Not so pleasant birthday

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It was the next day, their birthday. Angelica and Daniel thought everyone will wish them early in the morning to wish them but that was not possible. As they had woken up with the siren of Norms attacking them. Angelica and Daniel got up in a hurry. Then Dina came to call them with a worried look on her face. They went to the land of the Nod right away. All of them were ordered to get ready in their suits. They came over to the control deck to ask what happened. Ernest was looking quite depressed. Daniel stepped forward and asked, '' Why did you call all of us here early in the morning? ''. Ernest faced him. '' Well, we have bad news for you all. Sudden a group of seven norms have attacked our base now. In ten minutes they will reach above our base which is now underground. We want you to get ready and defeat them. Can you do that? I know that you still haven't trained hard enough even so, Can you do that ?''. '' We will try our best to that,'' Daniel replied. '' Yes we will all try our best to save all of you,'' Angelica replied. '' Now all of you go over to the Angels the machines are all ready,'' Chris commands coming over to the other door. '' Be victorious, you all, I have faith in all of you,'' Ernest said to all. '' Yes, professor,'' they reply in unison but Seraphina was not enthusiastic about it at all. They all go over to the machines. '' Norms heading our way,'' says one scientist from the control room. '' All troops get ready,'' Nora commands. '' System launching, all pilots get ready,'' Nora said. '' Making contact with the norms, Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Norms have reached the ground. They seemed to be searching for something. Destination probably Land of the Nod the lab,''. '' All troops get ready now to launch anytime soon. The Norms will come to attack us anytime soon. As soon as they make contact with the ground we will notify,''. '' What are they here to look for? '' Ernest thought in his mind. '' Do you happen to know something about it?'' Chris asked Professor. Ernest remained silent about it. Then soon one of the Norms detects something underground. One of them starts digging there. It looked like one with many horns with a big tail also. '' Type A it's a bug type, along with the type B two of them and Types C three of them and one S type, '' informed from the control head. '' S type? This is probably the first time that we encountered this type of Norm. What's the status?'' Ernest asked. '' It seems to be the main boss he's giving directions to others. The A-type Norm is trying to break through our barrier,'' informed the co-adviser. '' All troops go out, you must defeat the enemy of mankind,'' Ernest commands. '' Launching sequence one two, three. Launching going to surface in ten seconds. Surface now,'' Chris said as all the Angels were on the surface now. '' Enemy shield breakthrough. All Angels enemy is in front of you, may you have the goddess of victory with you,'' Ernest said. Soon they were out now. All the Angels standing side by side with the enemy standing in front of them. All of them were filling in fear only except Angelica and Daniel. They knew that they will face enemies like them someday or another. '' Guys let's communicate through the mic., we must plan out a strategy before going out in battle,'' advised Daniel to others. '' Do you have a plan?'' Dina asked calling him on the screen. '' We must work out I have a plan as I have completely gone through the charts of the Norms along with Angelica,'' replied Daniel. '' Have you gone through all of them?' asked Raphael. '' Yes, I remember everything now we can't lose this war,'' assured Daniel encouraging others. '' We came here to win so we must win.'' '' You are right I agree with you,'' Cain replied. '' Let's go over the plan then,'' Daniel suggests. '' What are the kids doing? Why aren't they fighting them already?'' Chris asked as she was looking impatiently at the screen. '' They won't attack without a plan in mind just you see,'' Nora replied walking over to her side. ''They are the kids that we have raised have faith in them.'' Then when they were done all of them had spread in their way. They all decided to lure out the big one then take care of the other ones. The duty of luring out the big ones is team ones. That's why Angelica and Daniel were heading towards them now. Team two and three will take care of the class B types and Team four and five of the A-class and team six and seven of class C. The most ferocious of them is the class S which will be defeated by team one. Team one went in front of the S class. It was a big giant octopus with long arms and the head was like humans. It had its eyes closed though. They went and used some of the dirt throwing them in his way to lure him out of there. But when they made him aware of their presence the octopus opened all of its eyes now and looking at them. Daniel and Angelica became afraid to see that now. They stepped back in fear. At this time others were taking care of the other norms. Seraphina was not giving enough attention on the battlefield as result they were about to be attacked by the class C norm. Abel saw this and somehow escaped from there. '' What a close call take care of your surroundings,'' Abel warns Seraphina. '' Are you half asleep or something ?'' '' Sorry I will be more careful from now on,'' said Seraphina as she was keeping her eyes on the battle. Team one was about to attack the S type one which had the body of impurity and the face of a human. The other one the class A type had the head of a human and the body of a big caterpiller. The lower one than that was the B type which looked more like a pyramid head. The least strong ones are the class C which was like a crawling insect with horns and the face of a human. '' I have thought on how we can defeat him, Eve,'' Daniel said. '' How?'' '' We have to pierce all of his eyes then we may be able to do that, Don't you think? ''. '' Yah maybe but how are we going to do that? ''. '' If we sever the head from the body then all the bodily functions will stop as I heard,'' replied Daniel. '' Are you sure about it? If we get closer to it then we will be wiped out,'' said Angelica. '' We won't trust me if we don't kill it then others will be tired out but can't defeat all of them so we have to take the risk as we had fought with one in the past,'' said Daniel as he looked at the enemy. After a moment of thought, she replied, '' Alright let's do it.'' '' Count on me,'' he said. While teams two and three were fighting the B type they had a hard time as it looked more like a caterpillar. It was going here and there they were not able to hold it down. There was the other team fighting the pyramid head. Team four and five were given the responsibility of fighting them. Lastly, Cassiel and Seraphina were given the task of kiling the insect type class C. With the joint forces of the team two and three they managed to kill the remaining Class B, it was their first victory. '' We did it,'' yelled Dina in joy. '' Job well done,'' remarks Ariel. '' You can't run away from my shield now die,'' yelled Cannon. Then the class C type died and they won by defeating all the remaining ones. Type C were the most tricky one but Seraphina and Cain helped to defeat the remaining of them. '' We won yay,'' yelled Cassiel hugging onto Cain. But Angelica and Daniel had a hard time to get near the type S as it was the strongest. When they thought that all of them were defeated that was their delusion. As the class S was alive all the ones that had died were coming back to life again. Team one tried their best to attack the Class S to chop of it's head. But then they managed to chop it off they saw that another head ha regrown in place of the previous one. This was the most shocking thing for all of them.
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