Their first defeat

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'' What is happening? How are they coming back to life Daniel?'' Angelica asked, her face had grown pale now. '' I can't understand myself how is this happening? '' he asked. '' Professor what is happening? We didn't say anything like this before did we ?'' asked Chris staring at the screen. '' No, we didn't it seems that the norms themselves are not mutating themselves according to the environment. This is something that's happening on its own We can't do anything here, '' replied Ernest as his face looked all perplexed enough. '' How will the kids defeat them then? '' Nora thought as she looked at the screen praying for them. All the norms there had regenerated themselves to become even stronger than before. '' What is happening? Is this even allowed to do this? '' asked Dina as her hands were shaking to see them all alive again. '' They are living again, we have to defeat them again?'' Cannon was about to faint to see that. '' Why are you so stubborn Norms?'' yelled Ariel at them. All of a sudden as if they were able to hear her words that norms were approaching their Angel. Daniel was able to understand what it was thinking. '' No, Dina watch out,'' screamed Daniel. '' What?'' Dina was not able to move and before she did the type A norm used its body to push them in the other direction. They were flying in the other direction of the ground. Then followed the other type A norm attacking Raphael's team from the other side. They were not aware of it and they were pushed onto the ground with its sheer strength. Then followed the other one type B which looked almost like a pyramid head it changed its form into a bigger one. Then started attacking teams four and five with the head of its. ''' Cannon run,'' yelled Enoch turning away from its side. But the other one had attacked Gabriel and she was bleeding from the collision between the Angel and the norm. Azrael gets afraid so he backs away. Then Seraphina and her team were the only ones fighting against the class C norms seriously. Along with team six, they managed to kill one norm and managed to acquire one core. '' Don't give up,'' she yelled. '' If you give up that's the end of this battle, we have to fight to keep hold of this place where we are living.'' This gave the others the o get up again. '' You are right we can't giver up,'' said Cain. '' Let's fight and kill them till we can.'' Hearing that the one in the middle gets angry. It was the class Sone with a huge amount of strength. ''Kill it kill it, kill the lower organisms,'' that was the only thing that Daniel could hear from it. '' What? It's going to kill us? Can it hear our language?'' he asked. '' What are you saying? It can hear us how?'' Angelica asked. '' Don't know.'' '' How can you hear it's talking? I can't hear anything,'' she asked looking at him who seemed to be communicating with the norm. All of a sudden that norm came in front of their Angel. Both Angelica and Daniel were shocked to see that now. 'It was looking at them with so many of its eyes. Angelica was getting freaked out by this. With those eyes of a human, it was looking at them like they were its prey or something. Then with all of it'd hands he held onto the Angel tying it to its body. "Die die die, who are you? Why are you killing us?" asked that Norm looking at them suffocating them with its claws like hands. "Is it trying to kill us? "Angelica asked Daniel. "It is it's saying that it wants to kill us. We need to get away from its hands. Use the sword to cut off the hands," Daniel said. "Let's us go, "Angelica yelled as she used her sword to cut off all the hands of the octopus. It was screaming in pain of all of its hands being cut off. Then he pulled away from its hands from their Angel. They saw that how it was crying out in pain. Now the other impurities were feeling the same amount of pain as usual. The type A norm was attacking the other Angels. Team Two and three were attacked by it. One of the hands of team two were injured by the body of the type A norm. After that team three was attacked by the other type A norm. Team three's leg was hit by it. '' Watch out, Cannon,'' called out Gabriel as she used her body to defend against the head of the pyramid head norm. '' Thanks for helping me Gabriel,'' Cannon replied. '' Watch out,'' yelled Enoch as the other class C norm was attacking them from behind. '' There's no end to them I don't like this. Kill the one in the middle already Daniel,'' screams Seraphina. '' I am trying my best here but he's not dying what should we do?'' asked Daniel. '' Kill it off or else none of them will die now. I am too exhausted to fight them off like this,'' yelled Cassiel now. '' Someone needs to lure the big one out or else we can't take out the core from the body. It's too big for only us to defeat it,'' shouts Angelica. '' Then we will help you lure it out,'' Dina said over the call. '' Thank you all,'' Angelica said. '' Then go and do it, we will help you out, '' Daniel said to them. ''You all take over the other places then.'' '' Let's wipe them all out everyone, called out Michale encouraging others there. Then team two went to attract the attention of the big S type norm. It had regrown the arms and head which had been chopped off from them by team one. '' Hey hey come to us, '' said Michale wandering around in front of the big norm. They managed to attract its attention as its eyes were following them. Then out of nowhere, it grabbed hold of their Angel. '' Michael look,'' Dina screamed. '' I know, we need to stop it for now, or else they won't be able to kill it. Endure for the time being, '' he replied as he grabbed hold of the steering. Team one was hiding to attack them from behind. Daniel managed to find the blind spot of it. '' Now, go,'' he yelled thrusting from its back with the sword in his hands. It penetrated inside the body of the norm. But what happened after it was quite surprising as the sword was filled with crystals. The sword was stuck there. '' What's happening there? '' thought Daniel. He tried hard to remove the sword from there but he was unable to do that. '' Can't you remove it?'' asked Angelica, signs of worry spreading her whole face. '' Cassiel gives me one of your swords,'' shouts Daniel calling her. Cassiel was fighting the other type C norm now. '' Here you go,'' she threw it away in his direction. Then Daniel used the other sword to attack it from the other direction. '' Slay through,'' he shouts as he with all of his strength tries to tear apart the body of the norm. He managed to slay through half of it. Its legs like hands were stopping him from going further. Then Ariel used the laser beans to cut off the hands. Daniel saw this opportunity as he slays the norm off in half. But he was surprised. '' How's this possible?' He stuttered. '' There's no core inside how's this possible?'' Angelica asked over the call. Everyone who was fighting was now shocked to hear that. '' There has to be a core there, it's in the other body parts look for it,'' Ernest commands over the call. But even before they respond to that. The norm merges his body into one. Then gets back to its tight t. They called his friends by instinct then all of them gathered near his body. None of the people present there were able to understand what was happening there. Soon they watched helplessly as all the other norms emerged into one. It became like a much bigger norm than before. It was a huge mass now in the size of a big octopus with human-like a face without any kind of facial features. Its hideous sight looked even more creepy to them. All the scientists there were not able to understand what was happening there. Ernest gazed at the screen helplessly. '' How the heck they will defeat such a big thing? Can we call this a norm? This looks like a completely different being than the norm. Have they mutated themselves to survive on this earth? '' '' Professor what should we do?'' asked Chris pointing at the screen her face had gone with fear as her throat had gone dry to see that huge mass there.
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