's my job,'' Abel retorted. '' Get back here,'' Seraphina said to him trying to take back his seat but Abel was not getting up from there, as a result, Seraphina ended up in his lap.

'' What are you doing in the middle of the battle?'' asked Daniel calling them on the screen. '' Open the cockpit'', said Nora. Then revealed Seraphina in the lap of Abel. All of them were shocked to see that.

'' The winner by default is no other than team one congrats. You are awarded ten points as it was a marvelous victory,'' announced Chris. '' We won,'' cried out Angelica going over to Daniel's side she hugged him in joy.

'' We did it we did it,'' she said. '' Yes we did, it was worth it going through the battle formations,'' agreed Daniel. '' Team seven get away from there. You are not needed here,'' Chris said. '' Those who will have the least scores will need to clean the whole Garden of Eden remember that,'' stated Chris firmly.

All of their faces had gone pale hearing that.'' We can't lose Michael,'' Dina said to her partner. '' If we lose then I am going to punish you well tonight,'' Ariel said to Raphael with a sadistic grin on her face.

'' I will win no matter what,'' Raphael said in his mind. Seraphina fists her hand onto the machine. '' How could we lose like this?'' she yelled. '' We lost, stop fussing about it,'' retorted Abel.

Then Seraphina and Able left the place. They were now watching them fight from the sidelines. Then the second fight started. It was between team Two vs team six. '' Are you ready? then start,'' Nora announced.

Then the fight started. Team two had both shields as weapons which was supported by the Norm's crystals. Team seven had guns big. Team seven started attacking first with their bullets. Team two was guarding with their shields.

'' Watch out I will maintain the balance,'' Michael said to Dina. '' I am holding the right one you do the left,'' Dina replied. '' Fine, we have to find out a way to attack them. Watch out for the bullets coming,'' shouts Michael.

'' The bullets only work only norms so they are not going to harm you don't worry,'' assured Nora. '' You should not have revealed that,'' asserts Cassiel. ''Yeah we were about to win this way,'' added Cain. '' I will revenge your brother.''

When the battle was heating Dina realized that this way they can't win. So she thought of a plan. Then they stopped moving. Team seven was not able to understand why they did that though. So they stop the attack then.

'' Is this their new plan?'' Cain asked his partner. '' Seems so, don't take the bait or they will defeat us. Dina is the strategic one, we need to watch out for her,'' warned Cassiel. Then Team two comes head-on towards them.

Team seven was already warned about it. They started firing continuously at them. Then Team two jumps into the air then comes behind Team seven. They didn't expect that. '' Too late,'' Dina said as they used the shields to push them onto the ground. '' How can this be?'' Cain shouts. '' That was just baited to lure us out, we should have been too careful,'' said Cassiel. ''We give up,'' she said opening the hatch.

''' The winner is team two congrats you are granted nine points,'' announced Nora with a cheerful tone. '' We won,'' Dina shouts hugging Michael. '' I am happy too,'' he said. '' Move onto the next battle,'' said Chris. The next following match the winner was team five and then the last one the final one between all the others vs team four. Which were Cannon and Enoch.

Everyone was present there now. Cannon was quite afraid to see as they had watched the fight. '' Now start, whoever gets the best point will be the winner here but we will look at your strategies mostly. Even if you lose you will be the winner here if you have a good strategy in terms of points. Remember that,'' reminded Chris.

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