Not so pleasant birthday

1525 Words

It was the next day, their birthday. Angelica and Daniel thought everyone will wish them early in the morning to wish them but that was not possible. As they had woken up with the siren of Norms attacking them. Angelica and Daniel got up in a hurry. Then Dina came to call them with a worried look on her face. They went to the land of the Nod right away. All of them were ordered to get ready in their suits. They came over to the control deck to ask what happened. Ernest was looking quite depressed. Daniel stepped forward and asked, '' Why did you call all of us here early in the morning? ''. Ernest faced him. '' Well, we have bad news for you all. Sudden a group of seven norms have attacked our base now. In ten minutes they will reach above our base which is now underground. We want you

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