The punishment for losing

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Cannon was feeling too shocked as there were all the six units waiting in front of her now. All were waiting to bring her down. Then Enoch said,'' Don't worry I will handle everything you just become my eyes to give me the directions then it will be alright.'' '' Alright,'' Cannon was feeling quite relieved now. Team one started attacking first then team Seven. Team Four steps away trying to run. Then came the other team which was team three. They had the norm made special laser. Seeing that Cannon gets afraid. They fly to team two with shields. '' Save me, Dina,'' cried out Cannon. Then they use the shield to chase them away. Then came teams six and five. All of them were cornering up team four. Cannon and Enoch think of some strategy. Cannon gives him the green signal. Then they create a whirlwind around them using both the swords in their hands making others' vision blurry. '' Hey, hey is this even allowed? '' Angelica yells. '' Yes, it is,'' replied Chris. '' We can't see anything,'' cried out Dina. All of a sudden they disappear from the scene and appear behind Cassiel as they had the guns. Enoch stops their movement. '' Now don't try to move. Point your gun at others,'' commands Enoch. '' Hey this is not fair, when did you come behind us?'' yelled Cassiel. '' This is the plan,'' replied Cain. '' He's a sly one.'' Cassiel does as they say as a result others stay away from them. But Enoch had something else in mind. He pushed away Team six then went to Team two and used their shields to protect against the attacks of team Three. '' Those bastards,'' Ariel gritted her teeth in response to that. It was Gabriel who took away the shield and used their big hands to knock out team five. '' You should get your heads out of here,'' shouts Azrael. Team five's Angel flies away to the end of the room. '' One out,'' stated Chris. Meanwhile, Cassiel's team was knocking out everyone. When they thought that they had won Angelica's team comes from behind and forced them onto the ground. '' All out, the winner is team one with over twenty points and giving extra points to the losing team Cannon and Enoch ten points,'' Nora stated. '' Yay,'' Angelica yelled. '' The only team that has the least points are team seven along with team five. You will be staying at the Garden of Eden and clean everything and did you had something to say about the birthday party? '' Nora asked. '' Yes, we want all of you to attend it, Will you be able to do that?'' Daniel asked. This surprised others. '' Yeah sure we don't mind them,'' replied Chris. '' Professor will be coming too. Make great arrangements we will enjoy.'' '' Yeah we will enjoy we will give gifts too,'' Nora added. ' It's been the first time you speak to us like this we will go,'' Nora said with a smile. '' Thanks,'' Daniel replied. Angelica was quite surprised to see his behavior changing so much all of a sudden. It must be the thing that she said yesterday which may have affected him. '' Everyone can leave after the checkups and watch over team six and seven also. Let them clean properly. I hope all of you are reading the manual,'' Nora stated. '' Yes,'' everyone replied in unison over the mic. '' Come to the lab after check-up professor is waiting for you,'' Chris added. They get out of their suits and go to have checkups. While doing that Ernest comments, '' All of you seemed to have improved a lot. I hope you all will accumulate this knowledge and put them into battles then maybe humanity will have a chance to live among all of this.'' He had a happy look on his face when he said that.'' We will try our best to do that,'' replied Daniel and Angelica stepping forward. '' Good your birthday is coming up I guess. It's a day which I can never forget. The first child born with the resistance of the assimilation phenomenon. I am so grateful that you lived and gave us hope,'' Ernest said. '' I have a good present which I will give you both on that day. It's your eighteenth birthday after all. I am so happy for you,'' Ernest hugged them both. '' I hope you both continue to live and grow like this.'' Then later when they went back to the Garden of Eden started the punishment for both of those teams. Both of the teams appeared with brooms and buckets. Seraphina looked pissed off as she had a frown on her face. Abel gazed at Seraphina who was standing there with the bucket of water in hand. "Shall we start cleaning?" Cain asked others." Yeah that will be for the best, "replied Cassiel. Abel handed the broom to her. Seraphina was also doing it as she was told to. She didn't felt like doing that cleaning stuff at all. Abel was giggling to see Seraphina cleaning out of her own will. Cassiel was sweeping the floor and Cain was changing the water when it became dirty. All the others watched it as they enjoyed seeing them getting punished. '' Hey, shouldn't we help them?'' Angelica asked as she was sitting in the chair. '' Yeah, we should,'' replied Dina. '' But they got this because they lost. Why should we help them? '' asked Michale. '' Don't say that, let's help them out,' Cannon said going towards them. Ariel smiled and went to join them also. Like that everyone helping out each other to clean the Garden of Eden. As all of them were working out together they managed to clean the whole room. It was around evening now. They were all lying on the ground as they felt too much exhausted to do anything. '' I feel hungry,'' Dina comments touching her belly. '' Me too,'' added Ariel.'' Raphael brings something for me.'' '' Eh, I don't feel like moving also doesn't tell me to do something so hard, I can't do it,'' sighs Raphael closing his eyes. '' Why are you being a lazy bun? Ge going will you? ''. Raphael had to get up as he had no choice. Seeing that Dina also said to Michael,'' Hey, bring something for me too.'' '' Are you starting to be like Ariel too? Don't learn anything from her,'' replied Michael. '' But,...''. Michael still gets up as result. Cannon also tells Enoch to do the same but he denied it right away. Azrael gets up even before Gabriel mentioning. Seraphina lies down and she falls asleep on the ground out of exhaustion. '' It's so peaceful,'' Cassiel said. '' Peace is good, I love peace,'' said Cain staring at Abel. Michael and others went to the kitchen. Then Michael said, '' How's it going with you guys?''. ' What do you mean?'' Michael asked. '' I mean, don't know get it? How's it going with your Eve? ''. Hearing this question Raphael sighs. Azrael looked dumbfounded. '' Going well or normal I guess,'' Azrael replied. '' Are you able to get along well with them?'' Michael asked stopping them from leaving. '' That's our matter why should we tell you about it?'' asked Azrael. '' Come on what does it matter? Tell me,'' Michael whined. ''How's your one?'' he asked Raphael who seemed to be too bored to answer that. '' She's the devil forcing me to do such embarrassing things, I am trying to somehow bear with her ruthless behavior'' replied Raphael. '' Why what does she do?'' Michael asked. Then Raphael explained everything. After listening to it Michael was blushing a little. '' And here I thought that Daniel is the only one who's a lucky guess that's not true at all.'' Meanwhile, bel also came in here he was not being able to understand what they were talking about. '' What's all the fuss about?'' he asked them. '' Come here,'' Michael called him. Abel walked up to them. '' Hey, how's Seraphina?'' asked Michael. '' What do you mean?'' Abel was not being able to understand anything. '' We mean how's she doing with you?''. '' Don't you get along well?'' Raphael asked. Abel bites his lips. '' Well, not that well, because...'' then he tells them about his situation. '' All of us have it tough huh,'' Raphael said holding onto Abel. All of them were talking about their regrets and all. Then Cain came he also joined them like that. Like that Enoch came to call for them. Daniel was the last one to come. Then Angelica came to call for them. '' What are you all doing here? Didn't you said that you will bring some food for us?'' she called making them all freeze on the spot as they were ranting about their Eve's. '' What are you all discussing?' she asked walking up to them. '' Nothing you come,'' Daniel said trying to get her away from there. '' Make some snacks we all want to eat and Abel, Seraphina is sleeping you should take her to your room,'' Angelica said. '' Fine then,'' Abel left there. Then they were in the kitchen to make something as they were not allowed to go near the oven. The women at the cafeteria cooked for them. But they are allowed to create little dried foods by themselves. Then Abel went to pick up Seraphina from the ground. All the other girls there were sitting there on the table then. Seraphina was sleeping quite peacefully. Abel lifts her and takes her upstairs. '' Abel is quite caring you know? '' Dina said to the other girls. '' So is Michael everyone is quite caring, only except Raphael, he only does things just because I say so. No else he never does things out of his own will, why does he do that?'' Ariel fists her hands in the air. '' Enoch is good but he's quite casual about everything not serious at all,'' asserts Cannon. '' Guess I will tell him to brush my hair.'' '' Azrael is good, but he's quite a doting man,'' Gabriel said. '' He treasures you,'' added Cassiel. '' But team one is the one who's winning all the rounds. Tomorrow is their birthday, do you have something ready for them? '' Ariel asked others. '' I have my present ready.'' '' What should we do about the gifts? I don't know what to give them,'' Dina inquired about her concerns. '' You can give them whatever they want they will be more than to receive everything from us,'' advised Cassiel. '' I also agree,'' Gabriel said. '' You seem to have become quite energetic now,'' Dina complimented. '' Before you used to be so quiet. After the shifting you have started to change a little, is this because of Azrael?'' Gabriel nods with a blush. '' So cute,'' Dina said holding onto her hand. Then the other guys came and they ate together. Abel was not able to eat anything as he was upstairs now. He lied Seraphina down and was about to leave but then she did not let him leave she grabbed his hand not letting him leave. He looked at her face and something emerged from within him now. As he stayed by her side watching her then he also fell asleep no one disturbed them though they were making some rumors about them staying upstairs.
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