The punishment for losing

1955 Words

Cannon was feeling too shocked as there were all the six units waiting in front of her now. All were waiting to bring her down. Then Enoch said,'' Don't worry I will handle everything you just become my eyes to give me the directions then it will be alright.'' '' Alright,'' Cannon was feeling quite relieved now. Team one started attacking first then team Seven. Team Four steps away trying to run. Then came the other team which was team three. They had the norm made special laser. Seeing that Cannon gets afraid. They fly to team two with shields. '' Save me, Dina,'' cried out Cannon. Then they use the shield to chase them away. Then came teams six and five. All of them were cornering up team four. Cannon and Enoch think of some strategy. Cannon gives him the green signal. Then they cr

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